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  1. ... wow, does Mangagamer always work like this? I actually want a refund. I started and restarted downloading 3 hours ago.
  2. Finished the Fandisk. That looked expensive. There's a CG in what feels like every ten lines. Big like.
  3. A bunch of people in my groups dropped the VN because of (or at least dismissed) Kasumi. They don't like her generic backstory, because it seems very contrived. I just finished the route and now I'm laughing my ass off. PRANKED.
  4. Oh, I feel you. What bothers me a lot in these kinds of stories, is that the only ending they ever seem to go for is the "I did a bunch of things, so now your DAD accepts me and everything is fine"-ending. Would it really be so bad to actually play out the story in which the couple elopes? I assume this is yet another "Japanese thing", where doing your own thing and fulfilling your own desires against your parent's wishes is frowned upon in society and that's why the authors never do it.
  5. Just wondering. Feel free to pick some broad terminology, like "bullying" or "mysterious identity" (or call them tropes if you feel like that term fits what I'm describing better). I'm going to take a guess here and say that a lot of respondents would pick the infamous "love triangle", which I personally don't mind as much. The top of my own list of infamy would definitely be "incurable disease", but I am also very tired of "arranged marriage"- and "heroine has to move away"-stories. - Keep in mind that you can dislike a premise at it's core, even if you read such stories and thought it was good or great. On the contrary, I would love to hear examples of stories which you liked despite them involving your least favorite type of narrative trope. Oh, and please mind spoilers.
  6. This has been pretty alright so far. The story is pretty cool and I like the protagonist and his clear, understandable motivation. However, I am feeling a bit of tonal whiplash with the girls. The cute girls aspect keeps getting in the way of the plot every now and then. Furthermore, after the common route is over, there is a unique problem: If that makes any sense, great. If not, why did I bother writing this down?
  7. Aside from titles/companies someone has heard of before? How about titles that have some basic features I'd expect from a VN in 2020, like voice lines playing over mouse click or free button mapping. Even the one-voice-actress, reused-bgm nukige Ammolite keeps shitting out manage to fulfill those requirements. But yes, what it boils down to most is the complete lack of any big name that gets people exited. I like Newton, Under One Wing is fine and Oniikiss is a pretty decent nukige. However, these games as well as the by now infamous Sakura Sakura are the epitome of "literally who?"-games. Which is a shame, since the Sol tech-whizzes responsible for decensoring and upscaling those 2008-resolutions are committing what I can only assume is black magic. which leads me to... They are similar, but that isn't exactly the problem. Nekonyan scored a well-known publisher in addition to their "literally-who"-games. Nobody cared at all about Fureraba when it released. I assume no English VN reader ever heard of it before or cared much. Now, quite a while later, lots of people (me included) were RAVING for Making Lovers to come out and put the Smee name out there. That's the two-step plan: Lure the masses in with a big name (in this case Sanoba Witch) first and when they decide to stay, they'll check out the rest of your catalog. MangaGamer was, as far as I understand, able to get away with completely niché games from their initial Overdrive repertoire because a) There was no real competition and b) most of the initial footing was based on nukige and cheap porn games before Da Capo landed in their laps. And even then, we are now seeing that MG is running out of things people want to see, though I do appreciate their idea behind releasing some non-standard VNs recently. I'm not saying Sol Press is completely hopeless in this area, considering they managed to snatch Favorite, due to SP's utter lack of business sense, management and well... anything worth of basic praise. So if Sol can succeed with Iroseka, maybe those who cared about that will be more open to read - god forbid actually buy - Sakura Sakura.
  8. Just because Nekonyan are single-handedly saving translations from Sekai's ineptitude and Sol's unfortunate taste in title selection doesn't mean that we should forget how MangaGamer held the line for so long. Bless you, MG. But please, weed out some of your bad interpreters soon.
  9. Rina from Fureraba (Arcade Games) Matsuri from Tenioha (PC games) Ayame from SukiSuki (console)
  10. This is the worst VN ever created. Yuka is far and beyond the best girl in this game and they dared to NOT make a route for her. Never have I been this triggered before. Press F for my, no... Our spirit animal. You deserved better.
  11. I knew about "the thing" before Totono was TL'd, so the damage inflicted to me is rather low. However, I did not know the full context for everything I picked up over osmosis and now that I'm finished, I think it's neat. After finishing it, you realize it's one of those ideas you have when you're awake at 3:00 AM and shitposting on VN discords or imageboards. Kind of like Cabin in the Woods for horror movies. Although maybe that's just me. There were enough meta moments to genuinely impress me and I do enjoy reading something different every now and then.
  12. I read Karen's route first and now I can't stop thinking about the fact that she if you don't pick her. Also, swollen foot.
  13. Nobody fucks voice actors harder than the industry wages, so I'm not surprised they can deliver fitting audio.
  14. I heard this title lacks a continue-voice-on-click option? Is that true?
  15. I made a folder, specifically for this day! Nice work, Nekonyan! I want to read every single thing they announced. Also, can we just bring SP behind the barn and shoot it?
  16. After two long as hell main games and two equally long fandisks, the Majikoi H-scene music made me go insane. It's probably gone by now since years have past, but there used to be a time where I wanted to disable my brain by hitting it into my keyboard over and over. I ended up getting traumatized in my early days, I always turn the Video volume down to 10% or otherwise I'm afraid a cacophony is going to give me tinnitus. Other than that, I also disable system voices and loud menu-sounds, because they just annoy me as a notorious right-clicker and backlog checker.
  17. Everybody be freaking out over Aokana and meanwhile I'm sitting here, wanting to push some of that hot Koichoco sidegirl-action.
  18. Yooo, that was a blast. Aokana is the first "sports"-vn I've ever read, (excluding the occasional track team route,) so with my boxing background I felt right at home (and should move my fat overwinter ass off the couch). The big FC fights actually glued me into my chair from start to finish and this title makes good use of moving the screen, transitions, sound effects and narration to make them exciting to follow along. The last vn fight scenes I enjoyed were the ones in Comyu and this is even better. Nice. (quick shoutout to the episode-preview narrations) Sprite draws amazing... well sprites, SDs and backgrounds, so like in koichoco I had a lot of fun looking for easter eggs in CGs and backgrounds. The Soundtrack also kept me entertained without becoming grating after repeating for all four routes. I've read the routes in the following order; Mashiro, Rika, Misaki, Asuka. I would recommend following that, with the option to either start or completely skip Rika. Whatever you do, read Asuka last. Mashiro - smoll and cute Rika - Things happens and then it ends Misaki - The pity party Asuka - the big finale The protagonist is a cool guy and I love almost all side characters. So much so that I'm baffled that ohohohjou-sama didn't get a route (also why does Arika have those giant knockers? Holy lord in the sky) Overall I give Aokana a 0/10, because there's a character voiced by my girl, Mizuhashi Kaori and I wasn't allowed to respectfully bone her into oblivion all night long. NSFW PS: bless Madoka, she a good girl.
  19. To my beloved dude: Good riddance and don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.
  20. I remember being super sold on Suki Suki initially. Yuuki was perfect, Rinka was overall good (route a little contrived, but the novelty of the idea behind it I liked) and Mahiru was at least great if you are into that sorta thing... What knocked it out for me however, was that first, Ayame's route, which starts off nice and neat, utterly shits the bed in it's second half. It falls so flat on it's face, I could still plug pieces of asphalt out of it's face. Really bad stuff. Then secondly, Chiho happend. Dudegirl was a clusterfuck of bad writing, bad management and strangely enough bad translation. Chiho's route makes no sense and doesn't fit into the story of the common route and the four other heroines whatsoever, while all three side girls who had more development AND screentime than Chiho get nothing. From what I understand, Chiho's route only exists because one guy at the company was like "but I wanna do that though". The reason I mention this, is because I'm now reading Haretaka and praying to whatever divine beings are out there, that this one doesn't have a "chiho" route. On the other hand, I am morbidly curious if there's another Ayame hidden in here.
  21. I completely disagree, Kira*Kira and Deardrops have a very different tone and themes. One is a story about that one last trip before becoming adults in a music setting, while the other uses music as plot, setting, theme and basically main character. Kira*Kira could be a story about interpretive dancing or flying gliders and it wouldn't change the all that much, while Deardrops doesn't remotely work at it's core without music. Overdrive is on a 3/1 good/bad ration for music vns, so my hopes are high. Just keep the curtain call prick out this time and maybe don't try to give every single character a route if there's no material to work with at all.
  22. I wholeheartedly wish I knew more about fashion to use actually correct terminology here, but lemme go ahead and embarrass myself on the internet anyways: So the way I see it, for girls there are like three general designs for school uniforms (Blazer, Sailor and the ... corset type? You know, the one where the boobs are really fun to draw) and a fourth category for fantasy and unconventional ones. And then shit gets even more complicated, when the summer and winter uniforms are different types, like how Hoshimemo has sailor uniforms in Summer, but blazers in winter just to annoy me. Getting something similar to a coherent judgement was rough; For general blazer uniforms, Little Busters came to mind because I love the red/black combo and Comyu because it was a Harry Potter gag, but I would say my favorite uniform of that type would be the Daitoshokan uniform. It's very bright, with the white and red and the vest some of the girls wear helps make it not so boring in Summer when they take the actual blazer off and only rock the shirt. Good fashion, would force a girl to wear IRL/10 In the Sailor category, the To Heart 2 uniform came out on top over the Suki Suki uniform. Both contestants enter with the tried and true white/red aestethic. But when in doubt, go with the classics and do Ittaku a good one. Also, the 2Heart (I think To Heart 1 has the same, but whatever) uniform looks more like something an actual student would wear, while the other one looks like a cosplay from amazon. Honorable mention to Dracu-Riot, because I have to. Entering the corset... half-shirt... tiddy window... the third category, I immediately remembered Koichoco and the thicc dream supreme: Wagahigh. Koichoco has a very simple, but effective design that scores points from how easy it is to customize it (I like it when the school uniform gets some personal touches by the characters, like Michiru's shirt or Nozomi's lab coat) and the greenish-blue is cool. On the other side, the Wagahigh uniform is a technical marvel, capable of containing to sheer amount of (totally anatomically correct) waifu flab within it's confines. Neither of those take the win for me though. Not gonna touch up on the fantasy stuff, because I can really think of is Rewrite with the dress uniform. So now I wrote out of my ass for a while, what is my favorite uniform? *drumroll* For men, Visual Novels aside, the best is the Persona 4 cloth. Sorry chinese powerpoint boyos, you will never come anywhere close to the absolute thuggery that is the checkerboard collar and the swagass stichlines. I love this one so much, I actually bought one.
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