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  1. Very specific recommendation adressing the 1,5 people who care, I unironically recommend the Nekonin Exheart series. These titles are very competent on the technical side, as far as screen effects and fluidity of the motion picture goes. It's a good example of "all the money is on screen". Granted, there is not much else going on. 

    @the list: Konosora is unreadable without the restoration patch. Make sure to mention that.

  2. Oh wow 

    sprite viewer (full sprites at that!), after stories, a zip file with wallpapers, scene-jump to any chapter within a route and designer commentary from Sayori and the VAs. Coupled with the good UI and settings menu, this is some S-rank stuff :Chocola:

    Technical stuff and the gallery rarely get a shoutout, so make sure to praise it whenever you can.

    EDIT: Steam Achievements actually give us a ranking list for the girls based on who people picked.

    1. Miyabi (12,2%)

    2. Yuu (12%)

    3. Emiri (11,9%)

    4. Arle (11,2%)

    5. Riria (10,8% rekt)

    Side girl rankings: 

    1. Reika (12,3%, everyone going for the milf action)

    2. Tama (11,6%)

    3. Rin (10,6%)

  3. 39 minutes ago, ittaku said:

    For those males here that are religiously collecting boxes of hard core 2D porn that are sitting on their shelves, what do you plan to do if and when you start a relationship, or have kids? Do you honestly think that there are (m)any women that would be happy to accept someone with that on their shelves? It's akin to leaving 3D porn on the shelf.

    Having a relationship with another human being is almost as pointless as owning a physical copy of anything, so you might as well double down on the foolishness. :leecher:

  4. So, I just spent 5 hours over the last two days doing nothing other than labbing Fureraba. My findings:

    - 1. getting flags with the girls through questioning isn't that important, because they can't progress past a certain point unless they hit a day in the calendar to have their phase-switching event on. For almost all of them, it's Saturday or Sunday. That means getting max affinity with a girl on monday makes it pointless for you to talk to her more that week, since the event has to happen before you can get new affinity points in the next phase

    - 2. it's not possible to get all four girls to phase 4 and ready to confess. There simply aren't enough Saturdays for all the events to happen before the timer runs out (Each girl has four events and Misaki has an additional one, and she also can't be spoken to during the first two weeks). You can however max out three girls with some days to spare.

    - 3. Getting two girls to stage 3 will trigger little scenes of them getting jealous of one another and unlock some additional dialogue during common route scenes. This applies to all girls except Misaki and if you have all three of the others on stage 3, you will see all the scenes (they don't override each other). These scenes are also not day-based like the character events, so they can happen early or late. 

    That's it. If someone is wondering why I went and crammed through the common route 8+ times with the skip button for a title I finished around a year ago: ¯\_:rimu:_/¯ 

  5. All I'm left wondering is how many Lavi's are running about now, considering she is the one who has to reset the timeline whenever the protag dates a girl that isn't Alice. The reason why that's all I'm left wondering, is because Newton has some really nice bookends. The plot kind of wraps itself up quite nicely, with a sad note to end. (ps: continue+ is dumb af lol)


    Overall rating on Newton and the rapple tree: 10/10 mixtape

  6. Are we on predictions? I will hereby declare my bets for the Volume 4's H-scene pairings. Assuming we stick to the 2-cats per scene formula, I think we will get:


    1st scene: Chocola and Coconut

    This is going to be the lovey-dovey one with lots of flirting, straight up dere and is wholly wholesome. Or, as wholesome as a threesome can be I guess.

    2nd scene: Azuki and Maple

    This is the tsundere H-scene, where the two cat ladies bitch and try to one-up one another for attention, but end up being banged and smashed (bashed or smanged if you will) out of their antics by the protag. 

    3rd scene: Vanilla and Cinnamon

    This is going to be the kinky one. Footjob, toys, butt stuff, bondage, girls on top, etc. The good stuff.

    Since Volume 3 broke the whole formula, I wouldn't put it past sayori to make a 4-way scene, a big group scene or even a Shigure scene in addition to that.


    But that's just a theory. A vn theory!

  7. I think it's about time. We (or better they, *hiss* nonbelievers) have to live with the fact that Nekopara has become more powerful than before it was struck down, with merchandise, OVA and two prequel spin-offs and all that jazz. 

    Now that all characters had a lot of screen time to present themselves, it's time for a best girl poll. Votes shall be cast with user names revealed to lay bare all the wrong opinions and no "but I can't pick one"-cowardice. 


    And after that's done, everyone can discuss extra (we kind of did in the other thread didn't we? The domestic abuse one?) or speculate what's going to happen in Volume 4 and whether or not the nekopara cinematic universe will merge with Wankopara after release.

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