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  1. Japanese culture... The nips likes that, so they will make more of then. Trying to understand each other culture living in other country is useless.
  2. You can try transcribing. Open the Steam version and write line by line in the script of the original release
  3. Muv-Luv's engine is very hard to hack and looks like nobody is going to seriously work to restore the cut content. Also, Photonflowers doesn't have cut content. I agree that the best way to restore Altered Fables is porting the English text to the original release, specially the 20th Anniversary version that works in Windows 10 but hacking the engine is a hell.
  4. It's worth to mention that the audio quality is very bad. They didn't encoded it correctly. I wonder if someone is going to study how to unpack/repack the .bin file, I've read at least two users that can't start the game. lol But like 99% users are pirates and considering the game is expensive... *sigh* bad luck, I can't do something beyond asking to a friend to test the game, though he reported the game is working fine in his end. And I can't ask for help in the Muv-Luv's (un)official server because the people there were aggressive with this patch (like "NOOOOOOOO WHY WOULD YOU RES
  5. Yes, finally a Muv-Luv game is going to have suits with nipples again. The original JP version had nipples in the suits of women, it was removed from the Steam release. Whatever you find stupid or not the fact these suits shows nipples in women I just want to restore the content as should be. Muv-Luv Unlimited TDA had a port to a new engine, and thanks to that with the tool "Special K" I was able to extract and inject back the images/assets without touching the game's files directly, so I decided to personally add back the original sprites and CG from the JP version. Only TDA 00 and 0
  6. I bet there's a lot people interested in this game, we don't see often in English games like Manakashi, we have for now in English, Maggot Baits and Sadistic Blood, and sadly NikuNiku ENG TL, game from the same dev/writer/artist that Manakashi was dropped time ago I come to here the forum monthly just to check if there's more updates, and I'm happy you're still alive. I don't mind wait years for this TL, I've waited years for the ENG TL of Maggot Baits.
  7. Wow, I never thought anyone would translate this title due its content but I'm happy you're translating! I read it using machine translation, I'll gladly re-read the VN with your translation ❤
  8. Yeah I noticed that, none of my friends have watched the series but I really don't care if is popular or not on MAL or other page. I read before that this novel was the inspiration of Steins;Gate and that is enough to get my attention, I'll add the anime to Plan to watch, maybe someday I'll watch the anime.
  9. The anime adaptation is decent? Though I won't play this VN because I don't like VNs with gameplay.
  10. lol I just read 3 hours and I went to sleep, after I wake up with the scenes on my mind, holy shit. It's I what expected, loved it. It's rarely for me to be hyped to read a VN.
  11. I'm really hyped for the sequel and my hype is 2x with the anime adaptation! Yeah I know that the anime could be bad but I don't care, I don't expect so much but still I'm so happy.
  12. Tu única esperanza era Garbro pero el desarrollador ha estado desaparecido desde hace tiempo y no creo que lo volvamos a ver más. En cuanto Aokana, los archivos .dat son complicados de hackear debido a que casi siempre utilizan un encriptado único, por lo que el hacker tendría que hacer una herramienta desde 0, o al menos eso creo yo, no tengo conocimiento sobre el tema. Y sobre Sankaku, los archivos también tiene su propio encriptado, alguien tendría que hacer unos ajustes para que puedas desencriptar los archivos.
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