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  1. Hi, I'm working on Polish translation of Noble Works and I've run across some technical issues that I just can't wrap my head around, mind you, I'm just a translator, so I don't have much experience in hacking and programing. First one is line breaking: As you can see, the word "podczas" was cut. I don't know how to wrap words so that they aren't cut, I tried some ways to solve it but I didn't find anything reliable enough. Could you explain how to do it correctly? Second problem is changing names. I used "DB Browser" that was previously mentioned, I've opened scene.sdb and ch
  2. Hmmm I'm not sure but maybe Killer Queen https://vndb.org/v105
  3. Recently I got hooked on tomboy characters. Do you know any VN's with interesting tomboys? What I mean by this are girls like: Maya from Noble ☆ Works , Wanko from Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai! and Kyou Hatsukoi 1/1 By the way I don't speak Japanese so I can play only translated games. Thanks in advance.
  4. It seems that noone has mentioned it yet, so I'll do it. You should play Noble Works, it's really good, has at least three oujou-sama cheroines and it's from Yuzusoft so you can be sure about quality, I highly recomend it.
  5. @Sayaka @littleshogun I'll do it eventually
  6. Definitely Sanoba. First of all it's a game from Yuzusoft, developer of games like Noble Works and Dracu Riot. Also, Nekonyansoft showed pretty good level of translation when they released Fureraba.
  7. littleshogun, I didn't know about this two, they seems pretty interesting, I'll definitely try them out. Thank you all for your help.
  8. littleshogun, bunny black 2 is a continuation of the first game and I didn't finished it even though I tried it two times, and for the other two I'm not going to play for various reasons.
  9. LanThief(HUN), I already played some of them and I don't like to play with only translated interface, I want to know what the game is about. In the end I think I'll pick big bang age https://vndb.org/v299 but I opened for other propositions.
  10. Sayaka, I'm currently playing evenicle, it's pretty good, I highly recommend it. YomiPlays, I watched Utawarerumono anime so entire surprise would be gone and the legend of heroes is more jrpg than visual novel.
  11. LanThuef(HUN), sorry, I forgot to add this game too, recently finished it. ohiowar, I don't really like older games, and I'm looking for something more fantasy/medieval oriented.
  12. Hi, recently I was thinking about playing something similar to Sengoku Rance, what I mean by this is an rpg strategy visual novel with managing your country and army. By the way I don't speak japanese so only english translated games and I already played eiyuu senki, kamidori alchemy meister, yumina the ethereal, Seinarukana -The Spirit of Eternity Sword 2-, bunny black, Castle Fantasia 2: The Sacred War Renewal. Would be very grateful for any recommendations.
  13. I think that grisaia no kajitsu is a masterpiece and you definitely should play it, eventualy koiken otome is pretty good too
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