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  1. Have you read Hatsukoi 1/1? (same developer, actually their first VN), if not, give it an opportunity, it has a long story, likeable heroines, pure-love centered, a bit of drama and good endings (also, 3 append stories or after stories for 3 heroines) Grisaia series is also one of best VN out there, a good worldbuilding, an amazing soundtrack, a catching story that is also very long (considering if you play the trilogy). I also enjoyed Sanoba Witch, maybe I just like Yuzusoft art, but anyway it has good heroines, its story is not that bad and it has after stories for all heroines.
  2. Visual Novel with best BGM

    Grisaia trilogy
  3. If I am not mistaken, they cut off Ageha's after (I remember it vaguely, but the main plot of that after story were the H-scenes)
  4. Rarely. I gotta admit that cosplay H-scenes are my weakness...
  5. Hatsukoi 1/1 : Your typical school life VN, but in my opinion the heroines make the game pretty enjoyable, also the VN has append stories of 3 heroines, so it has quite content. P.S. Maya FTW!