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  1. This. This this THIS. Why hasn't this point been counter-debated yet
  2. Call me a heretic, but... My time should've been better spend reading Sakura Santa than this mess of a "BEGONE STEAM" thread.
  3. New MangaGamer bundle on Groupees: https://groupees.com/mangagamer2
  4. The translation is actually decent; it gets the job done at least. IIRC you could change your name so that Sylvie refers to you as "master", "onii-chan", etc. So that's where the "anata" likely came from.
  5. Too bad she's mute. But hey, at least she has a food bond with Lancelot XD
  6. For Otome gamers, Anime Roses Bundle going on at Indiegala. https://www.indiegala.com/anime Games included: - Cafe 0 ~The Drowned Mermaid~ Deluxe (Voiced Version) - dUpLicity ~Beyond the Lies~ - How to Take Off Your Mask - All 4 East Tower games Bundle is worth it just for the East Tower games alone, considering the price on Steam.
  7. Knights of Round have more focus in GOLD compared to the original. Iirc all of them have at least 1 H-scene in GOLD.
  8. Mordred always has to clean up after the mess usually cause by the Knights of Round, it's hilarious at times. Plus that forehead~
  9. MangaGamer XXXMas Flash Sale is live. http://mangagamer.org/winter Kinda disappointing, though.
  10. Sylvie is current waifu~

  11. Other language patches won't be included, UNLESS they are packed together with the English patch. This website mainly focuses on English translations. I'll include mods too, but only for those that have English language translations. I may consider mods for non-translated VNs in the future though. I had no idea they had mods for Material Brave o_o
  12. Yeah, for those that still have active pages to their translations I usually link to their pages to avoid any troubles.
  13. @Dargonu: Yeah, for those case (like SonoHana) I might reconsider those. Or just link them to 3rd party external sites. UPDATED: Made the site less clutter-y. Whatever that means :/
  14. Yeah, the site only has a fraction of all the available patches currently. It will take a long while before it is fully populated with all the current translations. (There's a whole lot out there) Search function: Ah yes, that useful tool. I have to put it in later. I will strongly consider the per letter section too, probably after I populate the database. Also the site will have links to other patches besides English translations (like de-mosaic patches, all-ages patches, etc.) Finding the links to every single one is a painful task at times, especially when the links are down.
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