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  1. Hi Gilang4321. No sure if this is already resolved. For some reason, the game seems to prioritize appconfig.tjs in your data.xp3 instead of patch.xp3, so you can't just put your appconfig.tjs file into patch.xp3. You have to replace the original data.xp3 for your new appconfig.tjs to work. If you plan to just release a patch.xp3 file and not to modify the original data.xp3, then there's another way. Add this line to data\main\config.tjs: global.ENV_GameName = "Title here"; Then you can just put the new config.tjs in your patch.xp3 and it'll work.
  2. I have one more question. I'm thinking about putting in word wrapping and it seems Nagato's code for wrapping is the best method, and to do that I have to add the code in mainwindow.tjs. But unfortunately the file use kjs2 script. Is there a way to do this? Because IIRC at present there is no tool that can decompile kjs2. I can use \n to do line wrapping, but if possible I still prefer word wrapping to line wrapping, because manually adding \n every time is troublesome, and if the players change fonts, it can mess up with line wrapping. Unfortunately GARbro doesn't work with my version of the game. I intend to translate the trial and it seems the tool can only decrypt the full normal version of the game. But thank you very much for your suggestion. Right now I don't need to repack the files because I can put everything in a folder like uyjulian suggested. And if I want to repack, the old xp3pack.exe tool will suffice. Thank you. I didn't see it before. That is a lot more convenient.
  3. Hi and thanks for the reply uyjulian. I found where I should edit those strings. The extra menu was in folder "main" and the title bar was in appconfig.tjs. Now I'm trying to find out how to put the files in a folder without having to repack them like you suggested. I made a folder named "data" and put all the files there, but it did nothing. Could you give my a step-by-step guide on how to do that? Sorry, I'm new to this. EDIT: thread renamed because this has become a different question now. EDIT2: Found a workaround by editing the default data directory for universal patch, and then recompiling the tool. If there's something else I should be aware of please let me know.
  4. Hi everyone. I'm learning how to extract and repack some Kirikiri games. Right now I'm able to extract xp3 files and use ScnEditorGUI to TL stuff. I've some questions I'd like to ask. I can TL most of the menu now but still get stuck at one item. (The one that says ICOモード.) I've looked through the whole override.tjs and all other possible files in sysscn but I can't find where to edit it. Maybe because this menu is unique to this game. Any advice on where else to look? Also there's the title bar. I tried editing the names in appconfig.tjs and config.tjs but that doesn't do anything; the text still stays Japanese. Was there something I did wrong here? I edited with Notepad ++. The game is Haruoto Alice * Gram trial version. I've learned how to do the other parts now. This is the only part I'm currently stuck at. Help is really appreciated. P.S. Do you have any trouble using KrkrExtract? The tool extracts data fine but I never have any success in repacking. It always gives me a "Couldn't open file" message. Also, what does the universal patch do? The page doesn't tell me anything about how to use it or what it is for, only that it's a new technology.
  5. Hello everyone. I haven't checked this at all since last year. I think at least it's still alive. How's it going? Glad to hear that you're giving it an overhaul; can't say I'm pleased with my past translation. BTW, do you need more translators atm? I'm relatively free right now and would like to offer a help if you need it. My Japanese also has improved somewhat. Probably won't make any crappy translation like before.
  6. Yeah, I had tools for both extraction and reinsertion. The formats are probably different. My old comrade wrote them for me. How should I send them to you? No, I don't have a Discord account.
  7. I know. I have no excuses. =\ Eh, well if it's only TLC, I guess I can manage. Do you currently have any means to extract the files? I recall Kingshriek's BGI script tools on TLwiki work. If not I'll look around for the ones I used in my old hard disk.
  8. Hello and nice to meet you. A friend of mine pointed me to this thread so I thought I'd drop by. First of all, I'm still online regularly, but I haven't been checking any notifications, not even from my emails. I'm really sorry for not replying sooner. I didn't actually do everything alone, maybe just translating 2-3 routes, and when the team was reduced to one man, it became so taxing that I stopped my hands before I knew it. I also would like to see this game 100% translated. If there's anything I can do to help, please let me know. I can provide you with the already translated files, but it will take quite some time for me to find. I suggest you just extract all the needed files from our latest patch.
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