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  1. I would definitely watch, although live would be iffy. If you post a video every step of the way, that would work well. Keep us posted?
  2. Your link gave me a 404. Other than that, it was helpful. Thanks!! Im going to try going the free route. If that doesnt work out. Ill try some paid books. That said, by your post, it sounds like having a good amount of vocabulary to start with is preferred? should i try and build up vocab? Like my spanish class, writting down the word and its meaning over and over (im fine with that by the way, dont mean it to sound like complaining) Could you post some links to the paid books you mentioned if possible? Thanks again. Nico x Maki for life!
  3. So, I got a job and will have a decent amount of spending money. With that said, are there things I should buy to get started on my long and arduous journey of learning Japanese or is there enough free resources that I should be able to get buy without buying things? If there are free resources, what are they? If not, what are the things you recommend I buy? *NOTE* I am at zero Japanese skill minus the very small number of words i can audibly recognize thanks to watching anime. (Dont think that qualifies as skill lol) Thanks a bunch. I will be looking it up myself as well, but Im sure its better to ask you guys who may have tried and tested materials from your learning endeavors. Thanks!
  4. This seems to be a response at my post, regardless, THANKS! Really appreciate it.
  5. So, im going to start college soon. Im wondering... will college classes suffice? Do I need to purchase a lot of things aside from what school will want me to buy? Does someone have a list of what to learn first... I guess a better way to put that is, does anyone know the learning order for Japanese since there are seemingly many different styles to learn. kanji, kana, and apparently those themselves have different aspects to them. Its a lot to get into but i do want to get into it, just dont know WHERE to start, regardless on how long it will take. Oh, another useful thing would be a listing of schools with good Japanese learning courses. I would be HAPPIER to learn on my own, without a college class depending on how many years that would add to my learning time. My main issue with learning the language right now is, I dont know how to begin(so if anyone can give like a ordered list, that would be amazing), which is why Im considering a college course, or is a course practically a requirement? I think I mentioned the learning order is my main issue enough times right? so ill end this post here. Any replies/PMs would be greatly appreciated. THANKS!
  6. I was seriously going to purchase this VN until I thankfully read some comments.... on steam, they cut out h-scenes which I dont know why I expected that not to be an issue... I guess I forgot. That is already a deal breaker... but they went as far as to cut out things like hand holding, kissing, etc... the normal stuff. So... Im hoping someone knows a way for me to get a version with everything in it, perhaps using something that starts with a "T" ends with an "ent" and is done by loyal fans,... including H-scenes. What a joke that official translation turned out to be. so yeah.. help me out? Thanks.
  7. Love Live! School Idol Festival Thread

    Can you get SRs and URs from friend pts scouting? Ive gotten plenty of rares so im guess you can get the SRs and URs as well but would like conformation
  8. Love Live! School Idol Festival Thread

    Can you get SRs and URs from friend pts scouting? Ive gotten plenty of rares so im guess you can get the SRs and URs as well but would like conformation
  9. Love Live! School Idol Festival Thread

    Awesome. Thanks.
  10. Love Live! School Idol Festival Thread

    So, What is a transfer code... Seems very important. Where can i find it? Thanks. Ive had this game for quite a while. The first day i downloaded it, i was a bit confused with how to play... so i just didnt play it lol. But when io started again 3 days ago, i had accumulated 56 love gems in my present (?) section and opened the 11 pack thing. So obviously i was excited and i gave it a chance and read the info in the game and now i really love it. Maki x Nico is love.
  11. Alright, thanks for the tips, will try them out.
  12. For the past few months I've noticed my computers memory usage has been really high (Ram). It used to hover over 3gigs regardless of how long I was using it, unless I opened up more programs. But one day it just randomly started climbing. It would start at around the 3gb after i open up chrome but it would climb to 7gb. It is pretty annoying but it has an easy fix, just close chrome and open it again and it is back to its starting 3gb. I takes a good amount of time to fill, but its pretty annoying. Also, Shockwave crashes, which is a flash related program I think. Not only does it have that issue, but i also notice that my hardrive space is slowly fading. Example: I start with 469gb of memory and maybe maybe 1-2 hours later it would be at 465 or something like that. It sometimes goes back up but not often. The most ridiculous amount ive lost in one sitting is around 5 gb. Its pretty weird. Anyway, any help would be appreciated. I have spent many hours searching for a solution but none apply to my situation.
  13. Grisaia no Kajitsu

    Oh wow... I just missed it on here :/. Thanks for the quick replies. I saw it on their website and it said it would be on steam. I just assumed it was already there. Again, thanks. Guess ill just wait for it unless someone points me in the right direction to other places of the internet. via pm or sumthin,
  14. http://fuwanovel.org/novels/grisaia-no-kajitsu I see this was licensed and I went to the website for it. It said it was on steam but I am having trouble finding it. Any help? Saw the first episode of the anime and cant help but want to scout ahead.
  15. Hantsu x Torasshu

    Thank you very much for the response!