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  1. HqL1rHg.png?1

    This is a sentiment I truly believe in, and one Japanese VNs don't support much.
    You can't expect people to understand feelings and concerns you don't voice. You can go shove your "We don't need words. I'm the person who knows you best"s down the toilet.

    1. havoc


      so very very true.

    2. Mr Poltroon

      Mr Poltroon

      Or the "You are not worthy/the right person for her; how could you not telepathically realise she doesn't like it when you wear that cyan shirt?!"s.

    3. Suzu Fanatic

      Suzu Fanatic

      mmm, partly agree, partly disagree. There "is" the very real concept of empathy. "No two people are alike", true, but it doesn't take a mind-reader to sometimes understand the thoughts and feelings of another.

      Though without context for that specific scene, I can't really speak for or against it. But I will say that the MC should consider "putting himself in her shoes" - how would "he" feel if the situation was reversed?.


      All that being said, sometimes there really is no understanding anothers feelings and thoughts - esp. if they come from completely different backgrounds and have very little common ground.