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  1. Since you messed with your saves. Have you tried restarting the Moon route (Not loading a save file). You can also check the registry and make sure there are no faulty Rewrite entries left. Also check that you have permission to read/write in the whole folder.
  2. I have installed it on a 64 bit windows 7 so it definitely works on that. I don't recall having any problems so the OS definitely isn't the issue. I didn't install unlimited until I had finished extra though.
  3. It says something about not being able to find the data. You have to install extra before unlimited. Did you do that?
  4. Gah I recognize that from somewhere. >_<
  5. Granted but you can't land. I wish I wasn't so tired.
  6. Nope again. It is a serious romance drama anime with no fantasy, sci-fi or action elements, based on a manga.
  7. Voiceless protagonists and unrealistic sex scenes in serious stories (THERE IS NO WALL).
  8. The upcoming If My Heart Had Wings (Kono Oozora ni, Tsubasa wo Hirogete) is censored and therefore completly all-age It looks kinda tear-jerking but I haven't read it so I don't know. Kira Kira has an all age release. Its mostly comedic but I have heard that some parts of it are very sad. There's also Higurashi which certainly has many tear-jerking parts though they're never the main draw. True Remembrance and D.C. I.F. might also fit but that's certainly pushing it. (The latter especially, I wouldn't ever cry to a Da Capo game, but there are people that do so).
  9. ^Down already guessed that though :3
  10. Granted but in return you're unhappy. I wish all games could be played on my computer.
  11. I'll add Angel Beats in case any of down's guesses are wrong.
  12. Also ate some noodles today actually. Made myself some chicken udon.
  13. Thank you very much. I'm not working on anything special currently but I'll probably create something new soon. (I'm always making sketches and doodles though)
  14. I'll join.Though, I have pretty much just started gaming again (pretty much only played The Sims 3 and Phoenix Wright the last 4 years) so my account only has Skyrim and Tomb Raider currently (And Mass Effect 1 and 2 which I have already played illegally) so I don't have anything to play with you currently. And frankly I'm a little scared of playing games with other people .
  15. Do you have any sort of codec pack installed?
  16. Key didn't exist as a company when this was made. Key was created by the people who worked on this game (and MOON) they left Tactics to start their own company named Key.
  17. For me its because I enjoy their acting. I enjoy Kawashima no matter what she's playing. I don't really think she has a niche either. Taguchi Hiroko definitely has one though and enjoy her Sumika and Natsumi a lot more than her Miyako for example.
  18. Very Pretty! I'm especially fond of how you drew and coloured Kagari's skirt. I find breezy clothing really hard to draw so I'm always impressed when someone does it well.
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