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  1. Yeah I found that one myself and I'll try it with the guy in charge and see if he likes it
  2. Thanks, I will try these with guy in charge and see if he likes them!
  3. As the title implies, I need help to create a sub-forum about visual novels on an app called Anime Amino. And for that to happen I will need an image which will give an good insight to what Visual Novels is as soon as you see it. There is a little quirk to this though, this sub-forum will be a shared place with Light Novels and thus the image needs to bring some Light Novels aspects into it as well. So what I have in mind is something like an image with an girl from an VN or just looks like she's from an VN reading a novel of any kind. Or someone reading a VN from the computer. If you have any other ideas, don't be scared of putting them up there. Thanks in advance, it would help a lot if anyone had a good idea. If this goes through, it would most possible lead to more VN readers!
  4. Looking for a VN with these criterias

    pretty fun that you call it wincest even with the things you're saying =D
  5. Looking for a VN with these criterias

    I know that I really should look into VN's by Key but the thing is that I've watched Clannad, tried to watch Little Busters (didn't really like it for some reason and so I also tried the VN but same thing) and I am not sure about Rewrite but I might look it up
  6. Looking for a VN with these criterias

    read all except for Canvas, will check it out!
  7. So I kind of don't know what VN to play/read right now and I was wondering if anyone knew some VN that I or someone with similar taste could read. I want it to have a school life kind of theme. I would like there to be the male characters that arrent complete idiots(very important) but instead cool guy's like in Da Capo 2, that I actually could actually be friends with. (it doesn't matter that much if they aren't around that often) They can definitely not be like the guys in Edelweiss. Also it doesn't really matter if there are sex scenes and whatnot, but there can definitely not be sex scene after every choice. so with that being said, any Ideas?? Also since I can not read japanese it needs to be translated, you can look at my vndb for information about what VN's I've read. I also prefer it to be long ones but anything is fine (Also Incest is wincest, just for referance)
  8. as the title suggests I simply wonder were I can get my hands on Comyu - Kuroi Ryuu to Yasashii Oukoku I will take this post down as soon as I find it, sorry
  9. Help me find a Visual Novel!

    haha, quite the imagination there xD
  10. Help me find a Visual Novel!

    no no no no.... jesus christ no! you got me all wrong!! The one that I didn't really like was Little Busters! I loved Clannad! I jsut felt that little busters was to childish for me.
  11. Help me find a Visual Novel!

    Thanks everyone I'll check Rewrite and Hoshizora no Memoria after I'm done with Grisaia No Kajitsu (= And when majikoi is translated I'll check that one out as well I won't look at Clannad and Little Busters since I've watched the Clannad anime (edit: I really really liked the Clannad anime) and I tried to watch Little Busters but I didn't really like it That's all!! Thanks again (=
  12. Been playing/reading Visual Novel's for a while now, and right now I guess I kind of feel like playing/reading something similar to Da Capo 1 and 2. To be more precise, I want a Novel which has the same setting. You're a normal kid around the age of 15-17 and a thing which I really like is when you have awesome male friends as well, in Da Capo 2 the friends you had were awesome, they were guys who could be my friends if they were real, and really similar in some ways with my own friends, and they made me laugh like crazy. Then I'd like a good love story of course. The thing in Da Capo where you'd get to chose where to go I'd rather not have actually but it's fine if it has a good story and likable characters. Lastly I want it to be subbed, I know it might be hard to find a subbed one, but unfortunately I don't know Hiragana yet. Thank You in advance!
  13. I'd love to have some VN's for my iPad it feels like they were made for VN's
  14. Persona 4 Golden (Asian Edition)

    do not own a PS3 only a PS4, hate that it's not backwards compatible
  15. Been looking around at the Asian edition for Persona 4 Golden, and I haven't gotten a clear answer if it has English subs or not, since I still don't know enough Japanese or Hiragana to be able to read/listen to it and understand it all. So anyone that knows for sure if it has English text, it'd help a lot! Ohh! For the reason that I want the Asian editon is because I simply can't bear with the English voices, and so I want the original Japanese voices. The English voicing sounded horrible!