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  1. Sharing maplexman's post on r/visualnovels here: Hello r/visualnovels community. We decided to do a thing. AMVs and MADs in general tend to not get much traction in views and attention, sad really. That's why this post will drag itself from existence for you nerds to stuff yourselves with. All MADs listed have participated in a competitive event in some form or is from a well-known high level editor. Although some may love to embrace spoilers, remember that many of the MADs listed can have spoilers in some shape or form, so you are warned
  2. I am wondering if anyone else is stuck on Extra Story being locked and a bunch of CG still missing in the gallery.
  3. Yeah, I currently use GARbro Version1.5.43.2857. When I try to open the archive, it isn't able to. That is the least of my worries if the scripts are also encrypted...
  4. vndb link Data extraction thread and Script Extraction Thread does not help at all. I do not understand why those threads were pinned. If anyone can help, it would be appreciated. The main archive is data.dat, so I assume the scripts are within that archive.
  5. I need some immediate help. I looked through this thread and the Script Extraction thread, and it doesn't really help much at all. The scripts seem to be in the .dat files. Are there any recommendations on extracting as well as encoding the scripts so they are editable .txt files? ExtractDatav1.20 doesn't work out for me because it's so confusing. GARbro-v1.5.42.2842 cannot open the archives.
  6. OP of Koiken Otome thread should update walkthrough using released fan-translation, and refer to the guide released by the TL team http://flyingpantsu.net/koiken-otome/koiken-otome-guide/
  7. I reinstalled it twice, and remove the save folder a few times. I don't think I removed both at the same time tho... I will try that. I am using Windows7. I tried searching the whole harddrive with the keywords "Rootdouble" "Yeti" Sekaiproject", and allowed hidden folders to appear, but no luck. The only folder is the one location you brought up, which is in 'appdata/roaming'...
  8. What should I do if I removed the folder, yet everything was still there when I re-opened the VN? You should test it yourself, and find out what I mean... Apparently that folder itself will reappear
  9. I tried reinstalling, but for some unknown reason, my completion data still exists? The CG, 100% ending, and even my SAVE file are still here. Is the completion data not separate from the game? Anyone know a way to re-roll back to 0% completion?
  10. ENGLISH PATCH IN HONGFIRE THREAD OF TRANSLATOR patch here / https://vndb.org/p6092 Visual Novel Info: https://vndb.org/v16266 DLsite ENG Link for link: http://www.dlsite.com/ecchi-eng/work/=/product_id/RE143025.html Spreading awareness, check it out if ya interested! This was under the radar for a lot of people... I do not know the quality of the TL, but it works from what I've read so far
  11. Seinarukana isn't that simple to work with using basic cheat engine knowledge. There are too many values to pick out from, and hard to tell which is the correct value to use. Bunny Black in comparison is a cakewalk.
  12. I got the physical game just today. All I need left is some cheats, so I can breeze through the gameplay, and act OP. Is there anyone cheating yet?
  13. To all those who read untranslated VNs: For reference, what programs do you all use for word wrapping while reading VNs? I'm not talking about something that translates using machine translation, but rather just a program that breaks down kanji w/little notes above it in hiragana. I've seen a lot of screen shots the past year on the forums here in translation threads (and twitters of VN readers who read untranslated VNs). If it is actually a feature from the same programs as the machine translation programs, then which one specifically? I would be grateful to like any post for any help!
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