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  1. Sorry I can't since I don't have the VN right now. Someone else might be able to though.
  2. The big eyed art isn't actually a problem at all. That's a style question. I am rather fond of Itaru Hinoue style but she needs a lot work on her anatomy and I mean a lot. Chihaya in particular has some incredibly ugly sprites her arms look like wooden logs that has been pasted upon her body without actually being connected to her body. She also is very inconsistent with her art which lead to her characters often looking vastly different from shot to shot. And why they aren't changing the artist. They have sometimes Planetarian isn't done by Hinoue, not Tomoyo After either. And Little Busters/Kud Wafter is half done between Hinoue and Na-Ga. But obviously they can't kick her. Why should they? She is just as much a part of Key as everyone else there she is not some contracted artist like Fumio for Tomoyo After. Kicking her out of her own freaking company would be awful. She is improving though it's going slowly. Eroge artist don''t tend to get better at the same speed as other artist because they don't practice much. If you look at the cg's from various eroge you'll see that its always the same sorts of angles used. Since the artists spend their time drawing characters looking exactly the same they simply never improve that much ):. Well eroge/VN art in general is pretty fucking awful (Though colouring as gotten a lot better in recent years). And Hinoue isn't even near the worst of the lot. This Review by Choux from calamitous intents details some problems with the art in Little Busters. I could also mention the ugly outfits designs but those have actually improved. The casual clothes in Rewrite looks nice, stylish and actually fitting for their character (apart from Chihaya's yuck kill that thing with fire. Also Akane's clothes look kinda weird but nearly all clothes in VN's do so I guess that's expected)
  3. Only the Original version. There is a patch that you can use on EX but it basically turns EX into the original Little Busters.
  4. Yes three new routes lots of new writing some old routes rewritten (at least Kud's is) but there's all age versions of Ex as well (Memorial edition and Perfect edition) which will probably be patched down the line since they don't differ very much from EX (except no H scenes ofc) Perfect has a new CG and I think both memorial and perfect have a-chan-senpai sprites ported from Kud wafter.
  5. Terra probably. Haven't read Air or Kanon yet though
  6. Check that the files are not set to read only also make sure you run as administrator.
  7. I don't have the VN with me right now but try to see if there's something you can disable in the settings menu. Maybe there's a particular effect in that scene that your computer can't handle.
  8. No Its a patch for the pc port of the HF arc from the Realta Nua ps2 game. We'll probably add them all later when all three arcs are done. Right now only Fate and HF are done and they're both in beta.
  9. Pleaseletitbeheavensfeel. Pleaseletitbeheavensfeel.
  10. No worries its supposed to be that way.
  11. Yeah Nasu have even admitted that he regrets how he wrote the Fate route and would write it differently today.
  12. I accidentaly deleted someones post in this thread by mistake (I believe it was ClannadFans). I apologize to whomever that was you have done nothing wrong (fuck the mobile interface that doesn't ask for confirmation before deleting a post)
  13. Granted but in this case CP stands for Cannibal Ponies. I wish I had a laptop.
  14. No the ISO is only the japanese version of Muv-Luv Alternative. You have to install the english patch to get it in english. It should be included in the download. Normally fuwanovel tries to provide the VNs with the english patch pre-installed but this doesn't work for some of them (like Muv-Luv) and we have to provide them separately. The menu screen is very often in English for japanese games for some reason.
  15. You'll have to unmount the ISO first. You say that your menus are in japanese. have you installed the patch yet? Are you running in japanese locale?
  16. You can delete the ISO. I don't think it'll cause any problems.
  17. Yes you can just click on windows size and choose full screen. I don't think you can play it without black borders though. No matter your screen resolution.
  18. HF is pretty boring in the beginning but the ending is absolutely great. I recommend just forcing yourself through it. And yeah the Fate route really bothered me as well when I read it and even more so when I re-read it.
  19. Do you have several virtual drives? Muv-Luv doesn't like that. And oh what I got isn't an error its supposed to do that. What you're getting is pretty strange though.
  20. That's okay I suspected it wouldn't work since your issues seemed a bit weird. But I added this in case it was this simple. Try reinstalling. And please do post some screens of your errors so we can help you.
  21. Okay. I reinstalled Muv-Luv and skipped through Sumika and Meiya's routes. After finishing their routes the title screen changed to this at it should. Then I pressed new game and chose start Unlimited. Then this popped up. I alt-tabbed out of the game without pressing OK and mounted my Unlimited.ISO I went back to the game and pressed OK. It started to install. Install finished. And English.
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