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  1. That's always there. FS is movement basically, it tells you how much movement moving to that square will take. I'm not sure why all your tiles say 移動 though, I don't have that. I can't find an option for that.
  2. Standard load address for Windows exes is 0x00400000, so you just add it on. 0x10000000 for DLLs. Maaaaany games will use random layouts though and not load there at all, that's just the default/preferred, and in that case any absolute addresses will be in the wrong place unless you get really lucky, so it's not reliable at all unless you know the game doesn't use it.
  3. My saves are inside the savedata folder, not hidden or anything.
  4. So still probably won't happen until 2018? I don't know how long development usually takes for Ryuukishi, anyone know?
  5. https://vndb.org/v13188 https://vndb.org/v1967 https://vndb.org/v12260
  6. Pls, it was clearly Kuranosuke. As an adult though, not that stupid kid crap. Wish that didn't exist.
  7. Thanks. I don't really like Shinpachi so not very interesting in that. >:
  8. Maybe they'll pull a BaseSon and have a relative of Suguha go back in time, and start creating some overworld meta thing. Can someone post the story of the fandisc? I tried, but I can't get through that crap. Would like to know what actually happened since everyone here is mentioning it.
  9. Yeah, I see that now. Many of the characters in the image looked like old ones, but on closer inspection I guess they are different. OP said it was a sequel, but doesn't look like it if it was set in an earlier time and all the characters are different. Only thing that could remain the same is the MC in that case, but I don't think that'd work too well. I thought the MC was pretty good in Chuushingura though, wasn't a massive idiot not thinking, or a completely pointless weakling, which make up the majority of MCs in settings like this I find. Again, just hope they don't screw things up and make it too different to the original, cause the original was great. More of that in a different setting, yes pls. A new Koihime Musou, a new Chuushingura and Eushully's game in 2017, I'm going to be busy.
  10. Hmm, not sure what to think about this. What else can a sequel do? They already finished the story, just inventing a new threat in the same time is a pretty "eh" basis for making a game like this, one which was entirely driven by its carefully-woven story. The fandisc is just a piece of crap, so excluding whatever one line of "story" that had in it. If it ends up like the fandisc and not the original I'll be so disappointed. One of the best things about the original was the lack of sex scenes, so they didn't really get in the way or get forced in and fuck up the characters or the story. The fandisc was nothing *but* that. I guess time will tell. Plix don't fuck it up inre.
  11. That's me lol, I didn't even see this thread and I check Fuwa more than HF, especially since HF doesn't even load properly for me anymore. Whoops. Does HF load properly for you? I keep getting timed out now.
  12. Would help but the game's unobtainable, no trial version or anything. Good luck.
  13. Mm, I'm not sure about that text. I checked a bunch of script files (about 3/4 of the main script) and only saw that line once in the very first script, so I don't know if it's really been repeatedly a lot, especially if you're near the beginning... I don't remember the translation being that bad. Looking over it again yeah it is a bit "uhhh." Shin Koihime is kind of a re-telling, but because of how they laid it out it's a bit different. In the original you take the place of Liu Bei, and it only has the Shu story. In Shin, it has all 3 faction (Shu, Wei and Wu) as well as an "Other" smaller story. In Shin you don't take the place of a leader, or any character, so all the 3 leaders (Liu Bei, Cao Cao and Sun Quan) are in the game. Shin has a tonne more characters over the original as well, combined with 3(4) stories instead of one, it's soooo much bigger than the original. I don't want to spoil the endings, but in my opinion the ending of Shin is fucking terribly boring, while the original ending was good. In the subsequent game BaseSon released called Sengoku Koihime, which is just like Koihime Musou, but set in Japan's Sengoku era rather than China, the protagonist is Kazuto's nephew, and at the start it shows you how Shin was like "the true route" as it were, since Kazuto lives with him uncle and his xx wives, all the characters from Shin. It wouldn't destroy your understanding of it or anything though, it's only mentioned briefly. BaseSon are making a sequel (supposed to be an actual sequel I believe?) to Shin, which is due out next year, so reading Shin might be recommended for that as well. As well as any other games made in the future. There isn't a re-translation of Koihime Musou as far as I know, but a group have been translating Shin for a long time now, and getting close to finishing it (hopefully). Will be released by MangaGamer too it seems when it's done. You might want to wait for/follow that.
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