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  1. i realized that Okazaki has a scarce amount of family (just his dad and grandma)...(from finishing the Clannad anime roughly a year ago ) i've seen Sanae and Akio as more fufilling parent figures to Okazaki than his blood pops....I see Sunohara like the brother that he never had...and seemingly Kyou besides being a potential lover, all crushes aside, sorta doubles as a sister figure.. Fuko is also like a little sister to Okazaki..Misae is like an auntie figure to both Okazaki and Sunohara. it kinda makes sense being that Clannad is a family themed VN,, Ryou and kotomi are like the perf
  2. typically i am an english dub punk and thus mostly keep up with english voice actors/actresses due to that ... but i will say it is refreshing for me to see Mai Nakahara voice an innocent harmless girl like Nagisa in Clannad after i was creeped out by her Rena character when watching the Let's Plays of Higurashi on youtube funny thing is the sonozaki twins also lent their voices to clannad voicing Missy the dorm wench and rika voicing sunohara's sister... it's refreshing to see them portray light hearted characters instead of dark stoic creepy characters for a change
  3. so using the fuwanovel walkthrough to play the fuko route, i find myself treating Nagisa like a princess and even going as far as meet the parents. i mean is there a point in putting a big chunk of nagisa's route in the fuko route? it's like the fuko route in that order of choices spoils a whole lotta Nagisa ...come to think of it alot of content of the fuko's route seemed to be spoiled on the tomoyo route when i played that..but this seemingly big yet out of place sampling of Nagisa invading the Fuko route pretty much takes the cake..what the dangos is up wit dat??
  4. ever wondered if Jun Maeda or any of the staff of Key are secretly jocks? i've come to a conclusion of that because Clannad has the baseball route and then in some of the other routes the clannad cast have a basketball game and that's not all i also hear that Little Busters is very baseball themed too..it is apparent that Jun Maeda or someone in his crew are sports degenerates...also to mention sunohara disturbing the rugby team and as a result either gets severely chided and/or gets his ass kicked for it.. baseball, basketball and STUPID RUGBY PLAYERS!! in clannad and the bas
  5. between clannad and little busters? as a whole, which game is longer and which game is shorter?
  6. honestly the reason i posted this discussion other than guessing that nagisa based on her personality probably wears basic granny panties, i mainly posted this because i was google image searching nude fan art of the girls in clannad and got annoyed at how most fan arts of alot of them INCLUDING NAGISA was hairless pretty unrealistic to indiscriminately make girls hairless in the fan art.....as far as the rage this discussion may have cause the most this discussion does is sexually harass fictional characters whp can't read this post because they are not real enough to see it thus nobo
  7. for future reference....i entered $70.00 into my steam wallet not knowing that clannad was actually 20 something...now i have a whole wad of cash left on my steam account which i don't want to go to waste... so i am wondering what other games i can get after beating clannad. (i decided against tomoyo after because of the unclear you decide kind of ending)....i heard about little busters and i heard that it's as good as clannad and is the main version (little busters and little busters refrain) ecchi? like do they show any panty shots or nudity in the cgi graphics? i'm considering getting
  8. of course the CLANNAD game is decently clean regarding images but let's get into a more intimate R rated discussion here regarding the clannad divas.... ever wondered which clannad girl keeps pubic hair or what panties they would wear? now personally i would imagine Nagisa, Yukine, Kotomi, Ryou, and Fuko most likely don't shave/wax down there and Nagisa, Yukine and Ryou possibly keep their choice of panties to a basic run of the mill granny panties.. Kotomi possibly wears hers lacy or plain..Fuko most likely wears panties with kiddie pictures and prints and you'd have to wonder if Fuko (hav
  9. what do you think? i read and can actually sense it Kotomi might have aspergers but thats not all i sense the starfish brat Fuko might be on the spectrum too even nagisa who is obsessed with dangos
  10. now i understand that for something special to happen the order has to be Fuko-Koumura-Nagisa..... but i also understand that the 64 hit can be achieved after the koumura route and i really want to save nagisa's route for last,, but i'm wondering, if i take a detour after the koumura route to do the 64 route and then replay the tomoyo route for the disfigurement of Sunohara and the appearance of ninja fuko, will it effect that fuko-koumura-nagisa order to where id forfeit that special thing that was mentioned?
  11. DISCLAIMER! this is a VNsider for anyone who has finished the visual novel of Clannad or at least done most of the routes including the twin's routes without further ado,,,here's the joke... What is longer than Kyou Fujibayashi's hair? ...................... ............... .......... ...... the CLANNAD visual novel!
  12. i am currently playing Clannad... got through Misae , Tomoyo , Yukine, the Fujibayashi twins, and Kappei ..currently working with a girl who might possibly be on the spectrum who goes by the name Kotomi weird yet beautiful she is.....i'm having fun with the Clannad game yet it is at the same time kind of a drag
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