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  1. The installer sn't on the Unlimited disc. Mount Unlimited, start Muv-Luv, start Muv-Luv Unlimited from inside the game. Then an installer should pop up.
  2. No it shouldn't do that. I installed Extra only at first and then before I started Unlimited I mounted the Unlimited disc and then the installer should pop up and install it.
  3. Granted but they're all nukige. I wish I could fly.
  4. Granted, but they're pictures of nothing. I wish for this snake .
  5. That's really not how good art is defined though. What about minimalism for example? But well anyway do as you will.
  6. They're not shitty though :/. Ryukishi has a perfectly fine grasp of anatomy and color. His expressions are also above average. If you want shitty art look at the stuff Key puts out (though the coloring in Rewrite is really nice-looking).
  7. Onegai Twins or Hidamari Sketch?
  8. Oh I think I have seen that. What can it be..? =_=
  9. Can you post the link to the torrent you used. I wanna check the files.
  10. http://www.craneanime.com/2010/08/review-eden-they-were-only-two-on.html The comments on this seem to suggest a variety of solutions. Try some of them and see if it works.
  11. Minori's VNs can only be installed on a Japanese windows. You have to use a crack to bypass it.
  12. My Rewrite First Press Edition arrived today. The shipping time was insanely fast. It can't have taken more than five days props despite using SAL. It actually arrived at the post office the same day I was told it had been shipped. They probably sent it out a bit earlier than when I got the message... Or maybe it teleported
  13. Granted: I wish I had a tame tiger.
  14. Granted you no longer have a place to live. I wish for candy.
  15. The original translation is famous for being super awful but it got a retranslation which I have heard is completely fine.
  16. Granted. And thus you were locked in this game. A hundred years, no a thousand years. Even after time itself has ended you are still playing it. Only a shadow of yourself, a withered down corpse, in such a state you are still tied to the game. Wishing that someone else would play with you and give you a wish to grant. I wish for good weather.
  17. Welcome to the forums. Hope you'll enjoy your stay.
  18. ^Does it work if your insomnia isn't based on your body not producing melatonin/not producing it at the right time though? I mean the only thing it does is make you tired it can't force you to fall asleep like other sleeping pills. In Sweden you have to have recipe to get it. Though I guess other countries are less strict (I have read somewhere that's its freely available in the U.S. but correct me if I'm wrong.)
  19. Toaru kagaku no Railgun (It's probably going to be one of the other but let's just get the most obvious one out of the way.)
  20. It has gotten very good reviews so it definitely is.
  21. Yeah but the translation isn't released yet. Its being released very soon. Though if you know japanese I guess I can direct you to a torrent.
  22. If you have a really hard time falling asleep you should check if you have any problems with your hormone balance. I take melatonin tablets when I have to wake up early since my issues with falling asleep are because my body doesn't produce it when it should. Otherwise, don't sit in front of the computer right before going to bed. (I fail this all the time). Take a (warm) shower. Make sure that your room isn't too hot. If you can't sleep don't stare at your alarm clock or check the time (You'll just get even more stressed).
  23. It isn't released yet but the tl project is almost done.
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