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  1. Well ... she just ordinary Design student
  2. ara , I think I can't ~ I like to keep incognito here ~ you can take a guess tho
  3. So VNL admin was here as well, I never know Congratulations ! Let's make our country know how wonderful Sena is !
  4. I see , you not person who can handle sweet sweet pure romance time eh kinda remind me of someone.... anyway,, Welcome to fuwa ~
  5. Well.... I'm not really sure about another way to fix it... but If about to change Config.dat, I guess I can help you how to do that I got 100% Config.dat myself here, you can download it at http://shorturl.at/enpsC Then, you can go to My Documents/みなとそふと/真剣で私に恋しなさい!S/save Delete current config.dat at that folder Extract the config.dat from RAR into that folder (replace it) Try to run your majikoi S game I wish this way can fix your problem, good luck
  6. Orakana Newbie

    Gawr Gura

    I just realize this Vtuber section exist ... And I can tell some of this forum Elders and VIP's are shrimp
  7. Wow , It's been two years since I was in this forum.. welp, rn playing something popular months ago, Nanairo Reincarnation ... just late to play because of works... anyway... When I just on half-step (?) on common route. I can tell this VN got some quite nice comedy (personal opinion) and Of course...this funny shit make ...... I mean, this damn vn written by maeda junior or something ? well not something I can compare with Clannad and pals. But come ooooooooon.... When I know the plot is eternal-living youkai as heroine, I can mostly guess what thing make this VN sad (hell yeah, I got mild spoiler from friend so that's why I know it would be sad) And....so I thought I've been prepared for worst... BUT WHAT THE HECK, This thing just got me .... Even template plot can't make this less .... Well... after all , no regret, This thing very nice... yep... I just masochist with nakige lately so don't mind me ....
  8. SOLVED, The main problem is the file source (I guess it corrupted) So, I try another source and everything installing fine.
  9. I encounter problem with my Installation , so I hope anyone can help me seems like there is a problem when copy chip3.arc, Any solution ?
  10. I got this message after Installed all of disk and Full of English Patch . I tried many times for solved problem but can't find the solution, But I found this game works normally if I didn't Apply the patch Thank you.
  11. This window appear when I launch the exe.... can someone help me for fixing this ?
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