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  1. Its not like Momoiro closet.. It follows similar route pattern as your typical Moege/charage... lets say any Yuzusft VN or Grisaisa series Common route -> Heroines routes Its full of Perverted comedy like Sankaku and all the girls are great even side heroines... Lot of H content too.. 6-7 H scenes per heroine
  2. I find it very funny and interesting tbh really enjoying it so far .. The Characters are cute and great
  3. You only need to finish any 1 heroine before unlocking koharu and Roka . Also since both of them are side heroines you should mention this as such.. Here you can reference from the link below.. also thanks for the effort
  4. I clearly Remember Mangagamer staff saying that the possibility of a sequel depends on how this one performs.. If everyone adopts the same mindset of "waiting for a sequel announcement before buying the 1st VN ".. then we may not get a sequel at all.... so getting a sequel on not depends on the buyer... also The sequel only happens if the protag doesn't end up with any of the girls from the first VN.. you dont get any after stories in the sequel from what i can gather.. so its not like your left hanging on a cliffhanger or something.. So if you want a sequel you better buy this
  5. This was posted on NekoNyan discord.. so copying it here..
  6. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1997093244
  7. They are sort of like Achievements.. Getting them all is not compulsory...some of them are locked behind mini games.. and some offer additional cgs..so it depends uppo you.. If i have a guide handy ..i would definitely go for unlocking them all...
  8. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1989907658
  9. If KinKoi sells well.. there is a pretty high chance that other Saga P VNs may get localized.. is what they said..from other VNs to KinKoi fandisk etc.. Also KinKoi was the most highly requested Title (right behind Riddle Joker ) on discord and NN forums and also on twitch..so i have no doubt it would sell well... It is also a very popular title among the Chinese VN audience.. as stated by Chinese users on discord..
  10. btw Its the Clover Days Plus version.. so you get all the extra stuff as well.. and its Mosaics free ..
  11. Its good.. Its also getting a English TL.. but be prepared for some serious relationship Drama ( heard its somewhere along the lines of Kuzu no Honkai..) Putting a warning in spoiler ..even thou it technically isn't
  12. Translating VNs is not just a simple walk in the park the way you make it sound.... It takes effort, Dedication,, and most importantly alot of ones Personal Time if its a FanTL.,,Anyways in regards to your Post.. http://www.zapinterlations.com/2018/05/amayui-castle-meister-translation.html Is also Being TLed.. but not yet complete
  13. Jast taking ages to translate this is a different point altogether... The main issue here is him continuing to FanTL a title that has already been licenced by a Western Publisher..which basically puts him and his TL at risk of getting copyright striked..
  14. the ability to Jump to any voice line from the backlog...which was there is the original is not available here The ability to replay the voice from any voice-line from the backlog is also missing.. this was there in the original.. The ability to change the opacity of the text box which was there in the original is also missing here.. The above 3 are the only ones that i am aware off but there could be more... However for the price-point on offer.. i am willing to compromise for the above .. that said i wouldn't have minded paying a bit extra to include the text box opacity
  15. Whats makes you think that including porn in the story disincentives the writer from writing a story that he wants? including porn in the story will not make the story good or bad... the story will remain as it is... off course there are SOME ( Not all ) writers who dont want to include porn.. and feel like if they dont include it wont sell well.. but like i said there are only some.. Offcourse they will be unhappy.. they paid for it, its their money..so obviously as the ones who took their money its your responsibility to keep the people whom you took money from a little bit
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