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  1. YES! It's so good! I'm a few episodes away from the last one but I love it so far!! I like how Tartakovsky plays with the screen ratio and composition. The "syncopated" style (timing) of the animation also fits the boxy shapes of the design and everything is so coherent and well done. I'm really glad they brought SJ back and gave it such an upgrade!
  2. Ohhh so that's why! Sorry! And yes I've been doing just that but to no avail... maybe it's not compatible anymore, it only seems to hook with Cheat Engine and I can't get HAT to work so it's pretty troublesome! Thank you for replying!
  3. It's finally up again!!! Aghh my VNR doesn't recognize the emulated visual novel as a game, but only as "PPSSPPWindows.exe", does anyone know how to fix this? I can't synchronize any game settings I've been trying to play Uta no Prince-sama Repeat for ages but it still doesn't hook any text (only the names, repeated infinitely), and it supposedly works with VNR too!
  4. Thank you!! Aah that's great, Let's both work hard!!!
  5. Thank you so much this is so helpful!! I finally understand how to work with Cheat Engine but HAT isn't doing anything, the text doesn't copy to TA nor does it convert Does anyone know what the problem might be?
  6. amaiannie

    H code?

    Hey! I used to be able to play DL before my PC was formatted, but not anymore, I can't get the text to hook! I've tried changing the UTF and it's no good... how did you do it? I'm going to try the cheat engine... EDIT: I downloaded Cheat Engine and HAT. I got around to how it works, even tested it with other games, but it only works if I manually copy the hex code from the browse memory window, paste it to translator agreggator, right click to change Hex to Sjis and only then does the text hook and translate! If I continue playing nothing changes and nothing is copied to TA, unlike the tutorials... can anyone help me?
  7. Thank you, I'll definitely try what you suggested regarding the PSP games (which are compatible yes!)! I'll edit this afterwards and let you know!
  8. My VNR doesn't even find any text in any game, is it the same with you? I don't mind not having translated subtitles, but I really want to be able to hook text from emulated games Is it often that the servers are down for this long?
  9. Thank you! Nice to meet you all!! Yes, I find them great to practice the language and they're fun too! I play other japanese games though, but mainly in english! My favourites are the Ace Attorney and Persona series, still haven't gotten around to check if there are any threads on these!
  10. Hi! (It's been years since I introduced myself in a forum!) I'm Annie from Portugal! I'm an art student majoring this year and I've been studying japanese for 3 years now. I hope I can do some fan-translating work when I'm good enough! For now I'm practicing a lot playing visual novels in japanese using ITH and translator agreggator! (It's a shame VNR hasn't been working so I can't play any psp games ) So far I've been playing Amnesia:memories, OZMAFIA, utapri (can't find finished translations so I stopped for a while), Heart no Kuni no Alice, Diabolik Lovers, and I have a few more I haven't gotten to play yet! Nice to meet you all!
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