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  1. Only read the two first routes. Two girls seems weird in this day and age, but they get a fair amount of screen and development time because of that. The dislikable shithead side characters (who get their own route) get better as it goes along and I really dig this "old-style, but modern tech"-aesthetic of the animated sprites and CGs (love myself some mouth-flapping). 

    Sakura's route was A LOT better than Nanako's though. Unless the "one-year-later" route fixes some serious issues, Nanakers is pretty bad. And I kind of don't want to read the other two routes, because Kurumi is too precious for Naoki and the aforementioned Akari is still a cunt.

  2. 7 hours ago, wyldstrykr said:

    why this...

    remind me of this??

    Don't you dare forget the best one 


    7 hours ago, wyldstrykr said:

    also ill assume nene route is the true route because

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    if you dont, she will be sad by the time her fragment bottle becomes fully full.


    Well, if that makes you feel better you can think that. All I think about in that case would be that...


    Meguru will never find someone to fully trust and she will never find out what happened to her friend. And Touko will live her whole alone without knowing about her suppressed dreams. Or maybe she will become a tomato because she can't bunker her emotions any longer when she's 49 or something.

    I guess Tsumugi and Wakana would be fine :wahaha:


    8 hours ago, wyldstrykr said:


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    1. How to unlock those 2 cgs???

    2. At the end of Nene route 1, Nanao says that nene cant bring tangible items when she travel to the past due to her wish so and she brought shuuji feelings in the past with her. so how did she transfer those feelings in the fragment bottle despite that she isnt a witch or something???? did i miss something???

    3. Would you prefer thank you or ty??


    1. I've read everything except Tsumugi After and I am also missing these two CGs. If anything, it's a niche common route event, in Tsumugi After or randomly blank space.

    2. Magic I guess.

  3. To be clear about this: Piracy is not an advantage or great in any way. And I can see the thought process of "well great, 200.000 people just STOLE our product". I get it, it sucks.

    However, you can't make the mistake of seeing these, lets say, 200.000 downloads as "lost sales". Because they are not lost sales. They aren't lost because nothing was ever sold. They are nothing. If you sold, lets say 500.000 copies of your product and 200.000 also pirated your shit, getting rid of piracy would still mean you only sold 500.000. 

    The only way to actually turn the pirate numbers into customer numbers, is to make pirating more of a hassle than purchasing. And no, that is not accomplished by 23,7 different accounts and 4 spy programs connected to the software,  like game developers seem to think. Put it on steam for 10, 20, what have you, bucks. Slap a discount on during release week. Don't break their balls, tickle them. (which also why the "make VNs more expensive" idea is up there with the dumbest plans I've ever read).

  4. 6 hours ago, Fred the Barber said:

    Actually, here's why this argument doesn't hold water: even if 95% of pirates decided not to bother, if that meant the 5% remaining actually bought the game, it would be an unspeakable windfall for the VN market.

    My argument is that the number is 100%. The people who pirated because there was no other way in the past are already paying now that they can. 

    Someone who never intended to pay will not do so simply because it's not possible. They will still not pay. Net gain 0.

  5. It doubles as somewhat of a fake out


    After the sad departure, you watch the end credits, get an even sadder epilogue and are booted back to the main menu. You wonder how or even if you can get the "good ending" and then the [RESTART] appears and you go "ooooooh!"

    As Decay put it, making it a separate route has an artistic effect, pointing out that it's a complete restart. Usually, for true endings you pick one or two different things that might've unlocked in the common route.

    Menu changes mean shit's getting real.

    Sanoba Witch has two really strong routes. Nene's story is interesting and experiments a little, which I really appreciate. Touko's is more standard and by the book as far as these types of scripts go, but it's executed near flawlessly. 

    I could justify either pick for best. Taste.

  6. 5 hours ago, namiultedjapanXD said:

    U draw these?

    No, I just photoshop

    4 hours ago, Thyndd said:

    Hmm the thing is, for me "cute" and "sexy" are ways of behaving, while "beautiful" is a (subjective) physical attribute. I feel like we are not in the same wavelength :vanilla:

    That is not to say that I never refer to a girl as cute just by her physical appearance, but you know, most of the times what I really mean is beautiful... 

    No, it's the kids who are wrong.

    4 hours ago, MaggieROBOT said:

    Luka is the closest of "all three" for me

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    Your maiden is swinging towards sexy, while dipping into beauty. 


  7. It's common knowledge that nothing can be cheap, fast and good at the same time. If you want something good and you want it fast, it's not gonna be cheap. And if you desire something fast and cheap, it's not going to be good. 

    In the same vein, I created the waifu-triangle to proof that no girl can be cute, sexy and beautiful at the same time. Here is the template, presented by my three pretty, but imperfect assistants. 


    I challenge you to submit your girls to my arbitrary and undoubtedly objective rating. I will do so until I get bored. 

  8. That's actually fair.

    Gets me thinking, aren't all the routes pointless, because


    even if it takes Nene 40 years to fill the bottle, she will inevitably reset the timeline and whatever relationship Yuuji ends up being in gets erased. 

    That's some Hapymaher/Chrono Clock existential crisis drama-fuel. Don't think about it.

  9. Sanoba Witch is the story of a guy with an unnatural ability and a for once plot integral personality. Doomed to live with his depression, he squanders his youth until one day, he comes across atruly outrageous scene, leading him into the world of magic!

    Have fun figuring out how the magic works, because the rules change in every route, enjoy random technical difficulties and observe the most shocking plot twist off all: Mizuhashi Kaori almost stayed in character the entire time. Almost.


    Okay, I'm done. This was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. I would say Meguru has the worst route, Touko the best and Nene the most interesting and memorable. Tsumugi might be the route I would recommend reading first to anyone going in blind, because it probably establishes the most "lore".

    Wakana was a better Deardrops side-route than the actual Deardrops side routes. Out of the three translated Yuzusoft titles we have, it's fair to call this the best not-full-heroine-route. 

  10. 32 minutes ago, Fred the Barber said:

    Biggest surprise: the TL is consistently pretty good! (Except that shiritori scene in Yuu's route, ouch, and the very rare clunker line.) Like, I'm actually enjoying reading this. Ten points to Slytherin.

    I remember one part in which the protagonist expressed his like of Yuu's ***** in the middle of Arle's H-scene. That was kind of weird :wahaha:

    Also, I can connect to you somewhat, I kind of had to force myself through Riria's part because I made the fatal mistake of reading her mom's wholesome side-story first. Riria's mom has got it going on.


  11. 11 minutes ago, ShinRaikdou said:

    No, it can. Sometimes even better. Here thread on


    4ch with examples. NSFW of course.


    Oh wow, that's super great. You can even do black/white if you convert it to RGB first. The future has come and so have I.

    EDIT: @ShinRaikdou, you may wanna put that link into a spoilers just in case. That's how we do NSFW around here.

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