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  1. youtube - Most random

  2. Hi Everyone,

    hello, and welcome to fuwa!
  3. Script Extraction Thread

    according to the author: and as you can see, SiglusExtract is an open source software, nothing's hidden, and you can freely look the source code...
  4. Post pics you like (Powered by Jun Inoue™)

  5. Fuwonovel Destroying Visual Novels in the West

    here in my country, 19 years old guy sentenced in jail for liking "loli", if i'm not mistaken he has Cyan from Show By Rock! as his phone wallpaper, wont post the news here though i'm afraid my comment will be deleted... *looking around*
  6. Fuwonovel Destroying Visual Novels in the West

    maybe because it has "pedo" on it? i believe i encountered similar case, but mine is "pirated", deleted without warning, also without message, i prefer they point out and tell me where i'm wrong rather than do something like this :/ my lord, do you mean this game?
  7. Majikoi A-4 translations, Hacker needed? :3

    seriously mate, i live without internet, no smartphone either (it dead a while ago, and i have no cash to buy the new one), just my good ol nokia 206 and my beloved potato pc. so unless i'm at my workplace, i cant connect to the net... edit: huh? why are we talking about this? anyway, i have no discord... and looks like you havent figure out how to use the tools yet majikoi script saved in *.bin format not *.pac, so you need to extract the *.pac and get the *.bin, and then load it with nxsbineditor
  8. Majikoi A-4 translations, Hacker needed? :3

    no, i live in the cave and only have an internet connection at workplace...
  9. Majikoi A-4 translations, Hacker needed? :3

    i assume you try to load the script4.pac, if yes, then its not thing works... if not, then you can upload the script4.pac somewhere so i can test...
  10. Majikoi A-4 translations, Hacker needed? :3

    yes, it is... the author is kind enough to build it online which you can get it here, just head over the artifacts and download it.
  11. Majikoi A-4 translations, Hacker needed? :3

    sure, and welcome... also good luck with your translation.
  12. Purple Software's Unique Take on Text Boxes

    yeah, pure pure which me and my team translating also available in this "manga format" but i dont like it, bcuz once it translated, sometimes the text didnt fit into the bubbles
  13. Majikoi A-4 translations, Hacker needed? :3

    afaik, majikoi using nexas engine, and there is no nexas tools available on tlwiki, also most of the tools are outdated its been 2 day, and i wonder why op didnt search the forum, though i made script extraction thread with the great pains...