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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. I can't even beat that CTB in 1/2 time. I don't understand how people play it normally.
  3. I just moved up 600 ranks or so internationally so I'm fairly happy about it. (No mod ctb player here)
  4. ロシア!ロシア来るぞ! Does anyone know if America shows up this season?
  5. Charlotte is the best girl~ This and Kill La Kill are on the top of my watch list.
  6. The changes are great, but is it still impossible to SSL?
  7. For CTB yes, he beat me on every map we played
  8. What?! I haven't been playing due to computer issues, but what?!
  9. I built a computer with an (AMD) A10-5800k, pictures will come later. Not that I can run it anyway, but hey Is Never Settle limited to the 7xxx series or can I redeem one with an APU?
  10. Scoreboard updated. I've also figured out how to beat everyone.
  11. Eh... It shouldn't matter for sound. If I remember correctly, all Kirikiri based games have their own vorbis audio decoder dll which the game uses. (each game has it's own unique or semi-unique plugin) -Edit- That could be phrased better.
  12. Omni+Oculus Rift+Mad Genius Controller+Computer+Other needed peripherals (mic, other motion tracking hardware)+MMO that supports all of the above that isn't Skyrim, and has multiplayer. There's your solution. -Edit- I guess good internet? Latency must be hell if many people are using motion tracking at once, but I don't really know...
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