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  1. "Paranormal Hunters", "Algarath Reign", "The End of War", "Reaper Of Hearts", "Monolife", (Subject Name To Change) Some random ideas I had for own projects.
  2. Sony has recently released a new policy of censoring sexual content in video games and Visual novels alike. Now recent news said, they're censoring many japanese games and visual novels on the platform and developers must plead their question in english for answers despite them being in japan. What is your opinion in the matter? Some claiming pointing out this situation is due their HQ was transferred to California. Do you that could be it, why Sony went full retard?
  3. If I install a unofficial patch/mod on a game or visual novel on steam in my main computer but suddenly I want to share it on an another shared account in a different computer? Will I have to download the patch again for the other computer or is enough to just download it my main computer and it will install automatically in the other?
  4. What conclusion we draw about this? Regardless of translation quality people will never be happy, period.
  5. Valve's new steam policy.

    Should have done it from the start and they would've avoid this whole controversy.
  6. Fureraba Question

    The save that was from may 10 is the auto-save and the other one is from may 2 and I think it was a bit after prologue. Oh also I bought the steam version.
  7. Fureraba Question

    Is it normal that I bought the game and there was some random save files already on it?
  8. Question about what to buy

    Alright I decided to buy Da capo 3. Someone knows how to close topics? (Epic fail, just when I'm about to buy it the sale took over.)
  9. Question about what to buy

    Question is above (Also if something is wrong this is my first ever poll I have created)
  10. I only read all-ages version of visual novels, so this wouldn't impact me the least.
  11. To be honest they could have explained it better the details towards this game are kind of vague. I wonder if they will just add the other routes but now will make them animated or if it will contain new routes too.
  12. Visual novel gods, anyone has any recommendation to the aforementioned question on this topic title? Basically I want something funny with occasionally/many dirty jokes except for "Huniepop".
  13. RPG/Strategy VN

    I'm pretty sure AR Nosurge and AR Tonelico games could fill that description. Both are RPG/ Visual Novel Hybrids. Also totally available in english with a somewhat average translation.