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  1. I'm actually happy that they release vns in low resolution. My poor laptop can't support resolution higher than 1024*768 so I can't run games like if my heart had wings or koisuru. At least I have a workaround by connecting my deskstop monitor in the living room to the laptop, launching the game then disconnecting it.
  2. [macro name=DEATH_END] activates death ending plays credits [macro name=NORMAL_END] Activates normal ending plays credits (different music) [macro name=pv] [eval exp="sf.Voice_flg=1"] Plays voice files apparently [macro name=waitvoices] delays voices I think [macro name="OP_MOV"]Plays a video [macro name="cr"] Not sure what this part under the definitions mean ;[iscript] ;kag.historyLayer.store('──────────────────────────────────────'); ;kag.current.reline(); ;[endscript] ;顔表示(後処理) [if exp="f.face_flg=1"] [endindent] [endif] [sv] ;履歴に罫線を引く [eval exp="tf.h_Ruled_line='──────────────────────────────────────'"] [eval exp="kag.historyLayer.store(&tf.h_Ruled_line)"] [p] ;顔表示(後処理) [if exp="f.face_flg=1"] [er] [layopt layer="4" page="fore" visible="false"] [eval exp="f.face_flg=0"] [endif] [deffont shadowcolor=&f.siten_col] [macro name="r_hide_message"] Hides textbox [macro name="BGM_FADE"] Fades background music Haven't figured out the rest yet
  3. Alrighty all done. Compiled all the macros and their definitions here
  4. No problems. I'll get back to you on them asap. Would the engines usually have a script file where the macros definitions are stored or do I have to work them out myself?
  5. I do have basic knowledge working with python but that's mostly it. I'm sure if I do a bit if learning I could try to use ruby but its probably going to be inefficient program writing on my part.
  6. I'm interested in this mikan engine and would like to attempt to port Yandere. Would you mind explaining to me how to do it? The files are saved in these formats Background music .ogg Backgrounds and sprites .bmp Event cgs .png Voice files .wav System files .tjs not sure what these are And a video in .mpg An example of how the scripting for this game is プロローグ:Data001.ks:2007/05/30 ;------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ;選択肢:無し ;フラグ:無し ;=============================================================================== *prologue|Prologue [cm] ;BGM再生:日常:M05 [playbgm storage="M05"] ;SAKI_T1:沙紀立ち絵読み込み [TL s_po="c" s_fn="SAKI_T1"] ;背景表示:BG05c:主人公自宅部屋 夜(c) [GL s_mo="1" s_fn="BG05c"] [P_FACE s_fn="FS_1b"] ;↓台詞用(未使用) ;[pv b=1 s=LOGO] ;;つまり、そういうわけで昴ちゃんは絶賛家政婦さん募集中なんだよね。[cr] So, I'm going to be in charge of the housework.[cr] ;;*| ;; [cm] [P_NAME s_cn="Subaru"] ;;……なんだよ、いきなり家にやってきてお前は。[cr] ......What's with you, suddenly barging in like that?[cr] ;;*| ;;[cm] [P_FACE s_fn="FS_1c"] ;;えーっ、だって、おばさんもおじさんもいないわけでしょ?[cr] But... your parents are gone, right?[cr] ;;*| ;; [cm] [P_NAME s_cn="Subaru"] ;;まぁ、そうなんだけどな。[cr] Yeah, I guess...[cr]
  7. When I run utawaremono on my laptop I get a Please insert Utawaremono DVD alert however it works fine on my desktop computer. Both if them are in Japanese locale and installed in the same location. The only difference is that my laptop runs on Windows 7 starter(super outdated I know) and the desktop runs on Windows 7 Pro. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong? Could somebody give me some help on what to do?
  8. Well 5 people in the computer club at my school play vns. None of them including me have had the guts to make it till the h-scenes though
  9. http://www.wired.co.uk/news/archive/2016-05/10/japanese-artist-3d-printed-vagina-obscenity Strangely this article says differently
  10. Steins;Gate because it's been on my backlog for way too long already.
  11. Easiest way for me to learn about debating since my school is making me part of a debate team and I know nothing about it
  12. Thanks for the recommendations guys. Yeah it had that one debate scene debating their love for the protagonist and other current affairs matters although it wasn't actually a serious one. Sounds interesting. I'll give this one a try.
  13. Hey guys. I'm looking for a translated english visual novels with debate actually in the plot and not just a side story. Thanks.
  14. Inside because the mc always has enough semen to get all over her even while cumming inside her.