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  1. I'd prefer if it's just the -san / -chan are kept. I feel like those would make it easier for the reader to understand/immerse in the VN. The others stuff, I don't have too much of a preference.
  2. Hmmm. My first VN that I read would be Katawa Shoujo, back in early 2013. I remember I was sailing the pirate seas that time, and saw "Katawa Shoujo." I was like, "Wut, Japanese titled game with English trans? Meh, guess I'll try it." Finished the game in a day or two, only stopping for lunch and dinner. Sadly, even though it was my first VN, it didn't strike me as much as my next VN, which was Yume Miru Kusuri. Damn, now that VN left a really deep impression on me.
  3. Yes, if there's no panic button in the VN, there should be at least an option to turn off the "Are you sure you want to exit the game?" verification. Time is of the essence for these kinds of things!
  4. Hi, saw your second problem. While I don't know Japanese, I do know Chinese, and regarding the lower right box. I guess it seems to either mean "Don't Ask Again for Today", or "Don't ask again from today onwards." Hope this helps.
  5. Lots of funny and embarrassing moments. Good thing it never happened to me. Although there were quite a few close calls. People in my house occasionally have silent footsteps, suddenly opening doors and scaring the hell out of me. Good thing I quick-save often, as I usually just Alt-F4 it. They really should put panic buttons into more VNs. Unfortunately, as I've started working, I am not playing VNs anymore. My way of playing VNs would be to play as much as possible in one go, before stopping or resting, usually 6-8 hours. So, hopefully, on my next vacation, I can play some VNs again.
  6. Why do we have to work?

  7. Well, for me, it became $81 instead of $80. They have always been saying that they are releasing the PS Vita all-ages version. Changed it to 18+ version through BackerKit.
  8. Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei: Demon Right, Divine Left
  9. Hi guys! First of all, I'm living in Hong Kong. EME blocked HK IPs because there's a Chinese Tera publisher, but I want to play Tera (US) because my friends are playing there right now. So, what I want to ask is what VPNs are good for playing Tera? Also, if the VPN server that I'm on is P2P blocked, does that mean I can't play Tera? This is the first time that I'm using a VPN to play an online game, so, I really don't know what to do or what settings or stuff I should change.
  10. Vacation is coming to an end. The responsibilities are now visible.

  11. Granted, but now, she disappears right after you talk with her. I wish I could continue to vacation in the States for a longer time than a measly 1 month and not be bothered by resposibilities.
  12. Thanks for sharing! Do you happen to know if it would also work with other VNs, or only on the two VNs that you mentioned?
  13. I'd suggest, like the people above said, to try out the Top 50's thread first. If you are new to VNs, it's very likely that you'll like what you find there.
  14. Sorry for the bother, but, how about these as well? What anime/s are they from?
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