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  1. Can someone who knows about data structures help me figure out this data files? Here are the data files and the extraction/repack script if anyone wants to give it a try and help me. https://www.mediafire.com/file/qfi8d5gfo46mq6g/data_files_and_extraction_script.zip/file I don't really know anything about data extraction, but as far as I know all the strings are in plain text on the data files... just need to figure out the data struct and adjust the script so it can properly collect the strings and repack them in the right place. The included files are actually only 2 of the data files extracted from the game data because of the size. The game is Dragon Carnival from Splush Wave. So... Someone made a script to extract the dialogue text from SPLUS_WAVE games but unfortunately it doesn't extract the RPG text. I've just found out where those rpg texts are. But I don't have enough knowledge about data structures to figure it out how to properly extract/repack them. For reference, the dialogue text are extracted using these structs And this is the data file (just the first part where SplusMBT struct is): Now.... this is the file where the items descriptions text is: It uses the identifier DAP instead of MBL0 and is very different with how its structed. Any help pointing me to the right direction is welcome. Thanks. --------------------------- Edit: I've made a really stupid script that can extract and replace the strings on the data file which have the game rpg elements. I don't have the proper knowledge to figure out how the headers work so I basically just brute force the whole file. Seaching for japanese text and replacing it. It all seems to work but you need to be carefull not to overflow onto the next string or header as can't change the position where the strings are referenced. Here is the script: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ygg52jnelscwm1b/extract_repack_RPG_text.rar/file Script files inside spoiler at the bottom of post. You pass the data file name so in the case of Dragon Carnival: python rpg_out.py DID_DN_PARA_DAT will create a DID_DN_PARA_DAT_RPG_TXT.txt with the strings python rpg_in.py DID_DN_PARA_DAT will actually create a DID_DN_PARA_DAT_parsed with the strings replaced based on DID_DN_PARA_DAT_RPG_TXT.txt ---- Mediafire links deleted, the files are in the spoiler rpg_out.py rpg_in.py
  2. Need a bit more information to help you there. What error? What do you mean by subtitles, the movie subtitles or just the normal game text? Are you repacking the whole scenario.xp3? If so, you should probably repack only your eddited files as a patch.xp3, patch2.xp3 or the next numbered patch available. Edit: I've PM you as to not flood this thread. I can update it here when the problem is fixed for future reference.
  3. I've updated the english UI patch of Gears of Dragoon ~Meikyuu no Uroboros~ from version 1.04 to version 1.07 which adds a new dungeon/bosses and fixes a few things and was planning to making a few image translations for the game interface too but I got into a problem. Can someone help me to repack the games .dat(monster.dat, skilldata.dat, itemdata.dat)? When unpacking the files which GARBRO it automatically unpacks the .dat into a readable format that is similar to a .json. But when unpacking with tools like kiririki.exe I can get the original file.... Its a binary file which is about 10% of the size. Packing the files in a .rar turns those 10MB into 300kb meaning there is a lot of extra useless info in those textfiles. It should be some standard compressing format as GARBRO automatically uncompresses it but I just don't know how to repack it back so that the game can read it. I've tried using GARBRO "compress files" but it did not work the .xp3 is still 10MB instead of the original 600KB and does not seem to affect the .dats The game gives a reading error message with trying to read those .dat files if they are not in the expected format. Does anyone knows how the english UI patch compressed those .dat files originally? Edit: Here are the monster.dat unpacked by GARBRO and the original monster.dat unpacked without decompressing the file by kiririki for reference. http://www.mediafire.com/file/5ep4yt8e2do6sn4/unpacked_and_packed_monster.dat.rar/file ____________________________________________________________ Edit2: Thanks to Kelebek1! It worked perfectly. Here is the updated patch for version 1.07 if anyone is interested http://www.mediafire.com/file/5fcue33yi9olznh/GEARS_of_DRAGOON_english_UI_for_game_1.07.rar/file I'll make a proper thread for it somewhere whenever I translate the interface images.
  4. Its been a while since I used it so I'm not sure If I remember it right. But I think you could use vfstool. It can convert the agf for you. The only problem I remember is that on some games the image you get will be flipped vertically. So you had to flip it back when repacking again. After you edit the images and repack them back into .agf you can just use the bbtools to repack them back normally. I'll post the download for vfstool here are the old link(on hongfire) does not exist anymore. Please reupload it somewhere as this is a temporary link. http://www.mediafire.com/file/s6ju6dn6a94sjrf/vfstools.zip/file If you need any help PM me and we can text over discord. PS: Not sure if you had this problem but there were a few different versions of bbtools going around. If the tool crashes when repacking the interface(text) scripts, them you probably have the wrong version. (Not sure if there are different versions now but I have 2 different versions here) PS2: If I remember correctly there were a few games that could recognize the image even if there were not agf when you repack it back. You had to save them as BMP and remove the extension when repacking it back. But not sure if it was a older or newer game now and it might had been an exception.
  5. Does anyone else have problems with games from Lune/Marigold? I'm almost positively sure this should be due to an incompatibility issue on my end but I've tried so solve myself did not have any luck. It plays fine and its not very noticeble at first... But when there are big transitions you can notice that the game is laggy. e.g: When opening the options menu the animations kinda gets frozen for a split-second. I checked the FPS and it stays at barelly 25-30~. But drops a bit to 15-20 when a transitions occour. Also a very strange behavior.... If you move the mouse through the start menu options the FPS drops very fast. It gets to 8 FPS if you scroll the mouse up and down the options twice. Probably because of the highlight animations of the buttons. My guess is that any form of animation/transition can not be handled well. My main problem is that the skip function is kinda slow when the game is this way so games that have a big common scenario takes quite a while to go through even with the skip. The skip is only 2x maybe 3x faster than clicking manually really fast. Just curious if this is a common problem or if anyone knows a probable way to solve it. PS: Just for reference I have a 1070 GTX and a i7-7700 so it is not a problem with available performance. I also updated the Nvidea drivers to the latest one but this problem has been happening for years already so not much hope there. Also for reference. I mainly tested with Meikoku Gakuen 1 and Revenge Room when trying to fix it but it happens on any of the games about the same way.
  6. TinkerBell/WendyBell uses a custom engine named "C,system"... this .dat format is their own encrypted format. This is the only available tool there is http://asmodean.reverse.net/pages/exbelldat.html It can extract from most old games(2007~, so Kowaku no Toki should work) and might work on some of the new ones if they did not change the encryption again. But unfortunately I don't think there is a way to repack them available. asmodean rarelly makes repack scripts and s/he does not appear to be active anyone anyways. Also I don't know why but this is the only script there that I saw that did not include the source code together with the tool.
  7. I was playing around today with script and I found out a very simple way to input proper text into the game. The game engine really does ignore all ascii character in the normal range as it when it detects "NAxx" it replaces it for an icon or character name. So a very simple way to make the text appear was using full-width latin character(https://www.utf8-chartable.de/unicode-utf8-table.pl?start=65280&utf8=dec) It works..... the downside is that each line can only have 33 characters which is kinda small. But its doable if you just add more text window or abreviate the character names(I tested with Dragon Carnival that have the character name inside a small the textbox, newer games might be different) And a simple way to convert the text is using this site(https://en.calc-site.com/letters/convert_full_half/5) and selecting "half-width character -> full-width character" or any other converter of your preference. Here is an image: But the RPG related text anywhere(skill/item descriptions) are unfortunately not extracted at all with the script. My main goal was actually making interface patches for splush wave games to maybe let some more experienced translators notice it. Do you or anyone have any way to extract/repack the RPG text(skill/items names and descriptions) of the game? My biggest fear is that it is plugged into the .exe but hopefully it isn't so.
  8. I'm almost sure it uses an updated or remaked version Crowd Engine... It uses the same image formats and script style. name_sce.dat The old crowd engine decrypter/encrypter made in 2009 still seems to work and does not displays any errors but the output file is just garbage text. The encryption or engine format might have changed or I might not be using the tool correctly.
  9. Does anyone knows if there is a way to enforce the voice to not get cut between pages on System-NNN games? Maybe by tinkering with an option on the init folder. I know that Mugen Kairo and a few other games, if you press CTRL really fast to go to the next page instead of a mouse click it will actually not stop the voice and go to the next textbox. Does anyone knows any trick to make the voice continue between pages on System-NNN games? ___________________EDIT____________________________ I've basically confirmed that the voice is being manually stopped in the game script. On the file spt/game_name.spt script. There are some games(even new ones) that don't cut voices and others that does.... And sometimes on older games (Mugen Kairou 2, Yami no Koe) there is a voiced line in the middle that is not cut when the textbox changes. To confirm that, I tried putting a script from a game that had continuous voices on one that didnt... and while everything got wrong because of the different image files, when the random voice there played it did not get stoped after the textbox changed as expected. Unfortunately the script extraction tool only gets the text and not the commands or I could potentially enforce the novoice cut feature on a game by removing the stopVoice command.
  10. Wow!! Thanks for that.... I've been looking for something like this for quite some time. I can't believe I just found out that this existed now. Works great o/.... thanks!
  11. Not really about translation but I guess I need to post it here since it's an engine related question. Does any one know if it's possible to port the "no voice-cut" feature on EAGLS-system games?(Don't stop voices when the next textbox shows up) It's a long shot but I thought I'd at least ask. This feature seems to appear on games after 2013-2014. For example, Saimin Class(https://vndb.org/v13901) has it wether Mainichi shabutte ii desu ka(https://vndb.org/v11327) does not. I had minor success using the executable and EAGLS.dll from Change(https://vndb.org/v14934). It gives a few file-missing warnings but otherwise works. The problem is that it crashes at random when going to the save screen so it can't be used safely. I tried a few other games executable and .dlls but they would either crash outright or start without any sound. Does anyone know some way to make the voices don't stop between textboxes or a newer game that has it that would work on the older ones? PS: Sorry for the strange question, It's just that I had been able to do that with RealLive games so I wondered if I'd be possible with this also. I kinda got used to adding this feature on kirkiri games when they are missing so you could say I got spoiled.
  12. Wow! Thanks, it's incredible that you could make that! Sadly I don't think there is anything I can do about the ASCII problem, when the engine detects an ASCII character it automatically goes looking for variables(Although to only variable usage that I saw on all the script was NA00 which is the player name) Here's a report of the things I found/tried: I did not find the items names/descriptions anywhere, only the textbox and dialog text. Tried with dragon academy 1 and although it seems to compress fine, no changes happen at all after putting the new file. (Script in DA_ADD.DAT) Dragon Carnival worked just like ergonyo from the image. Worked fine but no ascii displayed as expected. Here's the edits I made to make it work with other games if anyone else wants to try it: -Edit extract.py and change the BOOT file name to be the same as the game's. L43: with open('DC_BOOT.DAT', 'r') as f: Its usually in the format 'GAME_BOOT.DAT' or 'GAME_BOOT_P.DAT'. Some games have 2 boot files. The other one is for the expansion patch. -I've put this on L50 to make it easier and faster to extract: # Skip voice and image pack files if file == "DC_VOI.DAT" or file == "DC_SE.DAT" or file == "DC_CG.DAT": continue Instead of DC_, put the format of the game you're extracting. e.g.: for Dragon Academy 1 is DA_VOI.DAT, DA_SE.DAT, DA_CG.DAT (It's the bigger files on the game folder) -To compress, put compress.py in the extracted folder and execute it from there. By default it'll look for the DID_MES_00.txt to inject it on the new created file. One of the early games I've tried(Fantasy mahjong 2011) had multiple script files with different names so I don't think it would work there.(It also have duplicated script files on multiple .DAT, so the older games are just a mess.) EDIT: I found this correspondence chart from cyrrilic unicode to ascii that might work for the text: http://www.unicode.org/charts/PDF/U0400.pdf But I'm not sure there is every letter there and some only has similar uppercase from what I saw. So it might work, but it would be kinda wierd if it did.
  13. Does anybody know how to extract/interpret the files from SPLUSH WAVE(RPG-focused doujin circle) games? They are on GAMENAME_BASE.dat, _BGM.dat, KOE.dat, etc. But focusing on BASE.dat for the scripts to translate. BGM and sound files extract fine without problems but image and script files gets wierd. GARbro can kinda extract the files. It gives thousands of files and asks to override a few of them, all of them without extension and open as binary text. My guess is that it loses the directory tree info and files with repeated names on different directories causes this. Most of them are obvious script files(e.g. CID_MON_SERIFU_091), while others should be images(CID_TITLESEL). Just wondering if anyone has any idea where to go from here. It feels like the packing method utilized should be in some way standard as GARbro can almost unpack them. I'd really like to make interface translation patches for them. Although they are a doujin circle they make fully voiced and great RPG games and are getting progressively better with time. Not holding much hope for this but I'll leave this post here just in case. Thanks. Edit: It turns out newer games can extract image files correctly, so all the images are okay, I just can't find any file that seems to correspond to the items and skills information. Or any script text files. There are a few binary files but they are just too little, I guess GARbro is getting lost and skipping them along with the directory structure. EDIT2: Refer to script translation thread for further developments( )
  14. I know this might be a lost cause but does anybody know what Engine of how to extract the scripts from "SPLUSH WAVE" doujin brand games? Its a brand that heavily focuses on RPG doujin games so I'd love to at least made the menus and items translated to make it more easy on the eyes. It uses the files following the format "name_ADD.dat" "name_BASE.dat" "name_BOOT.dat"(also .dats for BOOTZ, CG, CHR, SE, SYS, VOI). Other than that the only other file that could identify the engine is a Ayame.dll but I could not find out an specific engine that uses that so maybe its their own. I got some wierd files using GRAbro but nothing usefull and it kept asking to override files that it had just unpacked so no luck there. So does anybody know how to unpack/repack the scripts or at least the engine name for me to search more about it? Edit: It turns out newer games can extract image files correctly, so all the images are okay, I just can't find any file that seems to correspond to the items and skills information. Or any script text files. There are a few binary files but they are just too little, I guess GARbro is getting lost and skipping them along with the directory structure.
  15. You can edit with a text editor a file on init folder named printmessage.xtx that has a lot of options related to font. This engine also have a lot of changeable options on the files in the init folder so it might be there somewhere. Some options that might help a little are to fit better in the textbox: There are a couple important lines in this: This is originally written by Yascob: " fontSize 28 sets the font size of the normal message text. nextY 36 sets the vertical offset of the normal text from the name (from bottom of the top of the name to the top of the text). So 36 pixels down from the top of the name text is where the normal text is. nameFontSize 28 Changes the name's font size (keep this the same as fontSize to make the font and the name the same size) LNextY 36 Changes the vertical offset in the case of multiline messages (keep this the same as nextY to keep the spacing similar.) " Also: Someone also said this: "You can manually edit the font with a font editor (eg: High-Logic FontCreator) and reduce the distance." by RazoR Edit: Oh yeah, I'm refering to this thread
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