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    Thanks guys ! You're right but I have still a long way to go, even more if we add videogames too. And there will probably be more and more VN's translation in the future. Some surprises will hatch. I don't even know Raging Loop before I try it but it was pretty good. I'm really interested by Aiyoku no Eustia translation too ! Haha that's right, it's not that I think it's bad, but it's just not "worth" for me to read 50 hours of a cute romance. (Plus I don't really like the moe character-design from lot of VN so.. it's not even that appealing to me) But it's also because the most popular of them are really long. If those loved gamed (like Hoshi Ori&co) were like 10 hours long, maybe I would have a given more interest in them. I like plot, with twist or if not some pressure in them. I can like a romance or chill with cute girls (I like the anime Hanasaku Iroha, Yuru Camp etc..) but it's not 50+ hour long haha. Time is precious you know Np ! Ai seems really interesting, dunno if my computer can launch it tho. Remember11 always interest me, but I will try Ever17 before, and if I don't like it, Remember11 then. This last one seems more interesting I admit. I'm not sure about Planetarian I don't really like the anime adaptation, but it's not that long so I guess that I could try it. I know (by name/plot) Atri, what did you think of it ? Thanks for the suggestion, I'm currently playing 13 Sentinels Aegis Rim, it's pretty good.
  2. Hello ! If the title isn't already explicit I'm a 25 yo french dude (pretty bad in english but VN's help me to get a better understanding of the language). I've read/watch more than 1000 mangas&animes at first and since october 2019 I've start playing visual novel with Higurashi. It wasn't my first time (already played Grisaia (1), Ace Attorney, Zero Escape or DanganRonpa games before for exemple) but it wasn't with the objective to read VN. After Higurashi I played The House in Fata Morgana in January, G-Senjou no Maou in february, Utawarerumono 1 in April, SubaHibi and Sengoku Rance in May, Muv-luv Extra in June, Raging Loop this summer + Umineko volume 1/2/3/4 during this time too. I hate the 4 volume (and Maria with her UUUUUH) that's why I'm pretty blocked now. I played I walk among zombie volume 1 this month (but it was average because of the approximative interest of h-scene) I start Cartagra, 9 -nine- and Aokana but it's a stand-by. I dropped Hoshi Ori and some other romance VN not because they were bad, it's just that even if I'm well-versed in japanese culture I'm a pretty "popular" (all proportion kept) and extrovert guy IRL, and it's difficult for me to find japanese romance credible and to think it's not a waste of time a game where the only purpose is to date some moe designed girls. Tho I would like to acknowlegde some good romance more realistic so if you've got some name. I know White Album 2 but It's known for having a bad traduction (and not completed yet) and DameKoi from the same author but I'm not pretty fond on losers (but if it's really good I can try !). And if you've got some VN like Higurashi/Raging Loop too.. I love this setting (like the manga Shiki). Except VN I'm a big fan of Fire Emblem (I don't like Awakening&Fates tho), Monster Hunter, Bioshock, The Witcher, SMT/Persona and Mass Effect. And I'm currently in the 9th game of the trails series (Trails of Cold Steel IV) that I've started in March with Trails in the Sky. I came here because I often check this forum for advice and because I've some question about eternity sword series so I will probably ask about it later.
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