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  1. Wait resolutiuon or art quality? If it's currently translated VN's with high resolution I think it's rewrite. If it's art quality of currently translated VN's, well most VN's have pretty bad art ( ) but probably Sharnoth or Kara no Shoujo (Fate/Stay Night, Utawarerumono and Hoshimemo also looks pretty good)
  2. They probably wanted to have Meiya involved with the plot (which I think is good). I've never been very fond of her true ending anyway.
  3. Beato


    Ugh Orson Scott Card While Ender's Game seems pretty fun I refuse to support him and his views in any way.
  4. Beato


    I used to read a lot though I don't read as much anymore. I'm trying to pick up my reading again though. My favorite series of books are the Temeraire series by Naomi Novik. Right now I'm reading Mrs Dalloway.
  5. Granted you'll take it right now. I wish my computer would be quieter.
  6. Granted but hyper-inflation makes your money worthless. I wish I would always be able to get a seat when traveling by subway.
  7. He's working on the Angel Beats! VN, yes.
  8. AmiAmi is probably the easiest way. Though they don't usually have older titles in stock.
  9. You should try anyway. I had never liked something with mecha before Alternative but I ended up absolutely loving it (and also enjoying the mecha quite a bit which I didn't expect to do, mainly because they're presented as war machines and not super robots, making them feel pretty realistic).
  10. I personally don't think the mecha has anything to do with it (at least that's not why I like it so much). The story is more interesting, the stakes are higher, the cast is better. It has some really nice themes (Which i thought Muv-Luv missed). It has a great soundtrack and production values.
  11. Aaeru is obviously running around on the field with a ray-gun, duplicating the balls and giving them to the audience.
  12. Granted but all the posts are made by spambots. I wish my nendoroid parts would stop disappearing.
  13. Japanese doesn't work the same as english. The names have no actual similarity. They're written completly differently.
  14. They're doing the Memorial edition too which is based on the PS2 version which has a lot more content.
  15. Granted but you're caught by a private Secret Service and thus get no trial. I wish it was cheaper to import stuff from Japan.
  16. The project was merged with Doki who's still working on Tomoyo After. It'll probably speed up when they're done with that.
  17. I wonder what'll happen to the Trample on Schatten and Seinarukana translations. Seinarukana isn't being translated by Moogy so that should be fine, but Moogy was translating Schatten wasn't he? (Or maybe he finished it already?)
  18. Has the version of ruGP that the W7 version of Alternative runs on been cracked yet? (would like to have it ported).
  19. Beato

    Happy birthday!

  20. Higurashi still hasn't been able to get through greenlight though.
  21. He smiles at her and as a single tear rolls down his cheek he hands her a mackerel.
  22. But at least she was rich, filthy rich even.
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