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  1. What other languages do you like

    i'm indonesian and live in java so i'm native in 2 languages, bahasa indonesia, and javanese, also learn english and arabic at high school... i learn japanese by my own, and now after several years i can understand *clear* japanese song without problems there is no other language i want to learn at the moment, but chinese is good too...
  2. just open krkrextract.exe, then there is a window appear says "drag the exe here" or something like that, drag and drop the game exe, and the game should run...
  3. whoops, looks like i didnt read carefully... but thats odd, i didnt have my girlfriend is a president, but shunki gentei run just fine on my system, i even use win 10 64 bit, so it think the problem is not about the game being the 32 bit here... however, you can try the other way, you can use krkrextract, basically, this is an extractor, but also work as launcher...
  4. similar topic already created, and solved. next time search for it first
  5. what kind of raw do you mean? is it a scan? the same scan as the scanlation group translate the manga? except for manga, i dont think such website exist but if you visit the illustrator website (mostly pixiv), maybe you'll find some illustration since some illustrator also upload their work there (as a CM for their pixiv viewer)
  6. Script Extraction Thread

    sadly how many times i tried to reupload, google always mistaken this file as virus maybe later when i create mega account
  7. Imouto no Katachi - Yay or Nay?

    feel the same when i read Berry
  8. Imouto no Katachi - Yay or Nay?

    yea, i played Sphere game before (Berry), and even though the ranking is a so-so, it was disappointing... (huh, so some of vndb ranking is a lie?) thats why i point out for those who already played this game, because i want a little bit review about it... so then i'll take that as a nay for me, thanks for your reply!
  9. Imouto no Katachi - Yay or Nay?

    https://vndb.org/v6291 so, i just finished Koi x Shinai Kanojo and Satsukoi and then i saw this game quite promising (vndb ranking quite high) for those who already played this game, is it good or nah?
  10. Post pics you like (Powered by Jun Inoue™)

    repost: あqwせdrftgひゅじこlp;:@」「!?」
  11. @Zapiboss you got the wrong parameter, just put the original script, and the tools will seek the translated text automatically*... *i just test with amatsutsumi and, one more thing... this tools is made for chinese translation, so you need to change some parameter... @Yuno-Gasai translation tools for Chrono Clock already exits, made by our fellow fuwa friend @marcus-beta, get it here, dont forget to thank him if you use it.
  12. Saves plz

    man, i'm sorry to hear that but seriously, play with 100% save instead...
  13. Tayutama 2 -You're the Only One- on Steam

    what does it says?
  14. Topic closed

    you can ask doddler, apparatelly he found a way to hack it, his blog is down, but you still can ask him on twitter... or you can use stringreloads to inject the translation... more info you can ask @marcus-beta