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  1. I read most of them personally and I checked a sample on youtube for the ones I haven’t. I saw Sensei, Onii-chan and Sen-chan in the short part of SJ I found. You can’t be sure what the original line is based on a vndb screenshot.
  2. I wouldn't say that. Their usage is certainly diminished by the fact that the heroines only very sparsely use MC's name (when they do, 2/4 heroines do use honorifics for him), but we can compare FureRaba's script (3 most common ones): with something like MML. I think MML is longer, but I'm not sure. I just know the script is larger than PE's. Which is something only MG could ever do. And they won't. Which is why I said all the companies and Steam would have to do it together to get a "real" result for all the people who buy VNs. But you know, you st
  3. A very idealistic (and unrealistic) look on things. No internet poll can be the way you picture it. The only way to randomly sample customers would be if all the localization companies (and Steam) made a poll together. Not that doing it that way wouldn't be "useless" (according to you) as well. Every poll on the internet is completely voluntary. Things don't work like in real life, where you get called out to at a subway station and agree to take part in a poll before you even know what's going on. In that scenario, it is also much harder to walk away from something you already agreed to. That
  4. Oh, but you just said that their preferences are unknown. What we do know, however, is how the newcomers to the VN scene who are at the same time a part of the communities feel like. These are people who are very likely also a part of an existing anime/manga community (or used to be), which is why they also decided to join a VN community upon picking up reading VNs as a hobby. They are the group which is the least opposed to honorifics.
  5. First of all, this poll never claimed it represents the whole VN community. However, it still does represent the places it polled - the core VN community. And this core audience is much more important than some would have you think. The number of registered users on VNDB is not a proof of anything when you don't know how many of these accounts are no longer active, how many are duplicate, how many are vote bots. A much better proof of the size of the VN community as a whole are the sales of an average visual novel, which go from several hundred to several thousand at best (You need to make a d
  6. The survey will be closing in 3 days. Please take it if you haven't done so yet. I will post the results soon after I close it.
  7. Of course I am reading the replies. As of now, there are 691 responses to the survey. Requiring google login is a necessity, because that's the only protection against duplicate replies which google forms offer. There's no IP or cookies check. It's this or everyone being able to reply as many times as they want.
  8. Purpose of the survey: Find out the preference for honorifics in JP->EN translated VNs Target group: People who are interested enough in VNs to be a part of a major VN discussion community Communities approached: 4chan, Fuwanovel, Reddit, VNDB, and various Discord servers Survey duration: July 17 to July 31, 2018 Sample size: 752 people Subsample of Fuwanovel respondents: 62 people Link to the questions, possible answers to each question, and graphs made from raw data by Google: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdC78xb3vobwtZJRHVY9ITMQtED3Xn15kvT2kaOghBoedA8GQ/viewanalyt
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