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  1. I never said I was hurt by porn??? I was adressing multiple parts in one post like how ridiculous was TC and those defending his stance saying how degenerate are others when most if most likely they enjoy stuff that could be considered as much as bad and the fact they were talking like they were better. I even mentioned how it wasn't like I was saying "I was" calling me better or something. Now the second issue I brought up was how stuff like certain users in the past were telling people some of their visual novel they enjoyed was trash and how it was bad you enjoyed certain routes and due to that treatment no wonder many newcomers showed once then disappeared. Like who would participate in something when they get mocked and being fun of? Or will you tell me people here didn't dislike steam users/english visual novels or specific visual novels and made fun of it? I mean learning to respect others and stop being toxic or act like elitist was my point how I think things could've improve on this site. For the record I was going to leave silently because I barely bother commenting when I know how people will react anyway. Just saw the topic I couldn't help myself to express my opinion how things went wrong before I left. So no! Sorry dude but I wasn't seeking attention like you presumably thought, I was commenting towards an issue I usually avoid because I rather being positive than just always complain. There is always the option of ignoring my post if you felt like I was some attention whore stirring up drama anyway, so derp.
  2. So you are denying there have being any ounce of toxicity towards people expressing how they enjoy visual novels you guys don't and haven't told them their taste are shit or act like only the visual novels you guys like are supposed to be the best ones. To be honest I doubt people give much shit on the internet whatever its one topic or some other either way except for acting outrageous for the lulz. Just for your information I'm telling these stuff because I'm leaving and If it wasn't for that I would've shut up and do what is done usually ignore toxic, (people who complain about everything) or elitist who are being high and mighty. Nope I'm really not expecting anyone to change less in the internet. (I'm giving out an example, your hate of the guys who enjoy key visual novels because you don't like them and consider it overrated and bashing them every opportunity. Or the fact someone mention enjoying the story of one of the heroine you don't, tell them they've shit taste?) Secondly I did adress the topic off hand while also telling why I thought those acting like they are disgusted is so ironically funny when considering the stuff they read anyway which isn't much better. (Like stuff about rape or girls putting a dick in the protagonist mouth, protagonist watching someones panties, or so much fanservice it exist but supposedly that is not degenerate yea logic, speaking of which some of the stuff also happens in real life like orgies, weird shit and they're teaching us about morality?) And finally strictly speaking your insight about how much I'm irrelevant why then should you be instead then? Speaking of elitist behaviour wasn't you one of the guys who was going on and on about "educating people!" or some shit like that because you didn't like reviews or steam buyers on steam? Isn't that the definition of high and mighty salty elitism?
  3. Use sarcasm so much you want, what I'm pointing out things like many from the community being asshole to newcomers might have played a bit of a role too besides the owners not supporting it anymore? Just for the record I have zero knowledge how much have people discussed those things around here now. I started to now and then visit the site, so I'm not doing it regularly like I used too. I mentioned early in my previous post that not everyone was acting like elitist but there was a bunch of people doing it and being annoying. Already said before I don't obviously support putting kids into sexual positions but like for example teenagers having sex is nothing new because there is different age of consent in different countries and it has being portrait before in movies and books (not that I really like them either) but my point was how ridiculous the claimings about telling someone else they are being degenerates when ahem games like saya no uta and euphoria (heard synopsis and thought how messed up are sexual scenes) or most adult visual novels having fetish/messed up sexual content and just maybe stop with the act of not having a dirty mind or haven't read really raunchy stuff? By the way just to be clear again I'm not saying everyone is doing it. And to clarify I'm not saying I don't have dirty thoughts sometimes, or me being pure, or some shit like that.
  4. Is this topic simply a joke? Somehow everyone nowadays is acting like they are some type of superior being who supposedly aren't creepy degenerates? Like dude the stuff that has been discussed here/shown here has been really questionable. Just put it straight out before someone start calling me stuff, I play only all-ages visual novel and don't for any chance condone or accept the stuff, but lets put it straight out underage sex between teenagers and questionable content has been showcased before, not as much as visual novel but movies and stuff does that now and then. So basically if everyone start complaining at least don't be hypocritical about. Its ridiculous dude, what adult visual novel doesn't almost have minors having sex but with age changed when localized to camouflage lol. Remember age of consent in japan varies but some places have like age 16 as age of consent for example, I'm going to assume you guys problem supposedly is not the age as a whole but pornographic content in general otherwise you are just playing yourself acting like some sort of moral compass ediot. From a very long time you guys were literally scaring people off this site telling them unless it was a visual novel you guys agreed with bashing it to death, making fun of how others could enjoy something so bad, but you know what? Maybe if you had been more polite instead of behaving like elitist and accepting the fact most of the time it was more about having different tastes than the actual visual novels being automatically bad this site would've more traffic than it did.(In other words being toxic) Just for the record many stuff many of you posted here I thought it looked like trash/perverted/just sex / or just shit, but I wasn't purposely posting everywhere about it, besides unless I'd try them I couldn't tell something is bad 100% because someone says it. I rather prefer comment about the good and bad of stuff than being an utter asshole. In my case I would prefer 100% if visual novels went full all-ages (although I don't see how well it would sell, but oh well...) actually trying to innovate more and make new ways of telling a story and trying different things, some of the writers does some really good stuff but the stupid implemented sex talk and awkward done fanservice most of the time gets in the way of the story and halt its potential. Putting that aside are you guys aware very nasty stuff happens everyday around the world which surprisingly rarely people give a shit, disturbing stories are pretty common and much of the stuff is not even being covered or ignored completely by people. Funny fact: Was about to delete my account due to there being almost zero activity from the mods and owners, thinking this site was about to die soon. Didn't expect finding ridiculous claims of some dudes trying selling themselves like better human beings. And for your guys information the lack activity from the owners and almost zero updates also contributed to the death of this site. Edit: Seriously you can't delete your account? Wtf! Hey if mods are here can you delete my account of existence!?
  5. "Paranormal Hunters", "Algarath Reign", "The End of War", "Reaper Of Hearts", "Monolife", (Subject Name To Change) Some random ideas I had for own projects.
  6. Sony has recently released a new policy of censoring sexual content in video games and Visual novels alike. Now recent news said, they're censoring many japanese games and visual novels on the platform and developers must plead their question in english for answers despite them being in japan. What is your opinion in the matter? Some claiming pointing out this situation is due their HQ was transferred to California. Do you that could be it, why Sony went full retard?
  7. If I install a unofficial patch/mod on a game or visual novel on steam in my main computer but suddenly I want to share it on an another shared account in a different computer? Will I have to download the patch again for the other computer or is enough to just download it my main computer and it will install automatically in the other?
  8. What conclusion we draw about this? Regardless of translation quality people will never be happy, period.
  9. Valve's new steam policy.

    Should have done it from the start and they would've avoid this whole controversy.
  10. Fureraba Question

    The save that was from may 10 is the auto-save and the other one is from may 2 and I think it was a bit after prologue. Oh also I bought the steam version.
  11. Fureraba Question

    Is it normal that I bought the game and there was some random save files already on it?
  12. Question about what to buy

    Alright I decided to buy Da capo 3. Someone knows how to close topics? (Epic fail, just when I'm about to buy it the sale took over.)
  13. Question about what to buy

    Question is above (Also if something is wrong this is my first ever poll I have created)
  14. I only read all-ages version of visual novels, so this wouldn't impact me the least.