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  1. What were you doing in 2006 - 2009?

    Nothing special, I guess, I was a highschool student and I did the same as always, play videogames, read, etc. At that time my parents still made me do sports and with classes and all I had less time to do what I wanted than I have now... I didn't know about the VNs back then but I already watched some anime in TV like Sakura Card Captor, Ranma 1/2, Yu Yu Hakusho, etc. I didn't read much then as I do now and I didn't read manga. I have always been more a gamer that something else but in 2009 I began to diversify when I moved away from Europe to South America, so I began to watch more anime because I didn't put it in TV. If I remember well it was the year that I played two of my three favorite gameing sagas. It was, as well, the year that I began roleplaying in the Internet. It was a year with pretty big changes for me, but after that I adapted and continued as ever. So as you can see I was in this thing pretty late comparing to the most of you.
  2. A VN like this...

    @SeniorBlitz Thank you! I didn't know. I will look into Deadrops, Rewrite and Suika then! Surely I will like Deardrops easily. And... I read the post, I will take some of the suggestions there too, thank you very much! @littleshogun Yeah, I knew abaut that, but thanks anyway. I'm going to wait to read the novel again when that patch comes out! About the other three... They don't have the same problem as Clannad? You know, overly deppresing ending and so... I don't know about Kanon and Air, but I heard that the true route (I don't the exact name) of Little Busters it's like that... I wouldn't mind if.. I don't know how to put it... Well, if the protagonist and the heroine of that route ended together but I think that is not the case... Shuffle seems interesting but as you say seems very light so I will wait to the right moment to read it. Sharin is similar to G-Senjou? I didn't know... Well if that is the case I'm more than willing to give it a try. Will look into Galaxy Angel too, thanks for the help! @Arcadeotic Thank for your suggestions! As you're reaffirming what SeniorBlitz said I'm more willing to try! About the other Liar-Soft's titles, I read Gahkthun because it had some romance in it but I'm not sure about the others, so if you know I will be grateful! @wei123 Thank you for the suggestion! I will have to try Sharin no Kuni if you keep suggesting it! Thank you all! I don't have more reactions today so when I have I'm giving them to all you as thanks!
  3. A VN like this...

    Thank you! I already read Princess Evangile W Happiness but forgot to add to the list. About Kira * Kira... I droped it because the "main" ending was... Bittersweet to put it in some way. At least that's what they told me, of course. I assume that Deardrops if different in that regard? About Nekopara... Well, I don't like kinetic novels and less the harems so... I wanted to give it a try but didn't work out. And well... That was the reason of me wanting help to begin with! Sorry but I don't know what "SoL" is, I'm pretty bad with abbreviations. Anyway, thank you for the suggestions! I looked into it some time ago, but... It has multiple protagonist from what I saw? About the other two, yes, I had my eyes in Tsujidou-san no Jun'ai Road for some time, I'm waiting for the complete version, only. About Rewrite, it sounds interesting, I'm going to give it a try! Unfortunately I don't like to have a female protagonist so I don't really enjoy the yuri VN's. Thank you for the help! Already read all of these, well except Da Capo I and III, but thank you nonetheless! I liked Grisaia very much and is one of my favorites but only the original because it had routes and all. I only played the secuel because of the after stories. Unfortunately, if I understand it well, that secuel is the harem route. And... Well, I hate the harem endings. About Clannad... I don't know what to think but if what I heard is right then the endings are pretty deppressing, if I'm being generous. I like the drama and all that but I prefer a happy conclusion. Will see about the last one, for now thank you ver much! Sorry if the post is too long but I had to answer you all since you took the troble to help me!
  4. Well, I like all of the romance-like stuff, moege and the like. I would love to see more translated VNs like that but with young adult or adult protagonist and heroines because we have more that enough of teenager and high school stuff. Yeah, I know that in general that is the more common theme but I know that there are VNs like I said, so I would like to see these translated. Why? Well, I haven't been a teenager for a long time now so it will be more easy to relate to these stories than the other ones.
  5. A VN like this...

    Yeah, I know, it's the third time that I post here but I don't know what to do. Not long ago I finished Miagete Goran, Yozora no Hoshi o or A Sky Full of Stars, whatever you want to call it, and... It was such a shock, it was way better of what I expected. Now is one of my favorite VN out there, I guess that, in part, it is because I like the stars so much, like the protagonist so I can relate more easily. But that is not the point, I have already finished it and so... I don't know what to read now. I want something simila if possible, but I have already read most of the VN that I can think of to the point that I was thinking of re-reading some of these and... Unfortunately I can't read japanese, yet so the options are quite limited. I don't need something with the same "theme" that this one, but something similar in general. I leave here my VNDB if that helps. Please help, I would appreciate it!
  6. VN recommendations

    Hello everbody! I have finished Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate today and... I loved it! I like how in the most routes the romance it's not everything. I have played a few VNs but unfortunately most of them doesn't have "drama" at all and are focused in the romance so much... I don't know, I like how all is mixed in this one so I would like to read something like this, can you help me? Here is my Visual Novel List so far! Thank you very much!
  7. The Seeking of VNs

    I have finished the Wanko route... It was cute, I liked it but... It's kinda short. The game has a great system of route selection but... After that goes a little down, I think. I would have liked it to be longer. Well, I think that with S I can have a better sensation. Anyway, thx for the respondes.
  8. The Seeking of VNs

    Ahh, I see... Thx for the response... If can ask a one more question... The Wanko route gets serious? Because... She is rather funny and cute but... If her route it's not a little serious at least I don't think I would like it. Ah, yes... What do you think of Wanko route in S? Sorry for making so many questions at you.
  9. The Seeking of VNs

    I see @DarkZedge... The longer the routes are the better for me, I think I'll play it too. And obviusly I will be waiting for A... It's a sequel of S, then? I like the cute girls. So I think I'll be playing her route first! And... @Fred the Barber I liked what I read of it but... I didn't liked so much that at the beginning you only have two routes to choose. But I supose that I can give it a try too. Thx for the advice!
  10. The Seeking of VNs

    Hmm... I like the style of girl Wanko seems to be. I'll see... Btw... I have to play Majikoi S after this? I didn't read so much about that... And... I like to play them all but if I play them raight I feel like I was betraying the last one. But, anyway, thx for the advice, I appreciate them so much.
  11. The Seeking of VNs

    Thx! I will add these two an give them a try, too. I supose that they are, @DarkZedge, but I made the decisions that more suits the game for me. That said I'm going to play these routes too later, the last route is too recent for now. If I can I would like to ask a question... What route do you think is best in Majikoi? I'm playing the prologue right now and I have curiosity for which of them you recommend me.
  12. The Seeking of VNs

    Erm... I appreciate it but... I don't think I would enjoy that last VN, but thx anyway... That said... I already finished one of the VNs that you recommened me. Princess Evangeline, to be exact. It was a rather... Simple story comparing it to Grisaia but I have enjoyed so much the VN anyway. I have played the Chiho route, by the way. I really like that "childhood friend turned romance" thing. Anyway I think now I would be playing (Or I rater say reading?) Majikoi, I think, it seems pretty long so I hope to enjoy it. Well, thats all, feel free to add more recommendations I will appreciate them.
  13. I'm always spoiling myself. In response to the question I can say "no" because It is no accident. I do this because I want to enjoy more the thing I'm playing then if I know the end of it I can know if I'll like it. I don't mind this because the more important thing in a story, for me, is the journey, not the end.
  14. The Seeking of VNs

    Thx you two! I already added the VNs that @Eclipsed recommened to my "wish" list. And... Holy sh... Man, @Deep Blue, what is wrong with you? *Shivers* I hate the innecesary gore... Anyway I remenbered another thing I like in a VNs... Simply the Amane route good ending. The only word can use to descrive it is perfect. Well, thats all for now, thx you all once more! Feel free to add more suggestions!
  15. The Seeking of VNs

    Errm... Sorry for the late response, I was finishing the Amane route in Grisaia... Danm... The good ending was so perfect. Anyway I liked the looks of all the VNs that you have proposed... I added them to me "wish" list right now. Hmmm... I forgot that you did @VirginSmasher, sorry. And... Don't fight in my threat, guys. Not even for the arrows meme. Well, I think this is all of it.... Thx you all for the help, and if anyone wants to add more recommendations I'll like to recieve them.