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  1. Happy Birthday, hope you find your way to Fuwanovel back eventually :)

  2. Haruka!! So cute!!! I knew she'd ask me to kiss her if we continued with the topic but that was cute, really cute. How am I supposed to get close to other girls when Haruka is such a good girl?!
  3. We interrupt Never7 to briefly bring you Higurashi This part really feels like Higurashi, be it the ominous music (and the breathing) or the connection with demons. I mean, we even got the obligatory "kamikakushi" story Lol Kurumi, she'd definitely got the whole group killed if they were in a horror movie I mean, who proposes to go to the haunted place right after hearing stories about people disappearing and possibly dying? I have a bad feeling about Saki wanting to meet Okuhiko. Her face was already suspicious when she was looking at him after she was saved but I'm pretty sure she misunderstood and thought that Okuhiko saved her and being the woman-chaser he is, he'd probably lie and tell her that it was him who saved her. [EDIT: I was right lol, fucking Kurumi] Oh, I just realised that the rainbow box is probably symbolic for the Never7 and the seven characters
  4. I really need a place to pour my feelings into so I'll just be making blogs now and then. If anybody else is reading this, keep in mind that: 1. Since I'll be talking about the game plot points, there's going to be spoilers 2. I'm going in completely blind so I have no idea where the fuck in any routes I am or if I've even left the common route. -- So, I'm about 1.5 day in. Saki ended up in water and we rescued him. Well, Izumi did but that's semantics. So far what I can say is that Yuka definitely has same kind of premonitions as we do. I mean, on the first day she barged into out room with a pale face, right? So, that makes me think that just like how we saw some girl dead, she also saw us dead (or she saw a guy dead and for some reason assumed it was us instead of Nobuhiko or she checked his bedroom first). Maybe we tried to save the girl and ended up dead. It'd be pretty funny if Yuka's the dead girl and she's trying to stop us from saving her lol. Also, she tried to stop Mamoru and others from going fishing but a bit too late. No idea why Mamoru acted like she was being cray cray by saying that she had a bad premonition when he himself experienced the same fucking thing 4-5 times already. Haruka is a weirdo. Sure, she's pretty but she's either a robot, an alien or possibly autistic (talking in a non-meme way). I wouldn't be surprised, given the behavior she's displayed so far. Well, kuudere's are very close to being on spectrum when you think about it. Anyway, I need more information about what's up with her. (Haru "I have no heart" ka) I don't get Kurumi. She's gotta be lying about not wanting her boobs (or the lack of) to be seen in a swimsuit, because I don't think Izumi would ask her if she really wanted to go to the pool. Also, who'd storm out from the house just to go on some hill and look at the scenery? I'm 93% sure she noticed us following and changed her destination to put on an act! Is Saki suicidal? Where did this even come from? What the hell happened on that fishing trip? So many questions. That's it for now. I'll be back if I have more things to talk about after finishing this "day". Highlight of the day 1.5:
  5. Cucumbers are 100% better than tomatoes though? especially together with some good cheese. The cooked tomatoes, on the other hand, are pretty iffy. It depends on the dish itself whether they'd be good or not.
  6. I finally got the game to work but I can't install the english path properly no matter how much I try Is there any installation guide for this?
  7. Well, I ain't complaining. More posts = more attention Confession: I, like, super love traps.
  8. Yeah. But why? isn't this section pretty much just spam? Confession: I like reading about drama
  9. Confession: I don't know how I got so many posts? I don't remember posting that much.
  10. Hopefully this doesn't count as a necro but how's the tl progress going? is it still on hold?
  11. So....I am back with another Umineko problem, this time with Chiru When I click "Episode 5-8" in the menu,I get Beato's laugh and then instantly get redirected back to the title and get this The last part is voiced for some reason. Did anyone have similar experience? what should I do? should I download Chiru separately?
  12. Uhh new problem It was working without problems but now as soon I try to save, I get this popup and if I click "ok" the whole VN closes. What's this bullshit? I'd like to solve this problem without reinstalling because I have no idea where SAV.'s are and don't want to lose my CGs:"< Okay, I found .SAVs now what tho
  13. Actually resetting did the trick I'm just crying about the lost data rn :"<
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