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  1. Hello Good Bye English Release (January 25th)

    I wouldn't call this "upping their game " The only way they can up their game is by reducing the per sale revenue cut that they take from Publishers.. All VN publishers NekoNyan, SolPress etc only get 70 % of the per sale money and steam takes 30 % For NekoNyan all the sales that take place on their Own Store are considered Best sales tbh
  2. Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai || 星織ユメミライ **Summary** This walkthrough is based on the Fan Translated version of Hoshi Ori by Tsurezure Scans. The Complete Patch was released on 3rd April 2018. This VN was originally released by Toneworks back in 2014, More Info about this VN can be found on its official Website. **Description** Ryousuke moved back to his hometown of Shionagi, which he had been away from for seven years, and transferred into his new school in the middle of the summer. He reunited with his childhood friend Marika, met the sole astronomy club member Sora and made new friends among his classmates. He joined the event management committee to enjoy his school life even more. Along the way, he noticed the dreams of the girls around him, along with his own desires to be closer to them. On this particular summer day begins a love story that extends towards the future. **Ending Guideline / Suggested Route Order** This VN is pretty straightforward and has easy choices, most people wont need to use this guide, However if you get stuck somewhere you can use this guide as a reference. This VN consists of 6 main heroines. The Heroine routes can be played in any order. There are some Touko route spoilers in Rikka route. Save / Load point system will be implemented in this walkthrough for convenience purposes. It is also worth noting that once you clear a route, it can be played directly from the route selection screen that appears after clearing any route (this route selection screen appears when you start a new game from the main menu). When you're asked to enter Name on the Check in sheet.. Note that the default name ( Hino Ryousuke ) is voiced by all the characters in the game. Any other name you choose will not be voiced. so it is recommended that you use the default character name You can use the Protagonist Smartphone to take ingame screenshots using the Camera app on the smartphone, The said images can be accessed using the album App. **Route Guideline** Common Route Individual Routes Ousaka Sora Narusawa Rikka Yukimura Touko Okihara Misa Shinozaki Marika Segawa Natsuki **Attribution** This walkthrough was referenced from Seiya-Saiga , as well as my own playthroughs.
  3. Daitoshokan No Hitsujikai Feedback

    If that is the case.. then all the Other walkthroughs that are out here are also incorrect since they too are referenced from *outside sources*... Particularly and Largely Seiya Saiga.. since they were the ones who made the original walkthrough for most of the English walkthroughs here..... How is that so? When selecting the said choices gets you the aforementioned heroine's end.. So how is that not correct?..
  4. Daitoshokan No Hitsujikai Feedback

    All Choices have been accounted for...their respective endings achieved using the said choices ..Like i said the guide was referenced from Seiya-Saiga with English terms from the FanTL... There is not a single wrong choice in there and if you follow it you will get the required ending for the said routes... please cross check before sprouting false accusations... 100% completion was achieved using the guide choices.. The reason we use walkthroughs is because we follow a set patch defined by the guide in order to achieve the required ending... If you want to select choices as per the context of the situation then you don't need a guide.. Just select the choice you feel is right and get the desired ending of your choice...
  5. Daitoshokan No Hitsujikai Feedback

    I'll be adding Interim Saves and make small minor changes in the walk-through once Mr poltroon comes online..The Routes itself will remain the same, will just be adding Save positions.. and load positions between choices..Will also edit the Front Image since its kinda blurry..thanks for providing feedback...
  6. Daitoshokan No Hitsujikai Feedback

    The Walkthrough Guide i made is formatted using the pre built template... so i find it hard to believe its poorly formatted...I have checked with multiple mods and users on Fuwa Discord as well..and everything seemed perfect.. But do tell me what you find "hard to read and Poor" i will surely correct my mistake
  7. Daitoshokan No Hitsujikai Feedback

    Well you'll have to bring that up with the Mods.. I cant say anything on that matte, tbh even i prefer the interim save slot system..makes life easier
  8. Daitoshokan No Hitsujikai Feedback

    I agree with what you said.. but Every walkthrough on Fuwanovel Forums in order to get Approved has to be made following certain Guidelines that are laid down by the Board mods. The said guidelines are stated in the following topic. In which one of the points state that : I Made and submitted my Walkthrough Using the said guidelines..in its entirety.
  9. Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai || a good librarian like a good shepherd || 大図書館の羊飼い *Summary* _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This walkthrough is based on the Fan Translation of Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai by Library Shepherd and leaked by their editor linktriforce007 on Reddit. It was originally released in Japan by August in 2013 This VN has 5 main heroines and 3 sub heroines. An Anime Series was also adopted and broadcasted in 2014. *Description* ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ When he was young, Kyoutarou wanted to read all the magic books in the world, but they were all in the magic library. Someone told him that to get there, he must be kind to everyone and bring happiness to their hearts. He received a bookmark, which was his entrance ticket to the magic library. One day while heading to school, he received a text from the shepherd (hitsujikai) telling him that his fate was going to change. He had a vision of an accident at the tram station and helped prevent any injuries by calling away a nearby girl. That girl, Tsugumi, later came to the Library Club room, which he was a member of, to thank him and also to ask for his help to make Shiomi Academy more fun. It seemed that she had also received a text from the shepherd, who is rumoured to appear before people who try their best to grant their wishes. One by one, other students also join their group with the shepherd's guidance. *Ending Guideline / Suggested Route Order* ______________________________________________________________________________________________ This VN has 5 main heroines and 3 sub heroines... The routes of 4 heroines ( Shirasaki Tsumugi, Sakuraba Tamamo, Misono Senri & Suzuki Kana ) can be played in Any Order. Kodachi Nagi (True Route) can only be accessed after you've completed at-least one of the above 4 routes). However I would recommend playing Kodachi Nagi last. (True Route choices have a special bookmark indicator) Each Route has an Appendix scenario which gets unlocked after finishing the respective routes..These scenarios come in the form of an extra H scene..so don't miss out on those.. The Main Menu background can be changed after clearing each route..simply click on the logo to do so..There is a new image for every route cleared. The other 4 heroines also have True endings that are Branched off from Nagi Route. Consider doing them Last after Nagi Route Save / Load points have been added for convenience purposes. However, should you find yourself stuck in any situation, it is recommended to complete said route from beginning to end without using any checkpoints. The savepoints follow the order in which the routes appear below. *Route Guideline * ________________________________________________________________________________________ There are 5 Main Heroines and 3 Sub heroines and can be completed in any order. Kodachi Nagi(True Route) requires you to complete at-least one of the other 4 heroines before you can start her route. The other 4 main heroines and the 3 sub heroines can be played in any order.. True Endings for other 4 heroines are unlocked after finishing Kodachi Nagi Route. It is advisable to follow the ending guidelines stated above. Lets Begin *** Main Heroines *** Shirasaki Tsumugi Sakuraba Tamamo Misono Senri Suzuki Kana *** Sub-Heroines *** Mochizuki Maho Serizawa Miyu Ureshino Sayumi *True Endings* ==================================================================================================== Kodachi Nagi Shirasaki Tsumugi Misono Senri Sakuraba Tamamo Suzuki Kana *Attribution* ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ This Walkthrough was referenced from Seiya Saiga as well as my own playthrough of the VN. Thanks to Shaun and other Fuwanovel members for feedback that was then implemented where possible.
  10. Sekai Project sets a new low standard

    Sekai is shit.. nothing new here..The community should keep an eye out before having to to deal with anything related to sekai P
  11. A Sky Full of Stars - +18 Restoration

    Just because there are no updates for few weeks doesnt mean that the project is dead unless otherwise said so..
  12. Nekonyan's Two December Announcements

    Just so you know... Maitetsu is a high profile release... and its anything but short..
  13. Suki Suki aka If You Love Me Then Say So Released

    All Girls except Rinka Reverse confess to you at some point if you manage to view their Specific events
  14. Suki Suki aka If You Love Me Then Say So Released

    Please Post it here once they finish working on it
  15. Suki Suki aka If You Love Me Then Say So Released

    Can someone here make an unofficial patch to replace the Word Dude with "Bro" or just keep it as Onii-san or something