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  1. I have been reading dark and depressing stuff lately. So I picked this up for a change of pace, only to find out that this vn has a tsundere. I avoid the tsundere trope, especially the 'modern' variant, like the plague. And Tamami is taggad as a 'Misandrist' on vndb to boot. I'm kicking myself for slacking on basic research. So i wanted to know just how annoying she is in the common route. I'm OK with characters being cold and defensive. But I have ZERO tolerance for verbal or physical abuse every five minutes.
  2. G Senjou no Maou is a classic. I should've mentioned I had already read it. But yeah, Usami Haru fits the bill perfectly. Hey, thanks for the suggestions! I just started reading Seramis no Tenbin today after seeing it recommended on another thread. And yeah I get what you're saying about the MC's involvement being the driving factor. It actually makes more sense. But I wanted something a little different, with the MC gradually getting more and more invested in someone else's revenge. Will check out the other VNs eventually. Almost forgot about this, it's been on my list forever. Will get to reading it soon.
  3. So what I'm looking for is pretty simple: One or more of the heroines has to be out to get revenge on someone. Bonus points if there are rival heroines. The protagonist willingly assists said heroine in her quest for revenge. Bonus points if he starts out as neutral/apathetic to the heroine's goals, but becomes more and more invested as the story progresses. I'm open to untranslated suggestions.
  4. Thanks for the suggestion! It took me while, but I Just finished the prologue. It's super interesting so far.
  5. One of the things I liked about Black Lagoon is that Rock (the protagonist) starts out really pathetic, but adapts to his new life over time, to the point of being able to manipulate gangsters. I'm looking for a similar character arc in visual novel form. So basically, a vn where an ordinary protagonist becomes entangled with the criminal underworld and learns to survive and navigate it over the course of the story. Ofc, organized crime is not an absolute requirement. For example, the MC could also become a vampire and maybe he has to learn how to survive. In short, I'm looking for underdog story with little to no SOL elements. The closest thing I read to what I described is phantom of the inferno.
  6. I think this really is the heart of the matter right here. Despite being portrayed as absurdly strong, modern tsunderes somehow lack the mental capacity to think rationally about awkward situations. this indicates that no matter how 'strong' these characters are, they still fear the male protagonist on some level.
  7. Yeah, I just wish the entire modern tsundere trope would die out already. I refuse to read a VN if it has even one modern tsundere. This archetype really gets on my nerves because there's nothing 'strong' about these characters. They are just mentally unstable idiots who lack any semblance of common sense. As someone who likes fanservice, but hates pathetic beta MCs, I have to be very selective with what I consume. That said, I have a soft spot for well-written classic tsunderes.
  8. VNs often have this kind of fanservice where the protagonist gets physically abused for simple misunderstandiings. I have always disliked it and don't find it funny in tbe least. Having said this, there are obviously people who like this kind of ecchi comedy. So can someone explain explain it's appeal to me? Btw I like fanservice as long as the MC doesn't get brutalized.
  9. This is something I want to know as well.
  10. Hmm I see, thanks anyway. I actually read my fair share of crossdressing stories on Nocturne Novels (Narou's sister site for 18+ stuff) with the trope you mentioned. While they were ok, I never liked the power dynamic. There always seemed to be a Dom/sub relationship. If regular heroines are involved, I'd rather that the protag undergoes sex-change through magical/sci-fi means as opposed to crossdressing.
  11. Hi. I've been reading visual novels on and off for a few years now. That said, I'm reading VNs regularly for a couple of months now as part of my Japanese study. I probably should have written an Intro before asking for recommendations. Sorry about that.
  12. Hello, This is my post on this forum. I registered specifically to ask this question, because I can't seem to find a combination of VNDB tags that work. Anyway, I'm looking for a VN with only trap heroines and a male protagonist who eventually becomes a trap himself. It SHOULD NOT be forced. Otomaid cafe is on my list and I'm currently reading this: https://vndb.org/v14319/chars Nukige preferred. Untranslated VNs? OK, preferred. Non-Japanese VNs? NO I know this is a very specific request, but I hope someone can help me find what I'm looking for. Thank you.
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