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  1. Yeah, everything just looks kinda jumbled. I'm on FF 82.0 64-bit and running Windows 10.
  2. Pokemon fans got hit with a nostalgia bomb.
  3. Okay, so I saw this post on reddit after looking up some guides , and now I immediately regret a few of the statements I made in this forum. I shouldn't have bragged about my Venti pull. I got caught up in the moment and I unintentionally promoted unhealthy consumerism. If anyone here has any sort of gambling tendency, I sincerely apologize for that. The game's gacha rates might be more generous than FGO's, but that comes with its own slew of issues. They're not doing it to make the game more fair and enjoyable, but to encourage awful spending habits by conditioning the player. I always wanted to downplay the gacha pushback because people were making shit arguments to attack it (and I still think they're shit), but thankfully I did run into the one logical argument as to why the system they have in place is actually worse than FGO. The fact that I still love this game is something that bothers me somewhat. I know that I don't have to keep playing this game, but I'm already so invested that I can't pull myself away. I want to build more characters so I can experiment with their skill sets; I want to progress further in the abyss so I can earn more primo gems and get more characters to tinker with; and I want to experience that same high that I got after pulling Venti (I'm literally chasing the dragon at this point). Because of this, I am already feeling the effects of the game's conditioning. I would most definitely want to start off with the monthly primo gems, and I might not have much resistance at all if a generous sale happens to come up (I've fallen for this in Granblue Fantasy and FGO). I would really want to support a game like this too, except I don't want to support this kind of monetization. Personally, I would value the game at $60 and would happily buy it at this price if there were no MTX, but now that I realize what this game is doing, I won't give it a dime. The game is fun, but the monetization is just as scummy as any other gacha game. Anyways, just thought I'd share my two cents. TL;DR: The gacha system is more scummy than you might think.
  4. Huh, I see. I haven't encountered a book that drew me in with the use of complex writing as opposed to engaging storytelling. I'm pretty sure I won't get that experience from the English TL of Dies Irae due to its frequent misuse of advanced terminology.
  5. Do even native speakers struggle to read stuff like this? Seems like it'd be a major hassle to read. I don't remember any off the top of my head, but I remember running into a few English novels where I constantly needed to look up words, and I usually hate them, lol.
  6. Idk if I'd go so far as to call it a shit game, but I really wish it wasn't f2p. There is still a lot of HQ content that isn't hindered by the game's major flaws. You can make a really solid team with guaranteed characters by the time you reach AR 20, and getting a good 5-star character is not that hard thanks to the pity rule and the small pool of characters (which I would argue is better than any other gacha). I would also argue that the writing, the production values, and the exploration mechanics lend a lot to the game's overall enjoyability. The only thing I would criticize about the game's main story content is that the characters don't really leave a strong impression on me. I do also have a thing for resource management and progression strategies, but I know that's not a thing for everybody since it can break immersion. There are a lot of things I wish the game would do better, though. I don't like the idea of Barbara only being easily attainable to people who join early (although Noelle is fine as a healer), co-op needs a lot of work, and there should be an inclusion of non-restricted repeatable content for people who don't wanna wait for the next content patch.
  7. Mine would be Agents of Shield. It has a lot of interesting scenarios and fun superhero stuff that are enough to keep me engaged. The characters are also pretty relatable (even when they aren't in the main cast). I do still tune in to western TV shows once in a while since my Mom and I share a Netflix account. I still very much prefer anime, though.
  8. omfg yes this is awesome I can't believe I actually got him iwegfhbiqwnfpoiiwbghfqpwh
  9. Woah, nice, Keqing! She's wouldn't be my first choice for a 5-star roll, but I definitely wouldn't mind having her in place of Razor.
  10. Really? I thought it was supposed to be cross-platform and international.
  11. Did you mistype that? You can copy your UID from the ESC menu. Mine's 604142826 if anyone wants to add me. My username in GI is Ahlor.
  12. I've mainly been focusing on Razor and Xiangling, but I'm dumping resources into Barbara when my limiting factor is adventure rank. Those are probably the 3 I'll end up using for the quests.
  13. I got Amber to 40, but I'll probably keep her there because leveling after that is really frekin hard. Niiiiiiiice, grats.
  14. Most of the community would disagree with you, but yeah, I like using Amber. Plus, you need to have either her or Venti to fight that electro cube boss since a non-electro bow user is needed for the last phase, and I can't imagine many f2ps lucking out on Venti just yet.
  15. Oh yeah, that's true. Heck, I still keep Amber in my party despite her apparent "uselessness" because she's cute and I like to have some fun with her E, lol. I really like Barbara too not only because she's a nice healer, but because she is absolutely adorable (and yes, I'm playing this with the English dub). That being said, I really like Diluc. This guy is cool af; he's like the Batman of Genshin Impact. I don't want him just because he tops the tier lists.
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