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  1. is fault still available? I'd like to take it if it is!
  2. Inari Konkon Koi Iroha has one adult couple beside its main couple - though they didn't get much screentime in the anime adaption... so if you wanna know more about them you have to read the manga. Even though they're not the main couple, their relationship got fleshed out very nicely to the point that most of us fans love them better than the main couple ;_; so be sure to also check out the manga while you're at it!
  3. Oooomg, physics is literally the only subject I despise so much even tho I like other sciences lol, I kinda get traumatic when I see the word itself lmfao (chem student here tho xD;) Wel...come, I guess? Enjoy your time on fuwa~
  4. Finished Sorcery Jokers a few days ago, now I'm just going through shorter VNs - atm reading Un:Birthday Song(an otome FD) and then Koi ni, Kanmi wo Soete as a side read.
  5. Been reading bishoujoges for 5+ years and counting here~ I don't read nukiges unless if it has good stories, though... I also read otomes but not too many of them because most of the good ones are on vita these days and I don't have vita so lol
  6. I think this one fits the bills. Just got an english release a few days ago
  7. So the last time I opened the site was at like 5 days ago, and it was still there. But this morning, somehow, when I tried to open the site like usual it instead redirected me to community.wikia.com and said "This is not the wiki you're looking for! We didn't recognize the URL you provided." What happened? Is it really dead or is it just me? And would the site come back? x.x
  8. If you're talking about the recent SSK result, her high votes is actually because she has a LOT of rich chinese wotas voting so yeah I personally like her too though haha, for relatable personality lol
  9. Tokyo Necro and Akeiro Kaikitan deserved higher :(. Also Re:LieF for best scenario award ......... uhhhhhhhhhh okay i guess lol
  10. Your art looks really nice! If it's not much, I'd also like to request you to draw this sweet girl Luminous Pearl, from a mobile game I'm currently hooked on ^^ here's the reference:
  11. Read the WN. Rem is without doubt the "main character" of arc 3, but Emilia certainly took back the main heroine spot on arc 4 and 5. Her character got more developed later on. Well, I still love both of them, though. And about alternate ending; there is actually one where Subaru eloped with Rem on that one scene. Again, just check out the WN - the author actually wrote one. It's very heartwarming, and Rem certainly attained her well-deserved happiness.
  12. 1. Fairytale Requiem 2. Silverio Vendetta 3. Ken ga Kimi(Otome)
  13. Otome games are okay too as long as they can be played on PC! I'd like ones that have: Preferred setting: ancient japanese era, or crazy denpa/occult VNs like subahibi Mostly voice-acted Has plot NOT moege/nukige, charage is OK Osananajimi heroine & those with good soundtracks will be a huge + Thank you in advance!
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