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    summon @Ulysses since this is psb (:
  2. Anime/Manga about competition

    traditional card game eh, looks interesting, i'll take a look of this, thank you.
  3. Anime/Manga about competition

    you guys know some good anime/manga about competition? sport is okay but preferably not in sport (and no yaoi...) something like, saki, shokugeki no soma, or kakegurui...
  4. Japanese Help Thread

    wow thanks, that make sense now...
  5. Japanese Help Thread

    what is DT? dick tucker? scene: mc arguing something with this girl, rough translation would be "wha! wh-who do you called cheap bitch! you prejudge DT!"
  6. What are you listening to right now?

    i found this amusing...
  7. Script Extraction Thread

    as long as the game run in stable state is enough, i dont think people will notice any different between 32 and 64 bit anyway... and good job!
  8. Script Extraction Thread

    we can always try aren't we? (: @Merkom can you upload the game exe somewhere and link it here?
  9. Script Extraction Thread

    maybe its a bit difficult for him (and us) who know nothing about this kind of things... if he just send you the game exe, can you work on it?
  10. Hoshizora no Memoria problems

    try this https://github.com/xmoeproject/FVPLoader
  11. 10 reasons real life is like terrible kusoge

    change job, get a girlfriend at the first day... my ex did... the one that i got at the first day change job
  12. 10 reasons real life is like terrible kusoge

    still looking for the other 3...
  13. 1. you cant keep resetting 2. you cant choose your character appearance 3. you cant save 4. your abilities are less important than your face 5. you have 0 remaining lives 6. you cant turn back after choose the wrong path 7. defeat your enemy and you end up defeating youself 8. dificulty level for job-changing is just wrong 9. even if you put the thousand hours into your work, its hard to be promoted 10. completing the game is also game over
  14. What are you listening to right now?

    glad they made a japanese version so that we weeb can sing along...
  15. Tell us what you dreamt tonight

    i dream about meet 2 friends of mine from middle school, both of them already married and had children, but idk its odd, i dont even think about them in regular basis, they just pop up out of nowhere...