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  1. I got this message after Installed all of disk and Full of English Patch . I tried many times for solved problem but can't find the solution, But I found this game works normally if I didn't Apply the patch Thank you.
  2. Need help asap

    I do and this window still appear
  3. Need help asap

    This window appear when I launch the exe.... can someone help me for fixing this ?
  4. This problem happen after I added patch to my Konosora, ReTranslation Patch. This error window appear after clicking to load/save button . How I can fix this ?
  5. What are you playing?

    Well, starting read Onii-chan, Asa Made Zutto Gyu tte Shite!, Nothing bad this far and definitely great. this VN boiling my Lolicon soul, and of course, Most of heroine voice make me so excited and this was----------- sfx*bam* - *DASH RUN* *POLICE SIRENS* - *DOOR SMASHED* * "FREZEEE!!!!" * - * " ... " * * " The suspect is gone! repeat, The suspect is gone!" *
  6. Can anyone refer me to educational visual novels?

    Actually, Educational tag available on VNDB, but... well, yeah, I can't find anything good enough to be recommended to u.
  7. What kind of VN do you enjoy the best?

    Literally, Something that doesn't bore me, and I think I hate something cliche, That's all.
  8. - Great story with Ghost as heroine or - Great Comedy ( School Life if possible ) or - VN with the personality of the protagonist you like I do not mean to ask a VN with those both details at once. Thank you for your recommendation.
  9. Fureraba Question

    Where did you bought it ? If it's official I think not
  10. Post pics you like (Powered by Jun Inoue™)

    Emiya-dono, Emiya-kun, Emiya-san, Emiya, Emiya-Nii Chan, & Emiya-sama
  11. Kawaii Onnanoko - Looking for members

    Umm... Why do you need HTML - CSS coding specialist in first place? I can understand if you need them for build website, but if you need them for VN Programming Translation, I can't understand it at all. @tymmur-sama , do we need HTML-CSS programmer for Translation Project ? considering I don't have any experience about this kind of thing.
  12. If you are reading this....

    How could I know ? I never Use Public transport before ... Seriously Nah, I didn't meant you really a Moron. It's just a little tsukkomi. You have the point, wait, it's not like I hate study in general, I just don't like P.E, physics, and math specially. My grade not that bad, I pretty great at another subject, such as Computer, History, and Economic.
  13. If you are reading this....

    Same with us, but it's just one of many other things we need to do to get the perfect score for our exams. We need to repeat some of the sports we've played. Such as Basketball, volleyball, and soccer. Besides practice Exam, we need to memorize tons of theory (Like how to handle the ball, field size , and remembering some troublesome rules) . We do it repeatedly since primary school .... You're just LATE moron The smart one will never can understand us, the stupid one... wha...! I didn't do that on purpose, I'm still a pure virgin ! ... sadly...
  14. What is the most garbage VN you ever read?

    All of Nukige