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  1. ara , I think I can't ~ I like to keep incognito here ~ you can take a guess tho
  2. So VNL admin was here as well, I never know Congratulations ! Let's make our country know how wonderful Sena is !
  3. I see , you not person who can handle sweet sweet pure romance time eh kinda remind me of someone.... anyway,, Welcome to fuwa ~
  4. Well.... I'm not really sure about another way to fix it... but If about to change Config.dat, I guess I can help you how to do that I got 100% Config.dat myself here, you can download it at http://shorturl.at/enpsC Then, you can go to My Documents/みなとそふと/真剣で私に恋しなさい!S/save Delete current config.dat at that folder Extract the config.dat from RAR into that folder (replace it) Try to run your majikoi S game I wish this way can fix your problem, good luck
  5. Orakana Newbie

    Gawr Gura

    I just realize this Vtuber section exist ... And I can tell some of this forum Elders and VIP's are shrimp
  6. Wow , It's been two years since I was in this forum.. welp, rn playing something popular months ago, Nanairo Reincarnation ... just late to play because of works... anyway... When I just on half-step (?) on common route. I can tell this VN got some quite nice comedy (personal opinion) and Of course...this funny shit make ...... I mean, this damn vn written by maeda junior or something ? well not something I can compare with Clannad and pals. But come ooooooooon.... When I know the plot is eternal-living youkai as heroine, I can mostly guess what thing make this VN sad (hell yeah, I got mild spoiler from friend so that's why I know it would be sad) And....so I thought I've been prepared for worst... BUT WHAT THE HECK, This thing just got me .... Even template plot can't make this less .... Well... after all , no regret, This thing very nice... yep... I just masochist with nakige lately so don't mind me ....
  7. SOLVED, The main problem is the file source (I guess it corrupted) So, I try another source and everything installing fine.
  8. I encounter problem with my Installation , so I hope anyone can help me seems like there is a problem when copy chip3.arc, Any solution ?
  9. I got this message after Installed all of disk and Full of English Patch . I tried many times for solved problem but can't find the solution, But I found this game works normally if I didn't Apply the patch Thank you.
  10. This window appear when I launch the exe.... can someone help me for fixing this ?
  11. This problem happen after I added patch to my Konosora, ReTranslation Patch. This error window appear after clicking to load/save button . How I can fix this ?
  12. Well, starting read Onii-chan, Asa Made Zutto Gyu tte Shite!, Nothing bad this far and definitely great. this VN boiling my Lolicon soul, and of course, Most of heroine voice make me so excited and this was----------- sfx*bam* - *DASH RUN* *POLICE SIRENS* - *DOOR SMASHED* * "FREZEEE!!!!" * - * " ... " * * " The suspect is gone! repeat, The suspect is gone!" *
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