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  1. Keep in mind that Gahkthun supposedly has a much better translation than Sharnoth. It's possible the issues you had with the writing in the latter were Ixrec's fault.
  2. I wouldn't call Kasumi's route terrible, but it's definitely a lot weaker than Kei's and Marie's. Haven't read Rea's yet.
  3. Kei's route starts off with a lot of copypasta, but it quickly turns into its own thing some time after Chapter 9 begins. At that point, it gets a lot better than Kasumi's route. You won't be seeing an actually satisfying ending until Omnia Vincit Amor, the epilogue to Marie's route, though. @Zidan209 Please don't quote huge posts along with their big images, especially if your post is right below them. That just needlessly inflates your post.
  4. Kasumi's route is pretty much universally agreed to be the worst part of Dies irae. I wouldn't drop the whole VN at this point unless its general tone doesn't appeal to you. I've only read Kasumi's and and Kei's routes so far, but the latter was already a significant improvement in that it had a much stronger finale (except for the ending).
  5. Both sides are, really. IIRC, Satoru's side of it (which must be triggered first) happens on the third day, but I'm not quite sure about that. If you get an ending around the halfway point of Satoru's route that's basically a sequence of really weird and surreal events, that's the one I'm talking about. Trust me, you'll know what I mean when you get it.
  6. I don't understand why anyone would recommend getting the bad endings in Kokoro's route before moving on to Satoru's. You see, the two routes are connected in that getting a bad ending in one of the routes will eventually trigger a bad ending in the other. If you really want to get all the bad endings, you should have waited with that until clearing both routes' true endings, then whenever you get a bad ending in one route, use the shortcut system to switch to the last available point in the other route and get the bad ending there. Having said that, this really is only for completionists beca
  7. Did you turn off the hints? Because they typically explain pretty clearly what you need to do to avoid the bad/normal ending you just got.
  8. That's not too extreme. I can handle that kind of stuff as long as it's pixelated. And I'm generally far less sensitive to text than to visuals. Thanks for the information.
  9. Didn't know JAST's VNs had a reputation for being buggy. Well, except for School Days and Shiny Days, but their Japanese versions apparently weren't any better in this regard, so those were clearly 0verflow's fault. Steins;Gate's original English PC version on the other hand was supposedly a lot more stable than its Japanese counterpart. BTW, just to make sure, you did read my last post in the Root Double topic, right? Bit confused since you didn't respond to it and started a new VN in spite of my warning that you missed out on quite a bit of content in RD.
  10. Doesn't look like anyone will figure out the rest, so I'm spilling the beans: #1: It's OMGWTFOTL. #2: Already answered. I/O's characters have extremely wrinkled clothes. #3: Already answered. The premise of Go Go, Nippon! is that the protagonist decides to spend a week in Japan living with two internet acquaintances without knowing that they're female. #4: It's VLR. During Clover's route, Clover talks about purifying the unclean for a moment, then the word "unclean" somehow reminds her of the antidote neostigmine. #5: Already answered. It's Rewrite, a wonderful example
  11. I was considering giving MYTH a try myself one of these days, but the fact that it has the "Graphic Violence" tag on VNDB worries me a little. How graphically explicit is the violence in it? I can handle depictions of blood or small wounds just fine, but anything beyond that makes me uncomfortable.
  12. You are aware that there's still the Xtend episode left, right? It's basically an anthology of flashbacks. Many of them are just taken straight from Root B or D without any real changes, but there are also some that get new alternate branches, and about 4-5 hours worth of completely new flashbacks. They're not really plot-critical, but do quite a bit to expand on the characterization and world-building. I will warn you though that some of the content there may come off as somewhat incomplete without the optional character scenes in Root A and B and the epilogues in Root D. Also, getting t
  13. You can instantly jump to the next SSS or RAM prompt or unread line in Root Double by pressing R. Should make getting content you missed a lot easier. If you want to know what you need to do to avoid the three normal endings in Root D, It's a shame if you didn't get all the character scenes in Root A and B though. They have plenty of additional characterization. Also, not getting them will make Root D's epilogue a lot shorter. As long as you use Answer Mode to directly select the branches you want and jump past read lines with R, getting them is very easy.
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