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  1. Am I only one love True Love? Anyway, I'm excited to reading it again, and reading clearly in HD..
  2. Is there way to fixing fonts and change text to bolder in MangaGamer's Amatarasu Riddle Star to can see better? My eyes becoming tired after reading that thin fonts.
  3. *flashback "Do you like big eyes"* NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Bleaching my flashback! No, hell no. Won't buying this Switch version...
  4. Now I'm sad. Alexa, play "Desp--". Wait, I'm deaf... *open YouTube app, playing "My Most Precious Treasure Yui Ver. with lyrics"* Really sucks, I hope MG can solving this problems FAST...
  5. MoeNovel almost... No, always ruined and butchered KonoSora FD 18+ to all age... There's no twin sisters routes in all age version...
  6. Lovekami.... MoeNovel..... *groans*
  7. OT: Yuzusoft should ripping Sekai Project's license of Dracu Riot, and give it to NekoNyan. Back to topic. Yes, it's readable.
  8. Try CLANNAD, it will keep you engaged forever.
  9. This VN would be better if they adding H-Scenes. But never happening.
  10. Jeez, that's a lot of H-Scenes...
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