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  1. moege - no plot, airheaded characters, bad or nonexistent h-scenes, trash charage - much like moege but it may have plot and interesting characters nakige - clannad, planetarian and other games that concentrate on atmosphere and have sad scenes. not a fan. nukige - usually it is either very good plot and has quality h-scenes OR it's complete trash.
  2. Core i5, Core i7

    Higher number of cores just means you can run more threads simultaneously. In other words unpacking (winrar etc.), compilers and such benefit but games and especially emulators need single core performance which USED TO be bad with processors like core i7, but these days it's good enough. Also newer generation core i5 is likely more performant than old generation core i7. Visual novels are not very demanding, older PC's can run them just fine.
  3. Never had these sorts of problems when i played it few years ago (realta nua 18+ patch from 2014). it was on win 7 64-bit. Does it only happen sometimes, or consistently? maybe a codec problem. edit: not sure if it's the 2014 patch, but it was the version downloaded from nrvnsqr forum.
  4. Need help asap

    Ok then i don't know. Unless you're running in virtual machine and it has graphics driver bug nothing comes to mind. sometimes error boxes can be copy pasted to clipboard if you Ctrl-C in it, doesn't work for all dialogs.
  5. Need help asap

    Do you have locale for non-unicode programs set to Japanese? Script errors often happen if it's not done.
  6. Visual novel as a medium doesn't convey scary moments well, so I have nothing to recommend :/. Except the horribly translated ones, or out of place OELVN's.
  7. Is Princess Evangile worth it?

  8. Beat Blades Haruka help

    You should raise one character to decent stats, maybe to something like 60 (or 90? can't remember) points before the final boss. You unlock new scenes in the choice where protag. plays eroge. I don't remember how saves work but probably you always start in some time of day in the house, unless you saved inside a castle.
  9. VN to read after senjou no maou

    If you liked G-senjou try sharin no kuni. it's from the same scenario writer and is an interesting VN with above average protagonist. Muv Luv trilogy, don't skip the first one or quit because of the wimpy protagonist (Extra -> Unlimited -> Alternative). Sharin no kuni Ayakashibito Fate/stay night "trilogy" (FS/N -> unlimited bladeworks -> heaven's feel), protagonist in this one is very annoying but try to bear with it Princess Waltz Bunny black (good gameplay) Umineko & Higurashi for good soundtracks
  10. game board on vnr

    the game board
  11. I mean there is a threat of what awful is going to happen, but it's not shown. Unless you mean stuff that happens in h-scenes (they are not that graphical either), and not violence. (edit in spoiler)
  12. Can't really think of anything other than Dustmania now.
  13. I wanted to like it, since the anime was good but the h-scenes and their background voices in many places were borderline disgusting (as in did not suit my artistic preference or raped the ears). This is same as in Euphoria, i liked the story in that one and scenes were interesting, but voices and ahegao made the h-scenes almost unbearable.