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  1. SENPAI! I hope u remember me :kosame: it's been 2 yrs haha I hope ur doing well :mare:

    1. Deep Blue

      Deep Blue

      後輩!! It's been such a long time, 2 years already :o! hope you are doing well and dont disappear on me like that again :objection::rubycry:

      pm when you have the time :sacchan:

      glad to see you again!

    2. TheGuy21


      aaaaaaaaaaaa seeennpppaaaiiiii :isla::isla:

  2. Heyyy. You still take up requests man?
  3. Check the reddit post @MarcomiX shared, it's got tons of latest updates on some patches. I'm really pumped up to see all of this coming together!
  4. It's fine man. Not much people nowadays have love for VN with all the battle royal games and whatnot coming out. I just wanted to put that spark again most of the people who are passionate about VNs had.
  5. Oh cool man, well at least the news here is promising, just months old like a month or two. Here's news about SP being translated and hopefully up this year: https://www.reddit.com/r/IMHHW/comments/7gzy7m/imhhw_snow_presents_translation_in_full_swing/
  6. So, IMHHW has been out for a long time now. What with almost all players/readers hating Moenovel for their butchery, I thought I'd like to have a little discussion with old fans of the VN as well as new ones. Don't get me wrong, this is a really great VN with or without the eroge scenes. A really solid and great VN. Now as most of us know, there is the Flight Diary and Snow Presents version apart from the base one. I've been checking posts and forums for the past 2 hours now about any news on translation of the two. So far, I've found just speculation since they released a new VN with the telescopes. I know for a fact that there are fans out there trying to translate Flight Diary as well as SP. There are few posts about this dating back to 2015, some are speculations last year (2017) that Moenovel is working on translating Flight, but some are just asking the question to translators if their translation project is dead or not. I would personally like to know any news you guys know and would like to have a fun chat about this amazing VN that spanned a fandisc. I would really like FD and SP to be fully translated and with a restoration patch (like the base game), wouldn't you also agree? P.S. For those that own the Steam version of the game and plan to make the Restoration patch; finish the whole game first without it to get the achievements cause once you put the Restoration patch, you won't get achievements for the game.
  7. Gambare! Been awhile since I've been here, good to see that IMHHW is still being translated and updated. Let me know how it goes. This is for the eroge cracked ver right? Not the Steam ver
  8. Like I said--the reason they stopped it is because of the earthquake and tsunami Japan had. They temporary wanted to stop "apocalyptic" shows because what they went through was kinda apocalyptic in a sense. But the S2 it yet TBA.
  9. Oh I see! That's a lot of work bro But hey, it's all for Kotori Yeah same here, but they'll be releasing the 2nd patch first. The one where Ageha's route it "fixed"
  10. Oh nice! Same here. Hmmmm...so you can read Japanese? Since Snow Presents isn't translated, right? awwww no love for Asa or Yoru
  11. Halllooooo~~!!! Hope you enjoy your stay here(like what Kotori's expressing there in the pic) Anyway, this is a nice (and crazy) place full of nice (also crazy) people...so therefore, YOU are now crazy as well. Well, I advice you to do Turbo C and Dev C++ first if you started right off the bat with Java. THAT IS ALL
  12. A writer huh? Interesting. I might need your help in the future after college, I plan to make VNs...and the "good" kind, if you know what I mean Anyway. Sup. Enjoy your stay. The people here are crazy, therefore...YOU are now crazy as well
  13. Allooo~~! Enjoy your stay here, it's amazing here. Just...don't be TOO salty hahaha.
  14. I'm currently finishing If My Heart Had Wings(Pulltop ver, also uncensored) Oh Amane you cutie klutz! Done with Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort, Katawa Shoujo, Sakura Beach(all), Touching(or Teaching?) Feeling(though more of a dating sim). And now, I'm gonna read: Nekopara(all volumes) Stein;s Gate Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai! (there's a 2nd one I think) My Girlfriend is the President Clannad Tomoyo After Story A Kiss for The Petals(all of them. ALL.) Sakura Swim Club Symphonic Rain AIR Lonely Yuri Noble Works KoiChoco Lililum x Triangle Koi iro Chi! Lips Rewrite Wanko Kurasou Ikinari Anata ni Koishiteiru Hoshizora no Memoria and at least 5 more that I forgot. I definitely recommend If My Heart Had Wings, but you'll be confused with Ageha's route at first, but fret not, there's a 2nd patch coming that'll fix it. And currently, all the fan discs and Sweet Love are untranslated, but I hear some people plan to translate it after the 2nd patch. Also if you haven't played Katawa Shoujo--it's a masterpiece! If not, one of the best. So yeah....hope you find something interesting from the recommends. VISUAL NOVELS/NOVELS FOR LIFE!! READING IS AWESOME!! Especially with ecchi in the mix
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