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  1. Data extraction thread

    I tried every tool in this page that is related to KOGADO and *arc tools and none of them are working... I downloaded the wrong arc tool and just realized (exooarc) and this worked. Thank you!!
  2. Data extraction thread

    Hello and nice to meet everyone~ I've been trying my hand on a lot of tools but I have terrible luck on trying to extract a game called Palais de Reine. I wanted to try my hand on translating games and make patches. However, every *.arc files I try to extract, all of them are returning error and I suspect it might be encrypted. I have been wracking my brain over this for a week now and eventually had to give up and ask here. Here is what the files looks like. If anyone has any idea on how to extract the scripts and graphics to be open for translation, I will be all over the moon.