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  1. Hi everyone. I would like to start my visual novel project "5 stages of grief" a psychological and love story. Is there anyone who can draw and is interested? Yoji suddenly loses his brother Ken due to a car accident. So the boy moved to the school dormitory. Here he will understand what it means to suffer mourning by experiencing the five stages of the grief. With him his companions: Sarah, Karim and Angela
  2. Ok, here we go! I mean, almost ... I released a beta demo of my project and I'd like you to take a look. It is still rough as a visual novel, many things are missing, but I am confident! This is the link: https://onedaytodisappear.itch.io/one-day-to-disappear Obviously it's a free game, I don't do it to earn money, but to give someone some fun, I hope!
  3. Hello everyone, this is one of the CG of my visual novel "one day to disappear" what do you say? The style is not manga, but the designer is very good. I'd like you to play my demo, find it here! thanks! https://onedaytodisappear.itch.io/one-day-to-disappear
  4. Anyone loves katawa shoujo? Wich favorite character? I love so much Lilly because she's my first route and my first happy ending. I've found very interesting her story, maybe not the best, but very similar to my personal life ♥ Thank you everybody will answer
  5. Thanks! ♥ I have to work hard because there are so many things to improve! First of all...my english language ahahh !
  6. Thank you ♥ Well, making a visual novel on my own it's very hard! But this is a simple project, so I hope I'll do it ;D
  7. Thank you so much, Whole internet seems a rather desolate place But I'm sure that a lot of people are hidding somewhere ahahah. Ciao ♥
  8. Hello everyone, this is Tanbo Nakai, from Italy and I'm a new amateur Visual Novel developer. I love so much the fantastic world of VN, even if I started two years ago to read them! My nick name is a proof of my truly love for thoose game. Tanbo = is surname of Doctor Ryoko Tanbo, an amazing character of "Saya no Uta", very famous horror Visual Novel. Nakai = is from Hisao Nakai, main character of Katawa Shoujo, another beloved Visual Novel. So, I'm here to met you and discuss about visual novel. I'm developing my own project: "One Day to Disappear" a short psychologichal sto
  9. Katawa shoujo, but it's nakige. Several language Bye
  10. Thanks for the question Even Yoji asking this question! Yoji wants to stay home, alone for a month, but Kenta says "no, too dangerous" and sents his brother to Yakame, because: - Excelllent dormitory - He wants Yoji find a girlfriend (everyday Kenta teases Yoji about this) - Kenta knows prof. Hisahide, leader of "S Class" a sperimental class that admits male students (but this is hidden in the first part) - Yakame is a rigorous institute, Yoji is like prisoner, too difficult to escape. ...and Kenta lied. There is no new job. But this is the turn of events. S
  11. Hello everyone! this is my project of Visual Novel named "5 stages of..." It's the story of Yoji and his brother Kenta. One day Yoji discover that Kenta have to leave for a new job, so he sends Yoji to a female academy called "Yakame institute" for 30 days. Yoji is a prisoner, but here he mets his classmates: Sarah, Nari and Misato. Only one of this girls is the true heroine of the story, until dramatic epilogue. 50.000 words written at the moment! But I need a composer who can improves my amateur demo tracks, a designer of sprites (there are some sprites) and an italian language
  12. of course! But my oven is broken, so I can't cooking lasagna for you. A carbonara?
  13. Hello! I'm a new member of Italy, there are any italians here? My favourite VN is Katawa Shoujo, do you know it? ♥ I'm writing my personal VN project, in italian, but I need a musician and other members. I'm so excited, it's a very important stuff for me. Thank you for reading! GIATA
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