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  1. So here is a little prologue patch for Saimin Class(vndb link)... It´s a medium sized game without too much story. It´s got a very playful feeling to it. Extremelly similar to the Henshin series from the disbanded May-be SOFT but with hypnotism and better animations. I think I also saw someone saying that he/she was translating Saimin class WONDERFULL(the sequel to this one) about 7 months ago but never heard of it again. This translates only until the OP movie appears. Also the buttons and interface elements can´t be translated because the engine pack them together with the CG's so it would not be viable to replace them but this brand uses a lot of english words for the menus and the options are map movement based so it should not affect too much anyways. Prologue patch link The install instructions are on the readme but basically just replace the script folder. Sample images: PS: I don't plan to continue this but if anyone wants to translate it just tell me and I can help with packing if needed.