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  1. Post pics you like (Powered by Jun Inoue™)

    Emiya-dono, Emiya-kun, Emiya-san, Emiya, Emiya-Nii Chan, & Emiya-sama
  2. Kawaii Onnanoko - Looking for members

    Umm... Why do you need HTML - CSS coding specialist in first place? I can understand if you need them for build website, but if you need them for VN Programming Translation, I can't understand it at all. @tymmur-sama , do we need HTML-CSS programmer for Translation Project ? considering I don't have any experience about this kind of thing.
  3. If you are reading this....

    How could I know ? I never Use Public transport before ... Seriously Nah, I didn't meant you really a Moron. It's just a little tsukkomi. You have the point, wait, it's not like I hate study in general, I just don't like P.E, physics, and math specially. My grade not that bad, I pretty great at another subject, such as Computer, History, and Economic.
  4. If you are reading this....

    Same with us, but it's just one of many other things we need to do to get the perfect score for our exams. We need to repeat some of the sports we've played. Such as Basketball, volleyball, and soccer. Besides practice Exam, we need to memorize tons of theory (Like how to handle the ball, field size , and remembering some troublesome rules) . We do it repeatedly since primary school .... You're just LATE moron The smart one will never can understand us, the stupid one... wha...! I didn't do that on purpose, I'm still a pure virgin ! ... sadly...
  5. What is the most garbage VN you ever read?

    All of Nukige
  6. Hoshizora no Memoria or Magical Marriage Lunatics?

    Come'on , it's Eroge pal deal with it. I don't like it too though I think you should wait. I don't really like their current translation tbh. Since Magical Marriage Lunatics came from moonstone, I thought it could be great, And the "Lunatics" title got my attention
  7. ITHVNR Text Problem

    You can fix "repetition" with : Options > Auto Suppress repetition. If you can't fix the problem, be patient for wait another answer from another member's.
  8. What Light Novel are you reading right now?

    Do I against the rule If I answer similar question with another subforum ? well, this what I currently reading : - Date A Live (Yeah, That's bastard Shido ) - Goblin Slayer ( Same here, I read their manga too. ) - Amagi briliant Park ( Plan for stop reading it, but Dunno why I'm curious with their story...) - Oda Nobuna no Yabou ( ) - Konosuba ( My Main reason : <<<<Cuz her) - Outbreak Company (Their anime Too short ) And more..
  9. Hope will get along!

    well well, Welcome to Fuwa こちらこそ よろしく いたします。
  10. If you are reading this....

    My weekend just worst Homework y'know ... Homework... and tomorrow I have exam ... math .... physics ... and fckin P.E
  11. My Short introduction Baby

    Hmmm... I think I'll leave it stay that way. I don't have any confidence for change it into something like "Orakana Expert" or "Orakana Master", etc. Ah, maybe I can change it into something like "Orakana Regular " or " Orakana Ordinary" ..? Ehmmm Sounds pretty weird ,to be honest Well ... A decent time to leave my "Newbie" status will take about 10 years from now, so don't mind me
  12. Guess I've been here 4 years now? o.O

  13. My Short introduction Baby

    Fortunately, yes. I'm from Indonesia As well. Nice to meet You LittleShogun. Hahaha, Yeah I know. But his explanation good enough for explain what purpose of those words here, In many ways of course Thanks for your explanation about Real meaning of those keywords .
  14. Need a vn translator other than vnr

    ITH - TA (Translation Aggregator ) If you can't understand the Video, You can Search another Tutorial Link for This method .