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  1. JESUS FKING CHRIST the ending to the first route in dies irae was INSANE, HOLY SH!T I've seen bad endings happier than this, holy hell my face basically at the end of the final fight and going forward
  2. words cannot describe how much I hate the fact that I have to read a dies irae in a certain order, I don't like Kasumi and the fact that I am forced to start with her really sours this whole thing for me, this VN feels a lot like fate stay night, except for the fact that in fate I liked all the girls, granted this might be heresy to say but I didn't love any one of them but they were at least likable, unlike dis annoying b*tch, also this VN might win my "most disturbing CG art" personal award, probably cuz I usually avoid these kinds of vn's that are on the more... seinen... I guess you would say, side I do hope that like fate it adds and unravels mysteries across all routes and does not just dump everything in the first route
  3. just a quick question, do you guys ever take notes when reading a VN to keep up with what's going on? I started reading dies irae and I swear can't keep track of anything
  4. So considering that the steam autumn sales started while browsing around I saw said fate game on discount and noticed that it is actually a action game which is right up my alley, now I have read fate stay night but nothing else, I really want to read other fate related stuff but I also want to not hate life and be depressed for the next few months as well, my question now being is it okay to play Extella or should I read some other fate VN's beforehand or watch some animes <and if so which ones>? I'm not very familiar with the series outside of stay/night. I think fate zero is a prequel or something and I have seen other names around like grand order and such but I have no clue about those. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. Bear in mind I prefer to go into VNs and games blind, I don't usually read the steam description or the VNDB description of things I plan on playing to keep as much of it as a surprise.
  5. I glad you gave the big spoiler warning, If id read that I probably wouldn't have read the VN, that was basically the one thing that I most fear that it would happin... and it did... and it was really really realllllly fked up, but the ending of that chapter was handled really well IMO, I really loved how they moved past that "incident" and the subsequent fate of that character. I can't stress enough how impressed I am with the ending to that chapter, I really didn't think I would be able to move past that point honestly
  6. I did it, i finished Evenicle, and for how fked up some scenes were... it had a really nice, satisfying and fulfilling end, also fucking loved all the lore dump that was done in the last 2 minutes of the game, so much info and all so fucking tantalizing. Overall even if some scenes were absolutely way too much for me, I'm glad I played it. It has some really nice art, the story is kinda nice, the girls are all likable, the protagonist too is a surprisingly likable guy, and the gameplay is even serviceable, I would recommend this to basically anyone with any sort of interest in VNs and Jrpgs,just be warned that this contains some really heavy materials not for the faint of heart, now for some spoilery talk I'm glad that I didn't read the spoiler that Ruberick gave in the thread I started, that would have probably turned me completely off and I would have never read this VN. I often times feel like VN's really hold back their punches, it always feels like the creator is afraid to kill off character or hurt them to much, this one is the exact opposite, I feel like this one just likes to give out gut punch after gut punch, but even so this did not leave me with the same depression I felt when finishing Fate. Guess that means it has a lil bit of mercy in it at least.
  7. so i actually started playing evenicle, If fate is like that goth kid who always wore makeup during high school and talked about how people are actually the worst and stayed away from everyone, Evenicle is like that always happy kid who always wears long sleeves and gets along with everyone that dropped out of highschool half way through and you find out years later that he killed himself because he couldn't take the abuse at home anymore, which is incidentally what I might do before I finish reading this. Both horrible, horrifing stories, it's just that one tries really hard to hide it. I swear I just finished act 3 and It's... so... FUCKED, and I know it's gonna get worse but for the first time in... years I'm actually excited about something, I'm actually thinking, I can't wait for this day to be over so I can go home and play some more, I can't even remember when the last time I felt something like this was there's also that post Ruberick wrote in my forum post that is tempting me so hard but I'm way to invested to actually read it. I know I only asked about Raimus and Riche so now I have this really horrible feeling about Tio... but I can't stop know, I'l just have to do what a lot of girls do in this VN... just bite down and take it
  8. Hello good folks, So i wanna play evenicle, mostly because I really really like Kamidori, I'm more of a gamer so these things appeal to me more, but one thing that really worries me is that unlike Kamidori this appears to have a great deal of rape in it. Now this is the one thing I don't wanna see and i did play the first 2 chapters I think, or it was only the first <i'm not sure> but I did see "that scene" with that character and it shook a bit... maybe a bit more than I would like to admit but I can sort of deal with side character going through that, what I can't deal with however is Riche or Ramius getting raped, so I was wondering if there are unavoidable rape scenes with main girls, if there are I won't play it but if not I'll bite down and get through this cuz the game looks pretty fun an the art is really nice.
  9. A long time ago I read the fruit of grisaia and that was honestly the visual novel that really hooked me to read visual novels, I loved it and so when the sequels started to be translated you can imagine I was really hyped but I read something really concerning on the forums, I read that they censored the sequels and I don't mean the removal of the H scenes, I remember reading that they went as far as modifying the translation so that they can edit out pervy jokes, now hentai scenes are one thing but it really turned me off when I read that so I was wondering if there are any translations for the 2 sequels <labyrinth and eden> that don't actually mess with that and stay faithful to the original writing
  10. oh f!!k if this is true this is the kind of subtle thing that I miss by skipping through all the read text while doing the next route. I'm kinda scared cuz I love all the girls in this vn, they are all 10+ for me and I'm afraid that... well I just hope this does not do something like the comyu main route did.
  11. I finally decided it was time to bite the bullet grab my heart and complete rewrite. I only read Lucias route last time but It's time to finish it and after reading little busters reading the common route of rewrite again is fascinating.
  12. after months of reading I finally finished little busters <and no I don't have any intention of doing masatos route> I gotta say this was one of the best visual novels I have ever read, very good mystery, interesting unusual story, great characters and to my surprise the additional routes were integrated in a really cleaver way into the overall story, really like sasegawas route and it threw a really good twist into a already established ideea, kana's route was amazing and the ending I taught was fantastic altho a bit confusing, at first I didn't really like sayas route but when I hit the replay section and the story started to unravel both saya and her route gained a lot of points in my eyes and I really started to like her <the ending sucked btw, I knew from the moment you find out sayas story at the middle of the route how this would end but the ending still sucked> the only real route that I hate was kamikitas, it was more or less worthless and didn't add anything to the main story or any hints like the other routealso It would have been nice to get an ending to kurugayas route that didn't suck, considering how much asspulling the writers did on some ocasions I'm kinda bummed out at how sad both of kurugayas endings were overall this is a must read in my opinion for anyone who is interested in visual novels also im missing 7 achievements on steam and like 3 cgs but I just can't be bothered <pretty sure i get the cgs by doing idiot riki and sayas ecstasy mode> now if you will excuse me I just discovered that there is a little busters wiki so ima gonna get me sum answers
  13. so after finishing refrain I thought the extra routes were just gonna be small addons like the side routes in majikoi, like 30 mins to of reading but after doing sasasasamis route I realized I was wrong... very wrong. Sasagawas route was pretty long and I have to say actually really well integrated into the overall story a few things of note tho, the music was way off in this one, I always felt the music did not match the atmosphere, goofy music playing at what I perceived as serious moments all the time, also adding new character "models" <idk what they are called> after reading like 60 hours of lb was kinda shocking, not to mention the new "models" for sasegawa do not feel like they fit in with the others, kinda like how in majikoi s the new "models" for koyuki felt awful I started saya's route and even tho I'm only 2 or 3 days in I gotta say I'm somewhat impressed at how they shook things up
  14. so I just finished refrain and... wow fucking wow that was one hell of a ride, I did not expect the story to go down like this in the slightest here are a few plotpoints that I would like you guys to answer to me, these are things that I have yet to discover, keep in mind that I finished refrain but I did not do anything else so if the answer is later please don't tell me the translation was kind of... hard to follow at times but that may be just because english isn't my first, I didn't see any horrible translation errors but I had to go back at times and reread several lines to get what they were saying
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