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  1. Well, there's no need to guess because it's already known. It's not a VN though, but a Debonosu game from their Kaguya series. it's Genesis of Kagura. https://www.debonosu.jp/debo/game/genesis/index.html
  2. Hello, welcome to Fuwanovel's Forums! Now that's a proper portfolio post for others to contact you from! Do you mind if I share this on Twitter with others? This serves as a fantastic example what this category of the forums should be used for, how it's properly formatted and tagged. I wish you good luck finding someone. Come to our Discord if you like, we have a developer space there as well! Regards, Hata~
  3. The Majikoi Community discord you can find here. But this is just a basic locale/region issue. Or you got no JP fonts installed as well. https://discord.com/invite/wqAcmHp
  4. Check out Dasaku as well. If you need smth translated there's Sadistic Blood as well.
  5. This doesn't exist. It's a joke that was inserted into the "disturbing games iceberg" Sorry to say
  6. Discord is simply an accessibility and convenience brain-worm. But conversations there are so fast and mostly shallow that you happen to run through hundreds of them in the span of a single day if you're really engaged. It's highly exhausting, but breeds interaction like nothing else. I think we can bring back the forums, but it would require creating dozens of open discussion threads worth engaging in. Newly created ones or repurposed older ones. This isn't given yet and for some reason there's something holding us back from creating them. Maybe the idea that it's "weird" to be basically creating "state-run" discussion threads as opposed to have them user-generated. I have to think how to promote the forum and if it's just going to stay an archive for the last 10 years with the occasional person coming to chat, it's not terrible either. Give the analytics we do see like 10-20 news signups here every day, but the people just don't have incentive to make threads and speak up. As everywhere, the lurker to active member ratio differs by a huge margin. I hope we can give the forum some love like we can give to the blog. I really love the place.
  7. This is a pirated copy of the game from a website we can't condone here. But if you need help, the site where you got this from has a Discord server where you can ask.
  8. Whoa, did you just sign up to our forum to drop your modification? That's pretty awesome. Welcome here~
  9. Hi Mondblut, sorry this took so long to reply. But if you're looking for extraction tools, you are best served with @marcus-beta Github account. If you don't find the tool there, it probably doesn't exist yet. https://github.com/marcussacana
  10. It's not a violation of the rules, but I'm not going to promote that project or share it on Twitter or cover it on the blog. Otherwise we would need to cover all the SVN (Sugoi Visual Novels) projects as well and there are countless of those whose quality is unverified. Also it's simply against our translator/localizer belief (some appropriate localization is ok, memelation is not.) I wouldn't ever play these works, simply out of conviction, but if you don't mind quality and just want to play a game - here you go. https://vndb.org/p15756 You maybe could post about this on F/95/Zone which are a community much more attentive to unverified quality translation projects. We will keep this thread up, but it should be obvious that this kind of MTL needs to be marked. Your post title already does it well, but we might create a flair for it so ppl see immediately. MTL-tech isn't there yet, so it shouldn't be encouraged to use. It also puts legit people (not just the memelators you so hate) out of jobs, because employers like to cut as many corners as they can to keep costs low - which is also not great.
  11. ChatGPT doesn't do ero, so as soon this happens, it will fail. There's possibility to jailbreak that stuff, but this only works temporarily. Learning Japanese is definitely important to translate, so we can't really condone this. We can't stop you either though, so we can just appeal that you at least find a TLC to look over this before you prepare a release. Hello Mondblut, welcome to Fuwa.
  12. Kara no Shoujo inspired does sound very interesting. You can link the game for people to see, though. Welcome to Fuwanovel~
  13. Welcome to the Fuwanovel Forums! Nice to meet you~ If you need Denpa recommendations, then we can just intro you to Soundless, Lynne and Siren's Call on the English VN side and games like Subarashiki Hibi, Cross+Channel or Needy Streamer Overdose on the Japanese side with English translation! Hope you enjoy your time here!
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