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  1. Hi Flamepaladin and Rhapsody team, Congratulations for your excellent translation. Sorry for asking here, but can you share your age script decompiler? Mine is a little old and doesn't support the new opcodes. It worked fine for Verita, but doesn't work for Memoria. I understand if you can't share it, just asking to make sure so I start considering other options(VNR?). Happy holidays and stay safe. P.S. my ultimate goal is to make edited MTL for Zero(the second half), Verita(compatible with Zap Interface) and Memoria(don't know yet). Mai
  2. Hi, I hate to be 'that' guy but, can anyone share a proper decompiler for Ikusa Megami Memoria .Bin files? I have the one from Kellindil, updated by Lavos to work with La DEA, but when i try to use it, it gives an 'unknown instruction' error. Which probably means it does not support the new virtual machine codes. The one for 'Kami no Rhapsody' would probably do, but I don't want to be 'that other' guy so I'm asking here. P.S. Please don't suggest pure text extraction solutions. I need a decompiler for text formatting.
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