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  1. 3 hours ago, wyldstrykr said:
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    which part of the "replay"?? all i see is h-scenes


    Right here:



    Did you finish reading it? I browsed the CGs, noticed 1 was missing and when I wanted to go back to the main menu, I saw this Replay option.

    44 minutes ago, Fred the Barber said:

    And since it's on the same topic, I'll take this opportunity to add some more thoughts on the themes that I wrote up a while ago. Would not recommend reading until you've finished Alice's ending.


    But it's there. A bit unfortunate that this commentary and awareness is undercut by really stupid filler. Kanon&Rei #1 was actually just the entire prologue again with ~15% new lines. 

  2. Majokoi is a good one. The pacing is absolutely dreadful and half the "routes" could've just been cut entirely. The setup is interesting and the main girl is such a silly quirky doofus, Alice is just a blast. During the stretches that are the actual plot, I was basically glued to the screen and couldn't stop reading. Her story ends really strong.

    Just a small thing... very minor spoilers


    There's a second ending, an ending for the overall plot of Jabberwock and the desert part. It's fucking annoying to get; you have to 1. wait in the main menu forever and then 2. skip through 80% of the whole VN. Select [Remember] 4 times and you are there.

    Honestly, it's not worth the effort.


    I feel like it kind of breaks the strong emotional note I just ended on and the tone (and background music) of that very last scene is so bad: It's as if it's building up excitement to a new chapter or a sequel and feels completely out of place.



  3. 1 pirated download doesn't equal = 1 lost sale.  Most (not all) pirate activity originates out of boredom and because it's free. If you took away the source for it, most of them would just find something else to pirate rather than begrudgingly pay for the thing. 

    I hope SOL will have more success with their upcoming titles. I don't hate Newton as a first release, considering the company came out of nowhere and doesn't have free access to really big titles.

    However, if we take a look at Sakura Sakura I'm mildly confused: Was this title chosen because someone a Sol Press wanted to do it or because they simply couldn't get their hands on anything else? Because it's really a niche title if you consider 1. Retro-like visuals but with modern day quality, 2. multiple protagonists and 3. a really bad script. Last point aside, the first two wouldn't be what I would consider to be "generally appealing".

    Not that I'm opposed to taking chances, but betting on Sakura Sakura for the current audience was kind of like staying on a 5 during Black Jack like Austin Powers.

    And Yotsunoha is old. Which is bad, because I believe you need to be a Fate or Yu-no to sell if you're old.

  4. I was 14 or something, when I walked past my local LIDL (a German grocery store brand) with my best friend and witnessed a robbery. My friend ran for his life and I stood there watching the culprit run. When the police came, I told them everything and after all that, my friend came back and told me that I made a huge mistake.

    On the next day, when I walked past the store again, a hot girl called me by name. I walked up to her, she put a gun in my face and blew my brains out. Then I woke up.


    Moral of the story; Don't be a snitch and if you are, THOT beware

  5. Akane walkthrough error



    1. Sure
    2. Go with the girl you have recently been interested in 
    3. We should just call it a day
    4. Go along with the others
         Load Bookmark 2
    5. Stay and help Nanaru study ( Sisters Route Start Point ~~ )


    Following these steps will not end in entering Sister Route, it will get you into Love route. Tried it twice from a used and once from a fresh save file.

  6. On 23.4.2019 at 4:09 AM, Seraphim88 said:

    It's pretty nice to see a normal best friend character for once! I guess you could argue that it makes Shuuichi seem kinda bland, but I honestly think it's a refreshing contrast to all the perverts, desperate virgins and all out comic relief characters you usually see in that role.

    He also got laid before you and in most of the routes Shuuchi marries before you. The one route in which he doesn't, there's a really nice scene about it.

  7. 1 hour ago, Stormwolf said:

    Doesn't matter. Personality traits: Friendly, Kind, Timid.. Sounds like a snoozefest of a protagonist again.

    Yeah, a good protagonist should be a super manly badass who doesn't give a fuck about anything. And he should curse, smoke, drink beer and after drinking the beer, throw the bottle at some bitch's head. 

  8. I think dropping the term "After story" from your minds is helpful, because the After part generally has a comparable length to the school part. It's not "Route+After", it's simply "Route".

    And yes, every girl has between 8 and 10 H-scenes. Rikka has 10 and two of these can actually be skipped/missed if I recall correctly.

  9. 5 hours ago, phantomJS said:

    Read  that Sora's route is quite long as well, so total time should be 100 hours-ish (Common - 8 hours? / Rikka - 29 hours / Touko - 24 hours / Sora - 20 hours? / Markia & Misa - 15 hours each).

    You forgot Nastuki. According to trip, Natsuki is the shortest route. 

    I don't remember my exact times, but Marika is a tad longer than Misa and Sora would be in the middle overall. Touko is apparently long, but I haven't finished that one yet. 

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