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  1. I have yet to find any text hookers that work with the french release of Higurashi I'm afraid. I don't think there's any french dictionaries that work with them anyway. And google translate is pretty competent in regards to vocab for european languages (not whole sentences single words only). If I need a better definition or some grammar explanation I'll obviously go look into a dictionary but the point is that I can have it on my phone and quickly tap in the word so I'll get an translation immediately. I'd rather use a dictionary app but most of the better ones aren't free.
  2. Ah okay, sorry for misunderstanding. I still think Little Busters is too long and is only suitable if the person in question is already an anime fan.
  3. Little Busters is probably too long and to 'otakuish' especially if the only anime she's ever watched is Spice & Wolf which doesn't have many of the usual anime tropes.
  4. For Higurashi I'm just going to play the French release (since the both the TL and the release is much better) and use the English translation as help when things get to hard for me (Like the end scrolls scroll by too fast for me to make sense of in French). And then google translate for the vocab I don't know (which is pretty much the only thing google translate is good for really. Much quicker to use than wiktionary).
  5. Granted but they're in your toilet. I wish I would stop stubbing my toe on the table leg >_>
  6. @bloodwof You mount the Unlimited CD when it asks you to install it. I don't know why the option disappeared. I have never tried the side routes in Extra. Try reading the ending for either the Sumika or Meiya route again and see if it changes anything. @oh gawd why I'm not proficient enough in japanese to make sense of that message I'm afraid. But I'm pretty sure that Muv-Luv won't work in w8. Muv-Luv doesn't even work well in w7 (the english patch fixes some issues and makes it run without flaws though) which is why there was a w7 version of it released in Japan recently. Do you have another pc with another operative system to test it on?
  7. Have you checked for file corruption? There might be something wrong with the file itself.
  8. You are yoghurt. I wish yoghurt didn't exist.
  9. I'm not using the fuwa version (I torrented it before fuwanovel opened) but I checked the contents of the fuwa torrent and it seems to be the same. Okay mount MUVLUV_EXTRA.ccd and run setup.exe Choose install. You shouldn't need to fiddle with these. Choose directory. I used E:\Program (x86)\age\マブラヴ11 I don't know if installing it in another folder than マブラヴ11 can affect anything. Also I found out that my current antivirus hates muv-luv (was running another program when I installed it the last time) so make exceptions in your antivirus for BOTH the exe file on the disc (In my case it's F:\マブラヴ11.exe) and the directory you're installing it in (E:\Program (x86)\age\マブラヴ11 in my case) Otherwise your antivirus may delete files so it won't install correctly. It should install now. It might show an error message when it's done but ignore it. Run the english patch. Install the game and extras if you want them (i have always used therm so I don't know if ignoring them affects anything). Make sure this is the same directory you installed it in originally. Choose to run it. This should pop up. Let it be. Then the VN should start. But what about Unlimited? You can ignore Unlimited completly right now. Extra is playable by itself. Once you're done with Extra and start Unlimited it will ask for the disk. Install it then.
  10. Before you install anything make sure that there's no leftover registry entries from your previous failed installation. Install MUVLUV_EXTRA.ccd first. Then the english patch. Also make sure you make exceptions in your antivirus for both the install directory and the .exe on the .ISO I'll add the post I made in the other thread. maybe it'll help you.
  11. Unlimited has several endings but they're pretty much the same. Glad it's working for you. :)/>
  12. This is in Swedish but yours should look the same. Pick Japanese.
  13. No you changed location not locale. Since you're in w8 it is possible that you are beyond help (many VN's frankly don't work with w8). Locale should be under administrative. I'll go check my w8 pc to make sure.
  14. Granted you fell down it. I wish I could control matter with my thoughts.
  15. Do we even have any sauces that are essentially Swedish? I can't think of a single iconic Swedish sauce.
  16. Granted you never bought anything at all. I wish Snowpoke would stop wishing for yogurt.
  17. Granted but it's poisonous I wish for cake~
  18. It's a bit drier and and milder than beef.And also slightly sweeter. And delicious~
  19. Granted but you're not alllowed to leave your house. I wish I would have an endless supply of bananas.
  20. I should get online more often.
  21. Have you checked Tay's install guide? If you haven't it's available here. What operative system are you running? Are you in japanese locale? Have you made exceptions in your antivirus for the .exe on the disc and your install directory?
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