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  1. You definitely can, it works with all games since Kamidori. How are you trying to run it? You have to give it the .AAI file
  2. http://asmodean.reverse.net/pages/exs4alf.html I put it up on github here: https://github.com/Kelebek1/Eushully-Decompiler
  3. How big is the file? I downloaded the game trial but it doesn't have any opening.mei file in it, seems like it's not included with the trial. Is the file too big to upload?
  4. It's a Unity game, and Unity Asset Bundle Extractor works just fine: https://github.com/DerPopo/UABE/releases
  5. It's basic zlib compression with a little Kirikiri header. Here's a very simple Python script that'll work with the 1 file you gave: https://pastebin.com/s1w1kY3p
  6. What tool are you using to do the scripts? You mentioned me in the first post (SaintLouisX) so I wonder if you're using my one. If so I can have a look with a copy of the script and a save for it.
  7. https://files.catbox.moe/8difuh.rar I only tested this with their newest game, and it requires python 3. Run extract.py in the game's base folder to extract all the archives, the game script should be in FGN_TADD as a txt file. Edit the script however, and put compress.py in that folder and run it. It'll make the new script, and a new archive from the files in that folder, which you can use in-game. Unfortunately it looks like the game just takes all ascii text as commands, and doesn't actually print it at all: There may be some in-built way around that in their format thou
  8. That's always there. FS is movement basically, it tells you how much movement moving to that square will take. I'm not sure why all your tiles say 移動 though, I don't have that. I can't find an option for that.
  9. The script isn't that bad, the format's just... annoying. Script opcodes 0x15, 0x16, 0x17 and 0x18 are strings, which one just determines how big the data following the opcode is, 0x15 is 1 byte, 0x18 is 4 bytes. That points to the location of the string entry in the list from the header at 0x10. First few bytes are the same kind of deal for that table, first one is data type, followed by the number of entries, and then the stride. After that you can add your opcode data to it, get the location of the string, load that up, and boom you have the string. Should be pretty easy to decompile a
  10. What does guernsey mean here then? Because as a Brit, Guernsey is an island south of the UK, right next to Jersey. I've never heard it used to mean anything else.
  11. Standard load address for Windows exes is 0x00400000, so you just add it on. 0x10000000 for DLLs. Maaaaany games will use random layouts though and not load there at all, that's just the default/preferred, and in that case any absolute addresses will be in the wrong place unless you get really lucky, so it's not reliable at all unless you know the game doesn't use it.
  12. Ah ok fair enough. Luckily I'm not signed up to too many sites, only a few on the list, so that was alright. I don't think there's really much chance at all of getting compromised in any way, but did it anyways. if I was still using manual passwords I definitely wouldn't, fuck that lol.
  13. Are you sure Reddit was affected, it's not in the list. Fuwa is, though.
  14. Wonder if you'll get it out before Kakumei, which comes end of July.
  15. My saves are inside the savedata folder, not hidden or anything.
  16. So still probably won't happen until 2018? I don't know how long development usually takes for Ryuukishi, anyone know?
  17. https://vndb.org/v13188 https://vndb.org/v1967 https://vndb.org/v12260
  18. A lot probably, but you'll need to at least find where it creates the font with something like CreateFont or CreateFontIndirect and modify the arguments to support whatever character set you want. If changing that to a specific font and characters still show up as ?, then you'll just have to follow with what the game does to render the text and see if it's throwing out characters at certain ranges. You'll find the reason it crashes at non multiples of 2 somewhere there too.
  19. Pls, it was clearly Kuranosuke. As an adult though, not that stupid kid crap. Wish that didn't exist.
  20. Thanks. I don't really like Shinpachi so not very interesting in that. >:
  21. Maybe they'll pull a BaseSon and have a relative of Suguha go back in time, and start creating some overworld meta thing. Can someone post the story of the fandisc? I tried, but I can't get through that crap. Would like to know what actually happened since everyone here is mentioning it.
  22. Yeah, I see that now. Many of the characters in the image looked like old ones, but on closer inspection I guess they are different. OP said it was a sequel, but doesn't look like it if it was set in an earlier time and all the characters are different. Only thing that could remain the same is the MC in that case, but I don't think that'd work too well. I thought the MC was pretty good in Chuushingura though, wasn't a massive idiot not thinking, or a completely pointless weakling, which make up the majority of MCs in settings like this I find. Again, just hope they don't screw things up and ma
  23. Hmm, not sure what to think about this. What else can a sequel do? They already finished the story, just inventing a new threat in the same time is a pretty "eh" basis for making a game like this, one which was entirely driven by its carefully-woven story. The fandisc is just a piece of crap, so excluding whatever one line of "story" that had in it. If it ends up like the fandisc and not the original I'll be so disappointed. One of the best things about the original was the lack of sex scenes, so they didn't really get in the way or get forced in and fuck up the characters or the story. The fa
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