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  1. Anybody knows Koichoco ?

    Is the anime and vn have related story? ... I mean something like sequel. Well, thanks for your suggestion .
  2. Anybody knows Koichoco ?

    To shame i missed it . I hope eng patch in vndb working for first press edition. Thanks sir, i'll read it right away.
  3. Sory if im outdated, but i found Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate while looking Aokana progress. Its interest me and i see theres any eng patch for it, if im not mistaken. Should i play Koichoco? ... please give your opinion and correct me if im wrong.
  4. Helloooo

    Hello, its fun around awesome bunch here. Sure, I'll be happy if you suggest me ... anything except nukige. I felt a bit monotone, becasue most vn i play made by same producers.
  5. Helloooo

    Thanks Happiness. I hope im not controversial here, i just wanna trade thoughts or info with people . Is that okay for me to have such a cute hat ?
  6. I don't know about her plan to quit, is that why Trip says "goodbye forever" hehe. Yup ... Im sad if he really quitting, her hard work already help a lot people including me .
  7. Helloooo

    Thanks Yomi. Yup .. I will enjoy it when I have free time . Sory im just curious, are you form spain, Yomi ?
  8. Complex SRPG Vn ?

    Thanks for your suggestion, Alucard "I mean Crimson" . I never pay attention to Eiyuu*Senki before, maybe I'll try it later because I see theres any translation project for Eiyuu*Senki Gold. And I already end up playing another Eushully game again.
  9. Helloooo

    Thanks Lesiak. I guess I can be more smarter here ... Please guide me to the world god only knows hahaha.
  10. Helloooo

    Thanks cykaki. Yup ... its fun, I found a lot interesting discussion here, besides I never talk to much about my hooby in daily life .
  11. Helloooo

    Greeting everybody, Im born recently. Please me to join the forum, Im glad here that I can have info from fellow reader . Honestly ... back then Im just watching anime source on light novel like Monogatari or Kara no Kyoukai, until my friend told me to play vn "Kara no Shojou". As a result I can't stop read vn until now, but my knowledge about vn is not much. Soo ... I hope all senpai here can be my guide .
  12. Tsurezure work very fast and steady, almost makes me think they are not merely fan. I hope they can finish Hoshiori without problem, like Hatsukoi or Tsujidou. And I wonder whats they're next project, will be Ginharu ? ... hehehe .
  13. Most of all Eushully game are awesome both story and gameplay, I think your project is worth to be finished. And for me ... your effort to help another fan read the novel easly are more than enough. Thanks for sharing, good luck and keep it up .
  14. What are you playing?

    Planned wanna reread Hoshiori, for me Misa is so lovely simply cause her curiosity, Rikka & Touko also amazing . But I think Rikka & Touko patch can't be done in the end of year. So Im gonna try play Fuukan no Grasesta or Tsukioto while watting.
  15. Aiyoku no Eustia Translation Project

    I found eng patch for this vn, but translate only prolouge and one route .... correct ? I hope you guys can translate all route in this worth vn. Good luck & keep fighting