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  1. BUMP Would anyone be intrested in working on this game for the Os vita?
  2. The second season of the K project anime was released back in September and stopped airing in December. Its been 3 months since the show finished (though I badly want season 3! Love Mikoto Suo) Anyways I am intrested in downloading a few songs that were in the anime yet I cant find them online. Yet the OST is said to have the songs I want yet I cant seem to find any information on its release! Does anyone now when it will be release? This is the anime I speak of:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/K_(anime)
  3. I have all these PSP scripts Alice series resources cg+bg+sprites (All games of the series) Alice series scripts (Omochabako+Daiya WWW+ Daiya MW+Heart new remake) Romeo and Juliet cg+bg+scripts Brothers Conflict:Passion Pink scripts Norn9 ~Norn + Nonette~ scripts+cg+bg+bgm+sprites Toki no Kizuna scripts+cg+bg+bgm+sprites Princess Nightmare (PC) scripts Danzai no Maria (old pc version) scripts Okashi na Shima no Peter Pan ~Sweet Never Land~ cg+bg+bgm+scripts+sprites Diabolik Lovers More Blood scripts Clock Zero ~Shuuen no Ichibyou~ Portable cg+bg+sprites (non transparent) Clo
  4. You have my deepest thanks for even attempting this. If you want to make youeselves known and notify ppl about your project then i recomend you link this to Zenabataous super D2 comment section since thousands have been begging for what your attempting
  5. Hi Guys Ive managed to get my hands on the FULL psp scripts for Amnesia later AND crowd + a few other psp VNs! I just thought i'd leave them here incase anyone wants to pick the game up or use them for japanese practice Amnesia later has 66 scripts in total. Here are the amnesia later psp scripts: http://www.4shared.com/zip/TenQSS60ba/Amnesia_Later.html If anyone wants amnesia crowds scripts or the other psp full visual novel scripts i have then just pm me or comment below Arigateu gozimas
  6. Check this every few months/weeks for updates if we go silent here http://yesdonabu.tumblr.com/
  7. I don't really believe that you see because i actually felt like the new inmates(you meet them at the end of the anime and they are in this game) would have been a great new addition to season 2 and i personally could create lots of plot twists with these new characters i mean maybe Shinaa likes the new guy and sorata and the new guy have to fight over here and so on etc....
  8. Who has been deleting posts? We had 3 pages off posta before Mods? Whats going on?
  9. DO you think it can dethrone P3 and p4? When do you think we will get a Jp release date announcement,? If your dying to play it then check this out Persona 5 Trailer Reactions From the Super Live C…: https://youtu.be/BSdF6d1NCYE It should keep us motivated alongside numerous play throughs of P3 and P4
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