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  1. Nice,Thanks for the routine updates Almost done then off to Editing and QC... How long has it been? i think over 3 years since you guys started out..
  2. Maybe you should try their IRC channel.. any help you get on editing etc.. will just make things easier for you..
  3. Best of luck and thanks for this. Flying pantsu were lacking translators so they never went ahead and translated the fandisc .. perhaps you can ask them for any assistance..since now you are translating this?
  4. http://desertrain.sakura.ne.jp/kouryaku/2008/lass_11eyes/lass_11eyes.html#04 select the October 27th choice from the guide in this link.. Ive not played the game so i cant say exactly what choice it is..perhaps a screen shot would help..
  5. Just because a character has her own cgs doesnt mean she has her own route...Plus those 2 are side character.. as per the JP walkthrough Only these characters have Dedicated Routes in the game Minase yuka Kusakabe Misuzu Hirohara Yukiko Tachibana Kukuri Now the other Girls might have partial routes...triggering them may end the game abruptly, they most likely can be access through one of the main heroine routes above....much like shiny days The English walkthrough over here is pretty straight forward and it doesn't say much about which choices to make for cg recollection as such..The JP walkthrough has all these details thou... I might have made a proper walkthrough from the JP one just like how i did it for Majikoi A2 but unfortunately i have yet to start playing 11 eyes..
  6. Why cant i fully edit this.... My Initial mistake was that i copy pasted the template exactly as it was.. and it ended in a blunder.. Now Completely fixed it
  7. Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai! A 2 || Majikoi A 2 Summary Majikoi Fandisk. Published in 5 different releases, Majikoi A-1 to A-5. Each release features about 3 stories. A-2 contains: Seiso, Monshiro after+, Cookie 4 IS Ending Guideline / Suggested Route Order No particular route order. You can play whichever heroine you like first from the heroine selection screen. However do note that unlike in A-1 where there was only a single possible ending for each heroine, in A-2 we have 2 possible outcomes for them. I played the Heroines in the following order Monshiro ----> Aiesss ------> Seiso. Please Note that i will be naming Cookie 4IS as Aiess (Her given in-game name) as her route involves the other cookie as well so it becomes confusing. The Choice/s in Pink affects multiple ingame events so it is recommended to select both on different play throughs Also Don't Forget to replay the training area 19 times to unlock special cgs. Exiting the game each time will unlock you skits every time you do it. Route Guideline Kuki Monshiro || 九鬼 紋白 Good End Bad End Cookie 4IS || Aiess || クッキー4IS Good End Bad End Hazakura Seiso || 葉桜 清楚 Good End Bad End Attribution This walk-through is referenced from seiya-saiga.com as well as my own play-through of the game
  8. Well i'll try my hand at Majikoi A2 walk through just to get the feel of it....ive completed the full game..
  9. ehh really for me it appears like this..Zzz Screenshot Well just keep it as it is now..its better than the first time you posted
  10. Well You can use Normal White color for the text and make Character Names appear in Different colors instead......That also will look nice.. Something like this Minase Yuka This way it will Look Much Better
  11. Yes , Much Appreciated.. This is the original JP walkthrough for reference http://desertrain.sakura.ne.jp/kouryaku/2008/lass_11eyes/
  12. The Text is too grayed out..it appears too faded with the black background... IF you Could change the text color i would really be grateful ..and thanks for posting this