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  1. Tsurezure's New Project - Gin'iro Haruka

    Conjueror Said in his review that each route is almost 20 Hours long.. add in all the heroines and your looking at an 100 hr VN
  2. While piracy may have had a part in it.. i believe Sol Press themselves are somewhat at fault here ... Yotsunoha was supposed to be released after Newton ..if you had taken a look at Yotsunohas steam page before it got taken down there was a page full of comments about " Where's the release" on Yotsunoha's steam discussion thread..around the time of its planned release..so there was indeed hype for it.. offcourse at that time no one knew that it would be delayed by over 1 and Half year..Following that Sakura Sakura was also Delayed.. If you see closely, Newrin did okay...taking into account that it was an unheard of title ...had Sakura Sakura and Yotsunoha released as planned, they too would have performed similarly.. but that was not the case.. by the time both of these rolled out.. the hype surrounding them had all but died and drowned out ... Back to present.. Kimihime release date is just 1 day away, still there is nothing from Sol Press side... all this with lack of marketing for the Said Release.. I mean Sol Press twitter Banner still shows Under one Wing.. ( come on Sol P at-least take a little effort to show people that your interested in the upcoming release).... and to Top it off.. i dont wanna even touch the Forest Fire that is the Iro Sekai Kickstarter Campaign... So When you complain about piracy etc.. you should first stop and think whether your doing your Part Properly before blaming everything on Piracy....Infact from the looks of it.. your doing nothing but contributing to it.. I dont wanna be Harsh on Sol P since i really respect the work some of the guys put into it like tbac, Bango, roro etc.. its the management that has issues.. its hightime that Sol P gets off its lazy ass and start doing something about it
  3. Eiyuu*Senki Gold Translation Project

    my condolences... BTW this is already getting an official translation from Jast USA.. So you might have difficulties going forward with it... In the end it's your decision.. But you might get into legal trouble.... So if your planning to go ahead I would suggest going about it silently.. Or drop it altogether.... BOL
  4. to each his own opinion.. but i think for most, its about getting a product with content being deliberately removed instead of letting the customer decide where they want to skip the H scenes or not.. the thing is tho With H scenes being present if some people dont like it one can just skip it.. and for those that enjoy it can just fap to it.. ..so everyone gets what they want.. however if they Remove them completely.. only one side of the crowd gets pleased while others not..and atleast i would like to think that the people who actually want the H scenes are in the Majority..
  5. Well yea there are some who dont straight out say that its the H content that counts for them..i honestly dont understand why tho.. is the need to hide it.. i mean for me at-least i want my H scenes in the VN.. especially if the original JP release has them.. then theres no reason for US to get an inferior product.. Do you honestly think Noratoto would've sold well in Japan if they would've removed H Scenes from it.. i doubt it.. consoles are different.. tbh i dont like to compare PC to consoles.. consoles have their own rules and guidelines which hamper them in more ways than one.. and most of those are irrelevant to PC . Had i bought Noratoto on my switch i wouldn't have complained as much as i did on reddit.. afterall i wouldbe getting the same experience as JP switch users.. i cant say the same for PC .. also If you dont get verbal about it and just keep buying such release.. then the ones responsible would think its alright to do this.. Concentrate on consoles and let PC users take the fall ...If this becomes reality.. many if not most future release you see will have H scenes cut out from them, Just coz the Developer had Console in mind when it decided for overseas localisation... so will you be fine with VNs like Aokana, Nukitashi.. Senren Banka etc without H scenes.. well it could happen in the future.. if you let devs think its alright to do this...
  6. While i am not saying that every all ages VN is lesser by default.. however the main selling point of most VNs is its Sexual content followed by its completeness meaning you can finish reading from start to finish and finally the added depth of characters... VN is just a a Western term.. they were basically called Bishoujo games when they first started out mainly concentrating of Sexual Content and having relationship with Heroines of your choosing...This is what gave them momentum .. eroge is just a modern word for them .... Sexual Content is the main aspect here.. you cannot just remove it if it is the main selling point of your VN.. Noratoto especially.. Hell i could just watch/read Mangas/Animes like Mayoi Neko Over Run, Asobi ni Ikuyo or Nyan Koi etc...all offer experience similar to Noratoto ..... The only thing that makes Noratoto special is the H content in it.. which you wont get to experience in the latter 3 ..Thats what most VNs are all about.. so when you omit and remove the content the outcry in my opinion is justified..
  7. They do mention about the Patch everywhere tho.. They mention it on their Twitter handle,.. On the reddit release post as well as on vndb and various other forums as well as on discord...and most new players will visit the store mostly when they come across its mentions on the above social media sites where all the information about the Patch is provided..
  8. Your right.. MTL rulz.. you should stick to it going forward..no other TL compares to MTL..you know what take a Look at this https://store.steampowered.com/app/943980/The_logic_of_the_miniature_garden/ Thats as perfect as you can get TL wise.. NN cant even match them..I would recommend buying their VNs if NN TL is not to your liking..i mean if according to you MTL > NN then obviously SakuraGame > MTL
  9. [REQUEST] Suki to Suki, Love Triangle Trouble

    Wow thanks for pointing it out..looks like there is something wrong with the VN or how choices work.. I did some trial and errror basically if you follow the steps it should lock you to sisters route.. however it goes into Love route .. but if you select choice 5.. and when you see love route pop up on screen.. at this point if you backlog back to choice #5 and select the same choice again.. this time it will take you to sisters Route ..so there is something going on here lemme discuss this with guys at NN Edit : Guide Updated with changes to Akane Route..
  10. Sankaku Renai || Love Triangle Trouble || スキとスキとでサンカク恋愛 **Summary** This Walkthrough is based on the Official Western release of Suki to Suki to de Sankaku Ren'ai, published by NekoNyan and is available for Purchase on Steam And NekoNyan Store as well as other 3rd party storefronts. The VN was originally Developed and Published by ASa Project. **Description** Suki to Suki to de Sankaku Ren’ai is a game by Asa Project. A game in which protagonist Sousuke, his stepsister Nanaru and their parents make up their small 4 person family. Living a normal life, and enjoying their school days. All of that changes however, once his real sister Suzu comes back in their life. A love triangle unfolds whereby both of his sisters try to win his favor. Nanaru being open and energetic one, while Suzu is more reserved yet gentle. Then the story heats up even more once his childhood friend Maho and the mysterious senpai Shiina join the battle. So with 2 different love triangles happening around him, what will become of Sousuke? **Ending Guideline / Suggested Route Order** This VN has 4 Main Heroines and 2 Side Heroines. Each Route can be completed in any given order. The save system in this VN is slightly different from your standard save system. It uses Bookmark system. The Bookmarks can be further filtered according to various categories of your choosing. You will need 5 bookmark slots for the Purpose of this walk through. Note that Bookmarks cannot be overwritten, however they can be deleted. The guide follows the following Route order Shiina > Maho > Cara > Akane > Suzu > Nanaru. The Route order needs to be followed in order to make use of the Bookmark points used by this guide **Route Guideline** Kisu Shiina Narutaki Maho Cara Olivia ( Side Heroine ) Warota Akane ( Side Heroine ) Komorie Suzu Komorie Nanaru **Attribution** This Walkthrough was referenced from Seiya-Saiga, Chuee's Guide on Steam as well as my own playthrough of the VN
  11. [REQUEST] Suki to Suki, Love Triangle Trouble

    I'll be making a guide once i finish reading the VN.. I've still not completed the sister's routes.. so once i finish those i can make a walk-through.. My guide will be based on Seiya saiga guide... but i will also be taking my references from Chuee's guide on steam ( Chuee is the official editor for Sankaku Renai for NekoNyan..)... I believe that Chuee has edited his guide to make changes to Cara's route..Just refresh the guide page.. and if anyone else wants to make a guide before me .. feel free to do so.. if not i'll be making one by the end of this week
  12. Yea its a patching issue and it needs to be fixed..skirting around it is just a temporary solution
  13. Yea there seems to be a issue with loading saves, And i am not able to bypass it... After Loading save this error pops up And after clicking Ok this happens blank message window without any text.. you are basically stuck Finally can you specify what the current patch Translates.. Is it just the Main routes or even the Secret Endings? A progress update would be nice
  14. Its a FanTL.. be patient.. also the TLs are not obliged to anyone for them to release on time..delays are expected in this line of work.. Sit back and do something else.. they will eventually release it once they finish working on it..
  15. Hello Good Bye English Release (January 25th)

    I wouldn't call this "upping their game " The only way they can up their game is by reducing the per sale revenue cut that they take from Publishers.. All VN publishers NekoNyan, SolPress etc only get 70 % of the per sale money and steam takes 30 % For NekoNyan all the sales that take place on their Own Store are considered Best sales tbh