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Ugh. Still more roadblocks. Need to get an as-yet unknown password from Nay in order to get this sucker changed. For now, please enjoy the mess of a forums we've got, and dream of the forums we will probably never one day have.

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  1. Whats makes you think that including porn in the story disincentives the writer from writing a story that he wants? including porn in the story will not make the story good or bad... the story will remain as it is... off course there are SOME ( Not all ) writers who dont want to include porn.. and feel like if they dont include it wont sell well.. but like i said there are only some.. Offcourse they will be unhappy.. they paid for it, its their money..so obviously as the ones who took their money its your responsibility to keep the people whom you took money from a little bit updated from time to time.. Its not as if their saying we want our stuff asap.. they just want to know how things are progressing.. if there is any progress or lack of it... Also who isnt at mercy of deadlines even outside of localisation companies.. you think we dont get shit from our clients when we pass deadlines.. trust me your not the only ones Its Natural that if the company involved incurs loss upon every release.. it will run short on funds to pay its employees..unless they have some sort of external sponsorship or financing.... Why loss.. there are alot of factors.. decision making by the company heads also pays an important role... ( like deciding which VN to get localisation off, Deciding how to go about promoting the said localisation , and you definitely dont want to get on bad side of your customer.. your dependent on their money after all )..
  2. "My Fair Princess" has been released

    Dont expect every release to be an Akabei-Soft or a Yuzusft..also i definitely wont go as far as calling it a shit VN... i am thoroughly enjoying it.. just like how i enjoyed Noble Works and PE...
  3. [NekoNyan News] Senren Banka delayed

    yea please do not believe those and here is what Neb said.. this should quell those rumors or any rumors that are floating around the Eng subtitles are done by NekoNyan
  4. [NekoNyan News] Senren Banka delayed

    Those are some very interesting things that your saying, Exactly from whom and where did you hear this from?
  5. "My Fair Princess" has been released

    Apart from a few typos.. its decent....atleast i didn't find anything that looks weird or off-putting ... plus i can vouch for the translator who TLed this.. https://twitter.com/TlRochan
  6. "My Fair Princess" has been released

    Of-course it does not erase those..however the said questionable aspects also exists in other VNs too.. so just singling out kimihime by pointing out these minor oddities is kinda harsh.. as the same thing can be said about other VNs too... As for the Character faces..i didnt find anything odd about them.. they are alright.. .. but like i said before i have atm played only 1/4th of the VN so i dunno if there are superbly deformed faces later on.. but so far i am enjoying the read.. and the faces are so far not as off putting as your making them out to be..they are alright.. as far as character faces..go..
  7. "My Fair Princess" has been released

    Like if you go specifically digging around for design flaws then you may encounter them in many VN s including some of the newer released title. Like the way Yumemis leg are folded in the cg below from Planetarium Or how Soras Palm and fingers look from nine 9 ep 2 So if you go digging around every cg.. you are bound to find some flaws in cgs here and there in almost every VN.... But like you dont buy and read VNs specifically to find design flaws do you? I honestly didnt even notice anything odd with the Rin cg above until you pointed it out..you need to really look in order to notice those.. That is your subjective opinion.. I can say the same thing regarding the Raging Loop art style.... the character faces look stiff.. and the overall artsyle looks very odd....But that doesn't mean others find it the same way as i do..
  8. "My Fair Princess" has been released

    People can say anything they want in order to justify the means for not spending money or an excuse to pirate... also 4chan = not the mass majority..i sometimes go and shit talk on 4chan to as an anon i.e .... The only way to know is to see for yourself whether you like it or not.... i have not gone that far in the game but so far its alright...7/10 overall..... Err.. do you see anything questionable below?..what are they expecting.... The Mona Lisa?
  9. "My Fair Princess" has been released

    The above things including the text sync bugs have been fixed with the latest patch that was rolled out last night.. However the config menu is still bugged and is being worked on ( nothing game breaking tho its just a small coding mistake..and its easy to rectify on your own )...minor typos are still present tho and will be patched along with the config menu fixes shortly.. also clearly the bugs are not that aghast such that they warrant a game deletion... and some people are clearly overreacting to certain things.... the above bugs are only triggered only during a certain scene and get rectified by itself. which is basically 20 lines at most .. the rest of the VN is unaffected ... anyways all these things have now been fixed with the recent patch.. so lets give that a rest... the only issues i had with SolPress is the way in which certain staff members replied to me when we asked them " that how was the VN pushed for release.. when certain bugs like the ones in the config menu were so easily noticeable " the reply i got to this was ignorance to say the least... The bugs themselves were not the main issue for me... easily circumventable
  10. [REQUEST] Amatarasu Riddle Star Walkthrough

  11. Even if Koihime is not possible..I definitely wanna see some Nukiges from Luxury
  12. I'll post a walk-through after I finish reading the VN.. It may take me a week though... Edit : Okay so from what I've played so far the Choices are really simple You Just select the Name of the Girl whos route you want whenever the option pops up, As for the Quiz.. its really simple if you pay enough attention.. you dont need a walk through for it.. As for the True ending.. you'll get a new option in the main menu once you finish all 4 routes.. Just select that...
  13. Tsurezure's New Project - Gin'iro Haruka

    Conjueror Said in his review that each route is almost 20 Hours long.. add in all the heroines and your looking at an 100 hr VN
  14. While piracy may have had a part in it.. i believe Sol Press themselves are somewhat at fault here ... Yotsunoha was supposed to be released after Newton ..if you had taken a look at Yotsunohas steam page before it got taken down there was a page full of comments about " Where's the release" on Yotsunoha's steam discussion thread..around the time of its planned release..so there was indeed hype for it.. offcourse at that time no one knew that it would be delayed by over 1 and Half year..Following that Sakura Sakura was also Delayed.. If you see closely, Newrin did okay...taking into account that it was an unheard of title ...had Sakura Sakura and Yotsunoha released as planned, they too would have performed similarly.. but that was not the case.. by the time both of these rolled out.. the hype surrounding them had all but died and drowned out ... Back to present.. Kimihime release date is just 1 day away, still there is nothing from Sol Press side... all this with lack of marketing for the Said Release.. I mean Sol Press twitter Banner still shows Under one Wing.. ( come on Sol P at-least take a little effort to show people that your interested in the upcoming release).... and to Top it off.. i dont wanna even touch the Forest Fire that is the Iro Sekai Kickstarter Campaign... So When you complain about piracy etc.. you should first stop and think whether your doing your Part Properly before blaming everything on Piracy....Infact from the looks of it.. your doing nothing but contributing to it.. I dont wanna be Harsh on Sol P since i really respect the work some of the guys put into it like tbac, Bango, roro etc.. its the management that has issues.. its hightime that Sol P gets off its lazy ass and start doing something about it
  15. Eiyuu*Senki Gold Translation Project

    my condolences... BTW this is already getting an official translation from Jast USA.. So you might have difficulties going forward with it... In the end it's your decision.. But you might get into legal trouble.... So if your planning to go ahead I would suggest going about it silently.. Or drop it altogether.... BOL