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  1. I guess that Jast might have been able to get it out faster (ironically) compared to MG who wanted to finish their other IG titles once.
  2. I'm really worried about the option for added content and routes honestly. I can't see adding those working well at all in Alternative. And considering how age's latest VNs have had a pretty shitty reception I'm not sure I'd even want any new content if it was written by like Kouki or something.
  3. I feel kinda bad for mangagamer a lot of their staff really seemed to want to do it. But I also wonder how it's going to affect the industy in the future now that the the commonly accepted rule of not licensing stuff from the other companies partners has been broken. Mangagamer doing nitro+ chiral titles in the future maybe?
  4. Now we'll have a version that actually works with later windows at least.
  5. Oh did I write invent? Yeah that's wrong don't know why I wrote that.
  6. How dare you insult my children like this! ...But it's really interesting how opinions can differ sometimes. I consider Hyouka one of the best anime ever made and it's mainly because how it uses it's characters who I think are all masterpieces and how it uses mysteries to further their development (or sometimes non-development) in interesting ways while at the same time perfectly portrays the art of wasting time. And how Houtarou's world-view contrasts with Chitanda's romanticism that is a result of her background and resignation at an already pre-determined future... and... and.. I could basically continue forever haha, but I guess there's nothing that's universally loved. Also most Kyo-Ani works actually don't have very big budgets (well we don't know the exact budgets for any anime but several knowledgeable people have said this), but their unique production system makes things look really good anyway.
  7. I still haven't seen the entire Citizen Kane (only parts of it) but what I have seen of it is still absolutely brilliant. Take this shot for example: This is a really great shot in a lot of ways. I'm stealing this analysis from antagonie.blogspot.com which explains why this shot is so great. ...Man this is such a great shot, I want to see the entire movie right now. It also invented tons of narrative and filmic teqniques that are still used today such as having a non chronological narrative, low angle shots, L cuts (these are used so much today, deep focus shots (such as the shot above, try to picture modern cinema without these, you can't), it's use of light and shadow and tons of other things.
  8. Get better soon Krill. Take as much time as you need.
  9. The prose is probably the thing I enjoy the most about books to be honest. I used to read a lot of genre fiction but I basically can't get interested in books without good prose anymore even if the plot is interesting (it moght be because visual novels provide me with my fill of mediocre to good writing) Reading good prose is like looking at beautiful works of art. Someone like Nabokov or Woolf will just make you kind of stop and marvel at how beautiful a sentence is.
  10. Depends on the VN in question. Very verbose VNs with lots narration of are generally better in NVL while dialogue heavy stuff is better as ADV.
  11. Checkpoint saves would be cool but the trouble it would cause simply isn't worth it. Most VNs are pretty easy to skip in anyway except for gameplay titles and you're better off using trainers for those anyway. Save files simply aren't made for transferring between different systems for most VNs.
  12. Sweden. And yeah there are quite a lot of us on the site surprisingly.
  13. I read Aaeru's old blog and saw that she wanted help with a site to make VNs more popular in the west. I joined the forum (the site wasn't even up yet for real) and offered to help. So yeah I have been here since even before the site launched.
  14. As I said in your other thread, I'm, reading the adult version right now (still on Eris' chapter... I'm a slow reader when it comes to japanese) and yeah... that's exactly what they are. There are also a shit-ton of extra h-scenes in an appendix section that unlock as you read through the game. I'm really glad they're pushed off in a separate section because there are like 20 scenes there and it would be very awkward if they were all inserted into the story. And the ending (which I was spiled about some time ago ) and Eustia is really divisive, you really find all sorts of opinions when reading people's review. Luckily for me Eustia is probably my second favirote character in the game after Caim and what I have heard about the ending doesn't sound like something that would bother me so I'm probably going to have a more positive experience. I also love the second ending song... so each to their own I guess. As I've said earlier I have only read through Fione's ending so far, but I really appreciate how the best resolution for her wasn't a romance. In a lot of visual novel the girls' problems are only solved by being in a romantic relationship with the protagonist. This is understandable because of how these VNs are structured but it still often comes off as a tad bit sexist. Because of the structure of Eustia where the routes are just fanservice the best resolution for a character's arcs can exist without any involvement with Caim and I think that's great.
  15. I'm not done with Utena yet (I have like 7 episodes left), but I doubt Chu-chu represents Akio considering Chu-chu seems to fear him and always stays with Utena when Anthy goes to visit him in the Black Rose Arc. Some have theorized that he, like the penguins in Penguindrum, is a reflection of Anthy's current mindstate but I'm not sure of that one.
  16. When I'm alone at home and there is a sound somewhere else in the house.
  17. Pretty much always. Mostly because a lot of VNs have semi-intended route orders (Kotori's route should obviously be read first in rewrite for example), or some routes are simply better than others and then I want to save them for last.
  18. I think otomege has a far better chance for "mainstream" (in the western anime fanbase really) success than galge do as well. One of the bigger reasons is that there is a pretty huge split in the male anime fandom. A huge part of the casual male anime fanbase won't watch stuff that is cute and/or has many female characters. A lot of men are simply uncomfortable with that sort of stuff, sadly. This sort of split doesn't really exist in the female fanbase.
  19. ...You can buy Swan Song digitally on dl site and it works with the english patch so I have no idea why you'd think that. Now there are some titles that are pretty much impossible to buy, like the original dvd version of Muv-Luv and Alternative (Though the reprint version supposedly also works with the patch, the w7 ver however does not), YU-NO or the windows ver of F/SN Realta Nua (which is the best version of F/SN with the best patch so it's kinda sad that we might not be able to suggest people the better release).
  20. No it shouldn't since you've already unlocked everything. In general VNs have two types of save files: Regular save files that records a position in the story, these are in theory risk free to share but in many cases shouldn't be, and the global save files that records what text you've already read, what cg's you've unlocked, what routes you've cleared and unlocked etc. This file should never be shared unless it's 100% completed. While sharing the regular save files should generally be risk fee it is often a bad idea because of the common presence of unlockable routes in VNs. For example if you load a save in UBW or HF in F/SN without having unlocked those routes and view a cg while playing the cg library will crash when you open it unless you unlock the routes normally. So in most cases it's just better to use the skip function if you need to get to a specific point to avoid issues.
  21. I doubt it's Tanakas writing you have a problem with as he didn't write I/O at all (only came up with some concepts), and Cross Channel is an atrocious translation and Rewrite certainly isn't very well translated either, neither reads anything like the japanese writing.
  22. Okay I finally threw something together too. Once in a country far to the east, ruled not by man but by powerful beast. From ancient times there dragons had reigned, the people were happy their lands maintained. But the dragons were many and the land so small, soon there wouldn’t be room for them all. When realizing that they had to expand, the dragons searched for uncharted land. They soon found a country, Visnovella, to the west, but who would be brave enough to embark on this quest? Only one dragon was fearless enough, the dragon Gangamamer who was not exactly buff. No, he was tiny and frail and his flight very slow, but kept persisting, he just had to go. After saying goodbye he began his ascent, he looked slightly wobbly as he to Visnovella went. There by a lake he discovered a town, beside it a castle that looked slightly run-down. At the town square Gangamamer landed, but in his descent he tore his wing, stranded. When he tumbled down the people fled, except a young girl who gave him some bread. He asked for her name but she ignored his demand, their languages were different, she couldn’t understand. She gave him a smile and then ran away, Gangamamer called after her, he wanted her to stay. Through the night Gangamamer cried all alone,’ I want to go home’, he screamed and he moaned. But in the morning the girl finally returned, with her was a man who looked very concerned. Gangamamer tried to ask him too for his name, surprisingly an answer finally came. This man had knowledge of languages from far and wide, relived that he wasn’t alone Gangamamer cried. The man had a doctor look over his wing, and when he heard of his mission took him to the king. Gangamamer explained his circumstances which the man translated, and then they looked at the king and for his answer they waited. He told Gangamamer that the dragons were free to move there if Visnovella was where they wanted to be. He wanted to go home and tell everyone straight-away that he’d finally found them a place to stay. He spread out his wing and prepared for flight, but when he tried to move his sight turned white. The cut in his wing was aching with pain, until that had been healed he would have to remain. The wait was long but never boring, he spent the time learning the language and exploring. The people grew used to him and stopped being afraid, when it was time to leave they even threw him a parade. When he returned with more dragons in tow, the people were singing and waving below. And in Visnovella the dragons since then have remained, the people are happy, their lands maintained.
  23. A lot of my favorite anime are kind of the intersection of all of those (cute, not-too-much-action-unless-it's-Fate, good characters, rom-com-ness), such as oreimo and TWGOK I like to laugh, too Halp? Some good shows missing from your list. Hyouka (though it isn't licensed so you won't be able to watch it unless you torrent) Revolutionary Girl Utena Mawaru Penguindrum Kyousou Giga (you only need to watch the tv series, not the ONA's) Toradora (since you like rom-coms) Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou ....And make sure to finish Shinsekai Yori!
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