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  1. there are thousands of these. I advice to search exhentai with corresponding tags.
  2. try LocaleEmu or change the actual windows language / timezone
  3. Never tried proton, but most VN's run fine on wine. They might require japanese locale or some manual configuration, especially for opening videos (usually 32-bit gstreamer bad/ugly plugins is enough) but many work out of the box. In rare cases you have to install some libraries from winetricks such as xact_jun2010 (Steins;Gate 0) and knowing what to install is not always straightforward if you don't have a hunch for it.
  4. "Amakano memory securing failed" is what google translate gives. Maybe there is DRM of some kind which limits to single install at a time, or maybe it's UAC issue. Do both computers have the same OS?
  5. 20-30. Then again i only actually play one at a time and have old ones from 2016 or even before.. lately i've only played school days which was started in 2016. Maybe 1 route / month.
  6. YU-NO works but some WM's / drivers have trouble with fullscreen in older games.. and you have to install fluidsynth to hear midi sound. Opening videos require bunch of different codecs (installing 32-bit version of gstreamer ugly and bad is usually sufficient), some games may need workarounds from winetricks. Very game dependent what is needed.
  7. Kichikuou Rance I'm puzzled about the "Skip Text [off]" menu item, does this game have feature to differentiate between unread and read text? So if you enter unread dialogue and press skip, should it continue skipping? Upon entering the map view setting goes to [off] again. EDIT: looks like it skips everything. at least the scenes are not that long..
  8. moege - no plot, airheaded characters, bad or nonexistent h-scenes, trash charage - much like moege but it may have plot and interesting characters nakige - clannad, planetarian and other games that concentrate on atmosphere and have sad scenes. not a fan. nukige - usually it is either very good plot and has quality h-scenes OR it's complete trash.
  9. Higher number of cores just means you can run more threads simultaneously. In other words unpacking (winrar etc.), compilers and such benefit but games and especially emulators need single core performance which USED TO be bad with processors like core i7, but these days it's good enough. Also newer generation core i5 is likely more performant than old generation core i7. Visual novels are not very demanding, older PC's can run them just fine.
  10. Never had these sorts of problems when i played it few years ago (realta nua 18+ patch from 2014). it was on win 7 64-bit. Does it only happen sometimes, or consistently? maybe a codec problem. edit: not sure if it's the 2014 patch, but it was the version downloaded from nrvnsqr forum.
  11. Ok then i don't know. Unless you're running in virtual machine and it has graphics driver bug nothing comes to mind. sometimes error boxes can be copy pasted to clipboard if you Ctrl-C in it, doesn't work for all dialogs.
  12. Do you have locale for non-unicode programs set to Japanese? Script errors often happen if it's not done.
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